Masayuki Shimabukuro Samurai Swordsmanship Drills 810 CD2

the intermediate was a the katashi were doing is ski cog a ski cog is a moon shadow and what's happening is the the opponents are mimicking each other's technique and feeling for the opening it starts both which Itachi and shiitake come to chudan no kamae as each Itachi steps forward into hustle it is met by shiitake moving into gate on no kamae this is a complimentary kamae the opening for which Itachi now is a side cutter Yoko main cut and a case' toward his temple as I step in he's going to receive the technique not necessarily just with his sword but his hips are rising and receiving the technique with his body I step in and cut he receives and now this is the area that we need to control so we both try to control this area by dropping the swords and then we come into so the only it's trying to stop each other Suba he's trying to cut my neck I'm trying to cut his neck and we're feeling for Center if I go too much to one side he cuts if I step out he can cut if I push up he can come under so we're really feeling for Center at this point so there's a lot going on here you'll have to practice and play with a little bit with your partner but the idea is we come to a mutual agreement that neither one has an opening as we push off we raise the swords upward and then back if I lower the sword as I step out I'm going to get cut so we have to make sure that we're matching is that cog a this shadow through the entire process we push off up and back to a Waukee no kamae it's a good watching position I'm looking now to see where the opening is it can be his knee it could be his body the dull or it could be the upper shoulder whichever one I feel more comfortable with that's where I'm going to try and take it if I see that he's committed more one to the other then that's where I'm going to cut so it can be any of the three cuts however in a very seasoned martial arts a very seasoned swordsman you'll notice these body is very straight so the most extension I can get is a yokel a straight cut so that's what I'm going to go for as I step in he receives it by shuffling back and cutting at the exact same time I cut just missing and he's cutting at the same time I lower my sword he forces me back with a key sake and I slowly raised to chudan no kamae we both lower to gate on and retreat Tsukiko gay Hey Hey let's kick ugh it Hey Hey so you get to toe starts with each Itachi drawing to chudan no kamae it's matched by shiitake and after crossing which Itachi pressures forward on the centerline and forces shiitake back into hustle both matching the pressure for this next cut comes from a little step forward with my front leg cutting to his side of his head coming forward he matches back to this position the key sake is now once again on line keeping me from coming in again so he threatens and pushes me back making me stop my for momentum and moving backward as he cuts to my left shoulder this time I'm right sure then he cuts to my left shoulder pushing again with the centerline I match stop him with my key sake this time and we come back to a center position crossing the swords at the suigetsu tall I thrust through this to get suit he creates an Luka nagashi style block stepping under and striking I lower the sword step back once again keeping the centerline pressure I raised the sword and lower to gate on so gets at all hey hey hey yeah so get the doll yeah you