Max Holloway vs Dustin Poirier 2 was announced what happened to Tony Ferguson


Chael Sonnen


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Dustin Poirier versus Max was announced uhhh K.G. versus Adesanya These guys are all on stage. and there always seems to be a narrative We all do...I'm guilty of it too we all seem to create a narrative around a fight that always second guesses the fight and I don't know why we do it I don't know what that human nature as a fan is but it is very unfair and it also takes our eye off the ball Listen We got Poirier and Max That should be the end of it and that is an incredible fight with incredible stakes that also add to an incredible storyline for the rest of 2019 k if the iterim champion which is what this is to decide is to then go on and fight Khabib and then you got the mix with Conor McGreggor and you got all these great things look forward too and start to foreshadow about ah Okay Well instead of just enjoying this wonderful gem that got dropped on us unexpectedly, I might add cause Max is moving up right, that is a parody that we really didn't even fantasize about until recently when some of those rumors started to come out and when they did come out we never thought about Poirier well that makes all the sense in the world what a great fight can't wait for it Could do hours of analysis just back and forth on who is going to win Instead of that the media comes out but I was with the media on this one they came out and started asking questions about Well, you know Why isn't it Tony Ferguson and we seem to do this every time we seem to second guess it every single time as the media we don't want to annoint or give them the votes or the acknowledgement that they are the true number one contender we never want to do that but the second somebody else gets the opportunity then we try to come out with the narrative that should have gone to this guy well where were we before and I'm saying we cause here I am making media for you guys right I...I guess I'm involved with that too but it is a fascinating piece of the psychology of the fan lets deal with it we shouldn't be dealing with it we should be looking forward to Max and Poirier and the title that's on the line and the story that goes from there and the story what happens at 145 Does Max accepting a title fight with Poirier that paramount Max relinquishing the 145 pound belt these are the things we should have talked about but we didn't we talked about Tony Ferguson and the question was answered Dana White said look he was offered the fight he said no to the fight we moved on we seem to keep getting in the same car guys and we seem to keep running into the same wall never taking away the lessons that are learned k fighters throughout time have been offered fights and opportunities that they said they wanted and that the people: the media, the fans have agreed with them that have have deserved and have earned the fighter then says no to the fight for whatever reason and sometimes I see this getting lost in the weeds of the r...sometimes we think are really good well he was hurt that is a really good reason well he was sick that is a really good reason sometimes it is a contract dispute sometimes we don't really like the reasons sometimes they wanted to go on a vacation with his family and the dates just didn't work we hear all of these things but at the end of the day why do we keep getting in that car and running into the same wall here is how it works phone call offer made take the response and then we have to work with it the response is either yes or the response is not yes it is not yes or no it is either yes...or not yes the person making the call is only listening for that word yes and if he doesn't here it he has to move on he has too, he has no choice and some of the fighters will come to you with very good rea... I don't bring Tony into this to second guess Tony Ferguson at all I feel very terrible about how Tony Ferguson's last couple years has played out he looses, he is no longer world champion while in a weight class that nobody beat him in I mean, you see the problem so none of this is Tony Ferguson I just use him as a name you will recognize where when that phone call came I don't know what was said but I know it wasn't yes something was said that was not yes so you have to move on now did that insert Poirier I think so or is that when Max came in not totally clear we just can't keep wrecking in the same automobile and then keep asking questions as to how or why it's very important and it's not just here in this sport I can just tell you as an amatuer wrestler in college i had teammates that did all the same stuff that I did they had the same sacrifices they had the same goals they got up at 6 in the morning they came back in at 3 in the afternoon they figured out how to get their studies done in between had a social life, built some memories from there but they didn't have the starting line-up they just worked the guy they just worked they showed up everyday they kept their weight in check everyday they stayed healthy they stayed on top of injuries they'd go into the rehab room they worked with the trainers to make sure if the opportunity came they could step in at a moments notice against anybody they would never this never happened, I mean these words were never even spoken when I was in the NCAA of well, you know, if you need me let me know who the opponent is let me talk with my team and we are gonna wanna fly out and talk with you guys... it was never spoken cause the agreement was already very clear for the amateurs in the NCAA all you are going to be given is the opportunity but for some reason that made life easier for some reason guys stayed hungrier and if they could go out there and get wins great and if they were going to go out there and it would be a tough one fine and if they were going to get issued a beating that's the way it goes and they were on board there was no draft they were a volunteer army they wanted to be there and they kept their window could you imagine going through life and going through a sport that you want to do but you are not given the opportunity can't just go sign up can't just put down an entree fee you have to make a team you have to go through a process you have to make weight you ahh... all sorts of things that go into it and you set four years of your life aside on the outside chance that that phone call comes the outside chance that the guy in front of you can't show up on gameday hurt, sick, whatever it might be he gets pulled, whatever it might be grade...grade issue whatever it might be is an outside chance it is very small you put your entire life on hold and you are ready at all times and the coach knows he can call on you because you are in the room on the team and you've said I want to do this I can just tell you in the NCAA when those call came as rare as they might have been the guy always stepped up every time there was never a question it was always yes it was never not yes now you get in the professional ranks where now all of a sudden you can get pats on the back you can get people watching and observing your work very rare thing to go through in life very rare thing that you go out you do your job and even if you do it very well somebody tells you good job somebody watches you, somebody sees its a very rare thing now you are telling me you got money that can come along with it you have prestige you have titles you have championships you have all these wonderful things the NCAA which is a very respected government body for athletics, very respected they don't have any of those things in fact by definitions they do not have those things so I always get a little bit confused when we always have to talk about talking when somebody gets the phone call that has a signed contract and that we gotta talk about talking we gotta meet about meeting i would tell ya two things and I'm gonna brag a little bit here but I'm very proud of these I think that they are fun stories to tell 6 years ago 2013 I fought a guy named Shogun right now 2019 right now in this point of tine right now I've never been offered that fight I have never accepted that fight I read about that fight in the media I read that that fight was announced somewhere along the way they forgot to contact me I love that story cause I'm proud of myself I think that's the way that it should be done I'm in a little bit of that right now I just read on pretty good source by the way Ariel Helwani puts out that I, your truly will be fighting Lyoto Machida this summer nobody's offered me that fight nobody's called me for that f...I haven't agreed to that fight and guess what if I read another piece that says a little more than this summer it says an actual date it says a venue I will show up at that venue when my music hits those speakers I will make that walk and I will fight that guy cause that is what I signed up for that's what I wanna do (neon lights cracklling)