Mayor Pete Buttigieg Explains Why Coming Out Matters Explains His True Black Agenda More


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Breakfast Club morning everybody is dej envy Angela ye Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building first time I wasn't here the first time he stopped through no Pete welcome sir thank you to say good to be back yeah a lot more money in your treasure chest now things have changed a little bit it's the first time you came how much before last quarter we did I think 23 million Wow what that's it that's a lot of money but it doesn't reflect in like I guess you would you polls the percentages of people who would vote for you that's right yeah I mean it's gonna take a while to lock a lot of people down right so what we've done now we've moved we've overtaken about 20 of my competitors now we've got the bigger hills to climb but we've positioned ourselves in the top tier and now I think these months between look a lot of people won't make up their minds until the last 5 or 10 days but the window between now and then is when you're doing the ground game the organizing we're opening 20 offices in 20 days in Iowa we're doing about a dozen in New Hampshire over the next few days these start putting that that organization in place it actually helps you earn it and that's what the money is for that and of course you got to get the word out on TV and the rest of it so you know we're still raising funds but now it's about actually putting them into the ground and make him work I was reading the article in The Economist they say they feel like you're losing momentum you know I think we're all right I mean look when we came in we went from 0 to 2 where we are now warp speed I mean we started in January I got a double check that this is true but I'm pretty sure it's true that I had fewer followers online then then our dogs have now we had I think four people on the staff and you know nobody knew I mean we had a campaign operation the size of state legislative race somewhere so there's no way we were gonna keep up the speed of our initial arrival but it is true that we got to get from where we are now to actually the top of the heap right and that's the work that I've got to do reaching out to different voters building out the organization I was talking about keeping the message up and also being there as some of the others start to decide to step away so that was the plan from the beginning to take out some of the smaller candidates first and then from there start going to the bigger candidates well to be honest we grew further faster than we were planning for so the other thing we had to do is catch up with ourselves I mean we're we're now in the hundreds in terms of the numbers of people we've got in our organization and it happened just like that the thing with having so many other Democrats running you know if it's a two-way race or a three-way race you think about the others and you key off what they're doing right when there's 20 of us you can't even make sense of what everybody else is doing it's impossible to keep track so we are looking for that race to kind of thin out but that's not really something we cause it's not something we create other people decide to step away and I think the the number gets more manageable and then a lot of folks I think who now are saying you know I I just don't have time to learn what all of you are saying and who all of you are they're gonna wait until it's more manageable number two did you honestly think that you were gonna get this far because I know a lot of candidates coming in this I will just I just throw my hat and see what happens did you honestly say this is where I think I'm gonna go and I think I'm gonna get to this level was one of those things like let's try to see what happens no I mean I look I don't think the presidency is something you should run for unless you mean business yeah II think that's actually true I think he's it's like you dog is chasing the car and then actually catches it right and I think that that's part of why the country is where it is but no I mean we got in look I understood what the odds were I knew this is gonna be uphill but we thought we can do this and then the question is is it just me is it just us or two other people agree what we're finding is there's a good number of people who think this is the right way forward but we gotta get from here to an actual majority that's the work of the next weeks and months do you think you sucked in the first couple of debates no we're good do you you kind of got lost my feet mmm like I like you cuz you charismatic I didn't really get that from the first couple of debates well I mean part of the debate format is they got you giving 60-second answers there's ten of you up there and it's hard to have the meaningful conversation like we can do in the town halls town halls are good for us interviews are good for us because you can dig yes The Breakfast Club obviously yeah no I mean really we can dig in and talk about something in some death right harder to do that into the debates and the pressure is to just get out there knife each other right and and that's what I think the on some level that's what I think the network's watching I think people want to see that too they want to see the making yeah but I'm we're out there to entertain people you right now it is fair game to bring out the contrast so I think you know we're gonna be talking more and more about the differences between what I'm putting forward and what the others are but I'm not gonna do like a canned made-for-tv moment in order to you know be the talk of the town that night and then a few weeks later everybody's forgotten about it I want to make sure everything no no this is just saying this is the pressure that you come under when you're when you're getting ready to go on who's and last debate - they were they were saying like the moderates versus the left or make it look like a boxing match right and I get that but I think you've got to be about yourself and the most important thing I think is for somebody watching the debate to be able to picture how their life is going to be different if you're president versus any of the others and that gets lost you know what that's interesting you said that you're not there to entertain people but haven't Trump kind of changed that like I feel like the language of politics is dead I feel like you do have to entertain the gosset of the question right I mean the white house is being run as a reality show and we're paying the price because it turns out we need the president to be a president like we need the White House to run the country and to help run the world and when you don't have that yeah it gets you know he's all about the ratings right he's getting the eyeballs and you know any time there's something grotesque it's very hard to look away from so for that reason alone everybody's fixated on it but it's also exhausting it's weakening the country it's making us worse off we're divided and we can't go on like that now the other night I've seen that you were at dinner with Jesus marrow and Charlamagne what was that kind of my guy Tommy Tommy altar I didn't get to stay long so what was that conversation about and who paid that dinner no it's go I definitely left before the bill those good conversations super smart and we're talking about where things are headed what the the kind of where the political conversation is unfolding marisol distracted by the fantasy draft that was going on but there's a lot of multitasking going on okay able to but I thought it's a good chance to talk about how we can have a conversation that's meaningful when there's all of this kind of all-consuming show going on you know they say you struggle with black voters it's there for a number of reasons I've seen black people question your record is South Bend Indiana I think I read I'm reading I said in in South Bay and african-americans do worse than whites in the city in school and college and they suffer higher rates of unemployment and poverty and they say as mayor you haven't focused on addressing those problems like why didn't you put that focus on those things well first of all it's absolutely true that the numbers demonstrate that in South Bend just like in the country it is a worse experience for black residents you look at employment you look at housing you look at health and it is worse but it's not true that the we accept that or they haven't done anything about it very first thing we did was work on neighborhoods where there was a lot of light we had collapsing houses making it harder to live in what were mostly black neighborhoods we brought resources to do something about that we've been working to make sure that we support home repair we've been working on community oriented approaches to policing policing has been a huge challenge for us there's been a huge racial challenge it's very divided right now we're dealing with an officer shooting that happened over the summer yeah that we're still waiting on the investigation I called for an outside investigation that's running its course now he did have a body camera exactly yeah and you know when we have body cameras in the department but it's not activated in some ways that makes it even worse right because everybody's asking okay you know why not and that's part of what's being investigated right now look a mayor's not gonna solve these issues overnight but that doesn't mean we don't work on them and and so if the test is did you fix racism and poverty and crime of course not but if the test is did we work on these things and get somewhere then I believe we have a lot to talk about in terms of how we've handled distance out that and you know what we're finding the the sometimes the media talks about the black voter like it's like it's some guy like it's one person with one opinion you will find voters in South then who support me who oppose me who support me on housing but don't think I got it right on policing or vice versa because a lot of different people with a lot of different opinions and I think it's my job to communicate all of that but if I want to earn and deserve to earn black support then I've gotta first of all talk about what we got right in South Bend what we got wrong and what we learned from it but also what we're gonna do for the country that's why we've got the the Douglass plan which is I believe the most ambitious and copper hence a plan of any of the 20/20 candidate Abilene anybody would like to that extent right except for you right and we know we I mean if only because I'm the white candidate who's gonna get asked the most about race I see that as an opportunity to talk about what we've got to do but frankly not just for black audiences obviously obviously any time I'm speaking to a mostly black roomful of voters they're gonna want to know what's your black agenda but frankly this is a conversation that needs to happen with white voters because I think for a lot of white voters it's been like anything related to race is a specialty issue like you only talk about it when you're with minority voters but this is something that doesn't get fixed unless there's a different level of understanding among white people and white voters I've come to some of these understandings the hard way right as a mayor of a city that's 4045 percent non-white and that's gone through some really brutal issues when it comes to race not not saying that I understand the black experience but I'm saying that I understand a thing or two about how all of us are living in a racialized moment in a racialized country and I think frankly part of what's happened in the Trump moment is it as wakened up a lot of people including a lot of white progressives to the fact that that some things that have been here all along and frankly some folks could have told us this all along but had been brought to the surface where they were they were under the surface so I think that that these we got to talk about how when you take a racist policy or racist system and you try to replace it with a neutral one that's not enough because a lot of the inequalities were dealing with there they're here for a reason and they were brought to us intentionally housing discrimination is a good example it's all systemic so so being at this country systemically did things to put black people in this country has to systemically do something to get them out exactly I mean look when you break something you got to fix it and you know some of these harms don't go away on their own because they compounds like compound interest you have money in the bank it grows over time the same for a dollar saved is true of a dollar stolen so when you have generational theft as has happened in this country for a very long time we got to be intentional about that and it's systemic in the sense that health is related to economic empowerment and economic empowerment is related to education all of these things are related to housing and so the other thing we're doing very intentionally we have a lot to say about criminal justice reform cutting incarceration by 50% making sure we have the right tools for for supporting police accountability but we can't reduce the black experience in this country just two encounters with criminal justice I want to be talking about entrepreneurship I'm gonna be talking about how we increase the number of black entrepreneurs creating jobs in this country it's why we set a 25% goal for the federal government to do its purchasing with businesses run by people who've been historically excluded it's why we want to make sure it's easier to get credit it's why we want to make sure that the federal dollars are being used to co-invest with promising startups because we got to talk about solutions in the same way that we're talking about problem I don't like even next week I know they're doing a caucus on helping minorities get homes and helping them with low - no money down low interest rates and being able to get their loan so how can we help more minorities especially black people be able to be homeowners you know a lot of us have never owned a home rented 30 years of our lives because they feel like they can't or they just don't have the money to put down exactly and you know renting often is more expensive but in our city it's definitely the case that that renting overall cost more money than the mortgage would cost if you could get a loan and get a house but a lot of people are trapped in that right you know we talk about income gaps but you look at the wealth gap and that's that's an even bigger issue racially in this country and most Americans have a lot of our wealth in our homes so in the douglas plan we proposed a kind of 21st century Homestead Act and the idea is that we make it possible to acquire properties especially in areas where there have been a lot of abandoned properties or properties that are they're about to be bought up because we've got a lot of gentrifying going on and make sure we put those properties in the hands of people who have lived in historically redlined areas and let them build the wealth in the equity in the home we also know there's issues around credit scoring like a lot of the credit scoring systems show evidence of bias and frankly as we get into more and more technology making decisions from credit to you know we're increasingly looking at technology make decisions about stuff like bail pretrial incarceration we got to make sure that these equations aren't basically automating the bias so whether it's homeownership credit for business or other areas that's gonna be a big piece of I also feel like we know a lot of times we're talking to Mia peat by the way I feel like people start to make more money the government taxes them more and I don't necessarily think that's fair when you have a lot of these big businesses making millions and billions of dollars and they never get tax what does a lot some people's board true and but even with Trump he doesn't you know he doesn't pay he doesn't pay taxes and if he does is little to none but then you have somebody that'sthat's finally made it graduated college you know now they have you know they got a painted college tuition their college loans they got to pay if they went you know their doctorate they got to pay all those loans so now they're making money you're taking more money and then you look at somebody like a company like let's say Amazon and they're pay a little to no tax and it's like how fair is that that's why you vote Trump I think like a rich boat for Trump because they want less taxes right yeah you could just be just working in HR you more taxes or I think people like to think of themselves as about to get rich and so you got weight I mean the number of people who voted this way compared to the number of people who actually benefit right is a big difference though but but I think everybody wants to think of themselves in terms of where we're headed but the issue is we can raise enough money to do the things we want to do I mean I'm not promising quite as much as some of the others like completely free college that kind of thing but we do have some big promises on that I disagree with him on it yeah you know I'm just trying to make sure you understand the difference between me and some of the others because it is important to see the differences it's I'm not gonna be a jerk about it I just think that that people need to understand the difference between what we're offering in the other so I'm not making some of the promises that some of the others are making but we have a bold agenda for making college more affordable for delivering more dollars for education we just talked through a little bit of the douglas plan the climate plan that i put out yesterday this will cost money so let's be honest about it in order to get that money we're gonna have to get that from taxes does that mean everybody is gonna get soaked no does it mean we get it just from rich people now although I do think that wealthy individuals can and should pay more but to your point how is it that that a company like Amazon makes multiple billions of dollars around billions and they're paying less in I mean you and I paid more in federal income taxes assuming pay more than zero last year than they did so clearly there's something out of whack corporate side and this Trump tax cut the only thing he's actually delivered on of all of his promises you know that he's gonna fix immigration and crime build a wall on all this the only thing he actually did that he said he was gonna do is this tax cut you look at it mostly it's for corporations correct when you cut you've referenced in Douglas bill what exactly is the Douglas bill like I said I'd dig it because it's like the only you're the only candidate has presented a real black Brenda what is the Douglas so it is a comprehensive plan to address it's named after Frederick Douglas because you know here you have a figure who challenged America to be closer to what we'd like to think of ourselves are right as much as we talk about the fourth of July and what is the fourth of July supposed to mean to a slave or a former slave and I think that challenge is at our feet now because our generation is either gonna going to fix this or we're gonna blow it and I think that look if you think about it white supremacy is the thing in American kind of beneath the surface in American life that has come closest to actually ending America if you think about the Civil War well I wouldn't say that's the closest we've come to America just ending and that was the force that that brought that about and I think it remains the case that one of the things that runs the greatest risk of ending the American project is systemic racism so old white men well it's yeah this is the thing though it's it's it's start about all white keeping a foot on our necks everybody I mean black people gay people women everybody look everybody's got to admit that we've got a role in in perpetuating or a racialized system and nobody wants to think of that right like the there's a lot of people who are genuinely horrified the idea that that they're being called part of the problem and yet all of us have some part of the problem in us it certainly as part of the white experience a lot of white people don't think that we have a race we think race is something that applies to people of color yes because we don't have to think about race right that's part of being white absolutely effortless and so we got to unpack that in a way that doesn't send people into their defensive corners I had a conversation with our police department that talked about moving policing out of the shadow of racism and a lot of them took that as me saying that they were all racists and made it harder for us to to reach out and talk about what with a role that we got a place so we're having a conversation I think across the country about this but the bottom line is we need policies that will make a difference on the things that are holding people back and the Douglass plan is systemic it is housing health education criminal justice access to democracy all of these pieces interconnected you can read about more online go to P for you can you can pull it up but the point is it's recognizing that you can't touch one of these pieces without dealing with the other every time we talk about race and policing at home by the end of the hour we're talking about that and we're talking about economic disempowerment let me I'm sorry go what to ask a question you know when I think about America right now right and he's Dominican Ottawa I'm I asked myself um is America ready for gay president right and the reason I asked that is young man just killed himself being bullied for being gay you hear all these types of stories and it's like when I look at the base of Donald Trump and I see how ignorant a lot of them are yeah and I was like what you traveling and going on tours and seeing people are you able to change what people think or how they look at gay people is that if they wear but I know a lot of times it's it's so disrespectful and it's like what do you need those people to become president yes so look you're not gonna get everybody but most people yeah I think so and the way I know is from my own experience at home so I when I came out I came out because I just hit the point in my life where I was like you know what I want to start dating I want to have a love life and you know when you're in politics obviously like there's no way to do that unless you're at at least I couldn't figure out a way to do that without being out so so came out and um you know inconvenient ya know I was I didn't want to be looking over my shoulder all the time yeah so so I wanted a date and I figured all right step one come out so there was no way to know what the politics of that I was already mayor it was an election year when I when I kind of hit that point in my life and I couldn't it's not like I could run a poll to find out what would happen right like you mayor P was gay would you still vote like that would kind of that would kind of reveal what we were up to so we just did I wind up getting reelected in Indiana in a socially conservative community while Mike Pence was the governor of our state I got 80 percent and what that told me was that there are some people who who maybe can't get over this but everybody else is either supportive or they don't care and all I need is enough people to either be supportive or not care and I think that's the vast majority of Americans because elections are about how your life is gonna be different you know we talk about our own stories and we explain who we are but at the end of the day it's not about my life it's about your life and it's also why I'm trying to make this election not too much about this president because I don't think it's about him I think it's about you and we got to meet the test of voters saying okay am I gonna be better off am I gonna be more likely to pay the bills am I gonna get a way to have health care is education gonna work out for me am I gonna be safe if you're president if we can meet that test I don't think people care about the I don't think most people care about let's talk about not caring because I'm one of those people I don't care who somebody right but uh the other day I was on the shop on HBO yeah and little knives extras on you familiar yes and Kevin Hart was on there and keV is getting some backlash he's being called homophobic because people think he was being dismissive of little nods X because he said I don't I stop I don't care and with all that early success you thought it was important to make a an announcement recently so what why do you feel it was necessary to come out and say that it's not they're like he's like being forced it's just like knowing like growing up I'm growing up to hate it heywhat homosexuality so it's like if for me the cool do with this song on top of everything to say this any other time like I'm doing this for attention in my eyes but if you're doing this like why you were at the top you know it's like for real people think he was being dismissive of little not like my thing he said he was gay yeah so what like my question is if I say I don't care who a man is sleeping with why is that a problem it was I think it was the fact that he found it necessary to interrupt the LA sex and jump in and let everybody know that he doesn't care like like it's almost like uh I don't want to say that I know how this sounds to other people but but I will say that I know a lot of gay people here that and here's something that might not be that different than what some folks hear when they hear somebody say I don't see color like no this is a thing like as much as we might want to believe that that our marriages are gonna be treated the exact same we just move through society like everybody else and we're just living our lives like no this is actually a thing kids are putting bullets through their heads over this right and what's so impressive about what Lille and AH Sachs is doing I think he actually downplayed it a little bit because he talked about doing this from a position of strength and that was impressive he's you know this moment when he's blowing up he decides to do this but what he was downplaying is it there's a lot to lose right by doing that at this moment you know why because now he's he gets to talk about that whether he wanted to or not maybe you'd rather be talking about his music he took that step and that took a lot of courage and I think when somebody finds it necessary to wave their arms up and down and jump up and down telling you how much this isn't a thing for them it makes you wonder whether they're being honest with themselves ooh so you find yourself in that position I guess like being being a candidate like you know i'ma say this yeah I'm gonna put it out there and yeah in a way yeah but you don't you don't want people to well look it means different things to different people I'm not out to be the president of gay America I'm about to be the president the United States of America but as part of who I am it's part of my experience it shapes me I think it informs the way I come at the world part of it is the fact that I'm in a marriage just not a gamer it's just a marriage right and like everybody else who's married that's part of how I come with the world but also you know the fact that I belong to a group that's that that's been impacted by hate right does affect the way I understand the world now for most of the time especially at home when when Chaston and I were figuring out how to be you know a couple in South Bend people who know how to deal with this we found that we could just act like any other couple invite other people to treat us that way and for the most part they did but we weren't blind to the fact that that was a big deal for other people even in their own minds as they were going through the process of treating us like it wasn't a big deal that been a big deal for them so in the same way that we can't pretend that that identities don't exist we can't pretend this isn't a thing it's just to make sure we have a way of going through life to where it's not the only thing so how do i as a heterosexual man handle the situation like that because I'm like I want him to feel comfortable and have his conversation yes but I also don't want him to think it's something that he has to talk about I even said that to him I'm like you don't have to answer these questions right you don't want to I wasn't one asking the questions yes but I just feel like it just felt weird for them of you putting him on the spot yeah like that young 20 year old kid just trying to figure it out like why is with that to please well let me ask you a question is that a problem because since he did put it out there's so many questions and I feel like do you feel funny when we ask questions because we honestly people think it's sometimes you're asking us prying but sometimes it's asking because we don't know right yeah no I think we have to talk about it I mean we have to go through the especially if we're gonna trip over something on the way all the more reason that we ought to talk about it and you know he made a decision to kind of put this out there I think part of the good the desk and I do in the world is the conversations it's gonna launch so let's have the conversations you know we're having trouble talking about things in this country so I think that's great you you know find out if somebody wants to talk abouts like anything else in our life do you know do you do we want to talk about I want to talk about being a veteran do I want to talk about how I grew up to want to talk about race right like why wouldn't we want to get into this I think where it's a problem as if we define people around it it's like you know I don't think he wants to be the gay rap artist right I'm not out to be the gay candidate but I'm not out to run away from it either and it's not about pretending it's not a thing I want to ask you to UM we had another candidate up here I can't remember his name who but he was vetted as well and he talked about the story of him OSEM oh no sissies and uh he's seen a fire I think a young child laying there and he had an opportunity either pick up the young child to continue on who his put in his platoon and he decided to leave the young child huh what were your thoughts on it samih father so I look at it differently I'm just curious what you I didn't hear I didn't hear that you but he talks about that story like you know I mean one of the things about being in uniform certainly one of the things about being in war is it puts you sometimes it pits you against your own humanity or you have different responsibilities and you got to decide what comes first and in all that story but it sounds like one word he's got an immediate responsibility to his unit and his mission he day yeah and his training and and his obligation is that that overrides something else but as a human being that still has an effect on you now in a less dramatic way that's kind of true a public life all the time when you're in a position of authority and you see in an extreme form with military officers but anytime you're in a position of authority you gotta weigh what your office or your command or your responsibility requires of you against what you'd do if you were just kind of acting on your own versus acting as an agent an officer or an employee of the American people and I think anybody in office has to think about that certainly anybody in uniform things about that um and I have eni's climate change panels yeah you did your the last night yeah why aren't we having panels about things like election security when you know that the Russians interfered with the election when you know is voter suppression when you see Mitch McConnell after getting this Intel about the Russians interfering shut down an election security bill why are we raising more hell about the fact that our democracy is probably dead as we know it how we even know our vote will count in 2020 why are they making noise about that video about climate change well I think part of it is because there's less of a sense of what we're supposed to do about it like as long as the people in charge of protecting us are too embarrassed to admit that there's a problem right because if they admit there's a problem then they might be admitting they benefited from it that's not a road they want to go down on both sides you're probably gonna know talk about a republic okay well this president in particular I think a lot of Republicans deep down are horrified by all this but they can't bring it you can tell like this Moscow Mitch thing is one of the few things that actually got to Mitch McConnell right because I think deep down know that there's something wrong with blocking election security measures which they're doing I think really just to save face so yeah it's a problem but here's the other I think that blocking it cuz they're benefiting from the Russian interference well where's that to but we gotta be careful here right because if you and I sit here saying that I mean it's definitely the case of democracy is under attack that it's strained and that it's twisted in many ways it's unfair but if we sit here saying look our democracy is completely broken you shouldn't even bother then we're sending out a message saying don't don't vote don't get involved don't be part of the process which is exactly what they need to do right so we're in this trap where we know there are things being done to make our elections less legitimate but we cannot participate in the destruction of confidence in our elections because then nobody votes then they definitely win right they have more to gain by changing an election by one percent so that a much bigger percentage of ours say see it's rigged and stay home but ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away no questions no I got a few aren't you kind of putting fuel on a fascist agenda that's part of this agenda corrupt elections acting like they're legitimate yes but also acting like elections are illegitimate this is this is a paradox were and we got to face up to the fact that there are a bunch of ways that our elections are being warped right yes Russian interference but it's also voter suppression most of which is racially motivated or racially organized it's the way the districts are drawing right I mean in a very simple very naked way you could say that a lot of elections are rigged not by anything nefarious happening on election day but just by the way the district itself is shaped to make sure there's this outcome and not at that outcome so we got a name that more importanly we've got to fix that and all the while we got to do that in a way that doesn't discourage people from being part of the process because coming to the polls and getting the right people elected even on a tilted playing field is the only chance we've got of changing anything but you know Trump is already setting it up to say that the Democrats are receiving outside interference oh yeah he loses he's gonna call the entire legitimacy the election into doubt that's why our job is to make sure it is not even close remember a guy like this should not be able to get within cheating distance of the Oval Office it should not be close it doesn't make me feel good that the Democrats are banking on a landslide cuz I've heard that from a lot of different Democrats we gotta be got to make sure it's not even close I don't think that's gonna happen when did they ever landslide well election landslide is relative right yeah in this country 55 45 is a landslide but think about this 94% of Americans want at least universal background checks and it's not getting done vast majority of Americans want a higher minimum wage and they're blocking and Americans want real immigration reform you know even that issue where Democrats are sometimes on defense for the most part Americans are with us issue after issue after issue there is a big majority for what we propose to do question is what is it gonna take for that majority to be reflected in the election outcomes but I understand why people look at the government look at the President as bullshit because you look at everything all the problems that we have in this country we've been having these problems forever yes and it seems like nothing ever gets fixed so a lot of people just like look at the gun problems right the young man had just you know in Texas that went around shooting people yeah you know he tried to buy a gun he was denied because if his mental health but then he still bought it probably and still was able to shoot it's embarrassing when you go to other countries and I travel a lot and now when I used to go to other countries they'd be like be careful is this type of warning but now they're doing that same warning to our country like be careful when you go to excess because of this like that's a problem but none of these things get fixed we still haven't fixed the gun laws it seems like it's all about money we still haven't fixed a lot of the other things the mental health problems you haven't fixed poverty especially in our we still haven't even fixed though the water in Michigan like it's like these are things that we feel right no this is part of why I'm running this is part of I'm running because you know we're having some of the same arguments we've been having for 20 years I feel about climate too the problem is not which one of us came up with the best goal in terms of which year we're gonna do the power sector versus the vehicles thing the answer is how are we gonna get anything done great when we've been having the same debate school shootings right I was in high school when Columbine happened now we've got a second school shooting generation we're on our way to produce a third so it's why we need structural reforms like we need to fix the guts of our democracy correct and it's why we cannot continue accepting the unacceptable we just accept the were the only developed country where people don't all have healthcare we just accept that gun violence is gonna happen even though we're the only developed country where it happens all the time and the question is how much can we go on like that and I think because it's gone on the entirety of our young lives we may be beaten down into thinking that it absolutely can't be fixed but this country is capable of really big things discussion capable of fixing really big problems and the question is will that happen on our watch or will we just watch this continue to slide down the hill we can't even fix the new problems though like Donald Trump is the newest problem like I understand climate change and all this other stuff with the biggest threat that America is facing right now is in the White House and they won't even start impeachment proceedings they won't even do that they won't even say that what he's doing is actually absolutely criminal well we'll say that it's criminal but I think nothing's gonna happen right as long as the Senate is in the hands of those Republicans so but is this really a new problem or is it just the same old problems taking a new form a new faith but to me his being in that office is just an expression of everything else being broken and it's a lot of people who don't even like him saying you know what I'm just gonna burn the house down and voting for him because they think he's a good guy just because they they they want to smash everything and now that's what we're getting so this country is capable of incredible failure and incredible success we got to decide whether we're gonna be one of those generations that was alive and in charge when this country did something to make us proud whether we're just gonna be here when it all goes down the tubes I think you can't let that you say there's a reckoning coming yeah right over to GOP and Christianity mmm I'm not a religious person I'm a spiritual person but I do believe we are coming to that good versus evil reckoning and I don't look at anything we can do about it call it Armageddon call it what you want I don't know look if this country got through Civil War hmm this country got through the the struggles of World War two the fact this country even exists for all of the deep deep flaws and problems that it still represents the fact that human beings can change I don't believe that the world's cut up into good people and bad people I think we've all got the ability to do a lot of good and bad things I think part of why the presidency matters besides all the policies in the management of the administration and the laws is that the president's the most visible person in the world and can bring things out of us good things and bad things and we need presidential leadership that brings out more of the good things because so much of the struggle is inside of us just between our appetites and and our laziness and our meanness and our ability to sacrifice and to strive and to and to put really bad habits and and evil prejudices behind us look I just think Humanity is a mixed bag mm-hm and we are neither doomed to failure nor guaranteed to succeed but hopefully leadership stir we tip it in the direction to succeed so what's the reckoning between the GOP and Christianity well gops got to deal with the fact that they have come on board with the president that is confident Lee against not just our values but their own right I mean if you're if you're in Mike Pence's world where you know being Christian has a lot to do with with you know a kind of rigid traditional sexual ethics like that's not how I come across me yeah but he does and yet he thinks that this president ought to be the moral as well as political leader of this country and you got an entire Republican Party coming on board with this but I think deep down they know that this isn't right meanwhile you got religious traditions that teach us about the importance of lifting up the stranger the importance of lifting up the poor of healing the sick that you know you I mean you go through the New Testament for sure and every other word that comes out of the mouth of Christ is about things like helping those in need and you got a Republican Party dedicated to its opposite there will be a reckoning over that now right now they hold everybody in line with this one kind of piece of doctrine about abortion right which is obviously a tough issue for a lot of people to think through morally then again you know there's a lot of parts of the Bible to talk about how life begins with breath and so even that is something that we can interpret differently and I'm pro-choice a cup me too but I think no matter where you think about the kind of cosmic question of how life begins most Americans can get on the board with the idea of alright I might draw the line here you might draw the line there but the most important thing is the person who should be drawing the line is the woman making the decision and I think that if you're a man who's against the boss and you haven't gotten the wrong woman pregnant I mean wife I'm just saying we've had some slip-ups and I've had a few look in the same way we've talked about the way that you know the white world needs to deal with race instead of saying that this is just an issue of minorities men are gonna have to deal with misogyny and with rights like this is a largely Amendment problem and so men have to talk about this since one should should men be dictating what women ought to be able to do anyway my point is when it comes to the religious the old white men are doing that by the way if one thought back out there okay well yeah you're not wrong but but coming back to the religion thing somehow they they put a party label on God hmm and I think God belongs to a political party and whether you're religious or not you have a choice and we got to change the way that we think about what it means to talk to voters of faith without going down the road like they have of using faith as a way to order people into living their lives a certain way what do you think obviously is bad news for my community but I think it's just not the right way to go you think God cares about politics I think God cares about how we treat each other and one of the biggest parts of how we treat each other is politics so yeah I mean this has this has political implications if we're trying to do Lincoln talked about I think of the Civil War he's saying that everybody wants to call God onto their side but we should spend less time praying to get God on my side more time figuring out if I can get on God's side and that's how I come at this that you know we are taught and this is true in a lot of moral traditions that are not religious - right we were taught that so much depends on how we treat other people people in our lives mhm also people we've never met and in the case of generational justice people will never see are we being fair to them are we being good to them are we being kind to them or are we been selfish and there's a lot at stake in the political choices we make when it comes to that class over a religious person said that you I prayed for Donald Trump to win what would your response to that president be I'd spend more and if you're gonna pray for this president I would pray for Wiz and judgment on the part of this president because our lives depend on it not so much praying for you know I miss to say look I'm from South Bend like a lot of folks pray for Notre Dame football to win with mixed results yeah I pay for my diet every year but well I mean the funny the fine thing about praying is sometimes we do this sense of like telling God what to do I think it ought to be more processed where we're deciding how we align ourselves how we tune our own hearts and if we're gonna pray for our politics let's pray for ourselves to walk in a way that is better for Humanity on all sides of our politics that's not always about papering over our differences or softening our positions about making sure that we come at this from the starting with the question of how do I make life on this earth better for people if you do get an office what's the first thing you're gonna attack what's the first thing you're gonna do why you're in office what's your first agenda so I thought a lot of it is just reversing the bad stuff he's been doing a lot of which is a stroke of a pen because it's executive orders but to me the big three things I know you said one and I'm getting but I just you can't I can't pick one climate we've talked about democracy we've talked about and that's huge because if our democracy broken than any other issue we're gonna have ever time dealing with and then the this question of justice economic justice racial justice making sure we're moving in that direction and there's things you can do on day one launching legislation issuing orders just who you appoint just who you're putting in charge this stuff right we have a Secretary of Education who does not believe in public education we have a person in charge of the EPA who is a coal company lobbyist obviously not that interested in Environmental Protection so one of the things you do on day one is you set up your cabinet and personnel is policy I think that stuff needs attention immediately and then we gotta we gotta hit the road and reassure other countries around the world that they can actually count on the US before they make all of their plans in a way that just kind of gives up on us and moves if you leave the g7 all the grown-ups getting together deal with climate there's an empty chair for the US they are moving on without us and I don't think that's good news for us or force for the rest of the world I got two more questions I know you gotta go this was for the people of South in Indiana a lot of people have said that you demoted the black police chief and hired a white guy yeah and you admitted that you have failed in efforts to remedy the fact that like I think 6% of self in police department yeah big problem Ram but so yeah so two different issues let me take the second one first so we are struggling to recruit and retain black officers and it's really important to have a department that reflects the community that we serve it's gotten harder over time it was hard to begin with it's definitely harder post-ferguson and the numbers are there for everybody to see so I've owned the fact that the numbers have been moving in the wrong direction now that's definitely not for lack of caring about it we're working at it we're trying all kinds of different things with recruiting and this is problem happening everywhere in the country but I'm not gonna bullshit people it's it's a problem and and I'm gonna own the fact that we're not where we want to be in terms of the chief what happened was there was an investigation federal criminal investigation into the department and as a consequence of what I learned in that investigation I lost my confidence that he was the right person to be my chief it was really unfortunate because he was the first black chief in the city's history and as you know it doesn't fix everything but that goes a long way when it comes to the black community wondering if they can trust the police and one of the reasons I asked him to be my police chief to begin with and we talked about our personnel was policy is that I felt that he could do a lot of good work when it came to community relationships in policing but in the end I didn't have the trust that I needed once this investigation happened you know I would have loved if the right person had been black but it just didn't work out that way I mean I also got to find the right person for the job but look we've got to have and and there are other areas where we've been able to sir for example the oversight board which is a group of civilians that I appoint who make the decisions about about discipline is very strong nor it's actually a black majority on that board right now so you know that that's really important to us but I also got to have somebody in each job I think is the right person and if you're especially if you're recruiting from within the department it's one of the reasons why we need a diverse rank and file because then it gives us more options down the road years later when we're looking at promotions and and eventually looking at who's leading the department to got you and listen I want to play the second part of the Kevin Hart clip for you okay because he explained why he was I guess quote you know he okay you played it in no way shape or form should you ever have to defend but guys this is what I am that's not it it's guys this is what I'm going to do my reason for doing this because I know I do this well well you have a voice and you simply say this there is no back and forth for about what this is nothing else needs to be said so so when all of that get started about but he's not but they said you now don't give up because your sentence has been written no explanations what do you think of it or they did not make any sense to you I don't think I get it um it sounds out of context if you don't hear the whole thing he's basically saying once you say you're gay that should be it but you said you shouldn't be labeled to gay rapper gay country artist whatever it is you are you said it it's done that's it then isn't he I don't know isn't he then saying like I don't want to talk about it anymore um you should be able to talk about all kinds of things and you know not let it define you but but also not kind of shove it in the corner it still feels to me like he's got some he's got some work to do in terms of his level of comfort with this but I don't know maybe I'll have chance to talk to him about it sometime that would be good maybe a comes between you yeah Popeyes chicken sandwich you had shit nigga did you have the papaya chicken sandwich no no no whoa no no one no what is it oh you haven't had it no I'm most of my meals most of my meals are in vehicles now what's special about it like different had it yet but it's driving people crazy all of us oh shit yeah all right I'll try it you haven't seen it no team has seen the papaya yeah why wasn't that briefed on this I'm still trying to come to terms with chicken fries from for burgers I'm a little behind the curve on I know it's a while ago but like I'm I'm just saying like it takes me a while to catch up on the chicken front I'll try it my guy may have Pete man appreciate you giving you a campaign in Fulton yeah Pete for follow me at Pete bitter ginger what's the new Twitter head we have a Pete for America 1/2 for the campaign text Pete 2 to 5 8 5 9 and look for me to come somewhere near you sometime soon absolutely if you see a ministry bottle pop a chicken sandwich if the breakfast club is man Pete [Music]