Mavic Mini HIDDEN FEATURES For Beginners and New Owners


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hey guys welcome thanks for stopping by in this video I'll cover seven hidden features plus an important bonus tip to help you get the most out of your Mavic mini most are beginner tips but a few should be helpful for any pilot let's get started tip number one touching the aircraft orientation indicator shows a message of where your drone is relative to the remote controller tip number two touching the flight status bar shows critical flight information and settings any warning messages will appear at the top instead of normal as shown below is your return to home altitude max altitude and max distance and the bottom shows your current memory storage and recording time remaining tip number three touching the battery information icon displays the battery temperature flight time and battery cell voltages when the cell voltage drains below 3.3 volts the icons will turn red tip number four touching the map icon opens a small map top arrows to open to full screen tap the camera view to reduce and tap arrows again to minimize which then reduce plays the aircraft orientation indicator tip number five in the photo mode only touching the screen adjusts a camera exposure level touch the auto exposure icon to lock the exposure tip number six pressing and holding down on the screen enables gimbal pitch control sliding down moves the gimbal down and the further you move away from the center increases the movement rate of course moving up move the gimbal back up tip number seven if you forgot to reinstall your memory card you can still take photos and videos just shoot as usual resolution for photos is just one megapixel and for videos resolution is 720p at 30 frames per second both photos and videos are saved directly into your phone's photo album bonus tip the remote controller will automatically beep after five and a half minutes of non-use and about a minute later it will automatically turn off alright guys that is it so if you found one or maybe two tips that are helpful then please hit that like button of course I've got many other drone and tech videos coming up so subscribe if you like thanks for watching guys and as always happy flying bye bye [Music]