Mean Tweets Robert De Niro Edition

Welcome to my class on imitating Robert De Niro. The first step is to always contort your face like you just heard your grandma fart. Good. Good what? Good. Is this all you have to do in your life? You write these kind of things, whoever wrote this? There are now two things visible from space: The Great Wall of China and Robert De Niro's mole. Ha ha ha. Who does this? Who are you? Who are you are you some little [BLEEP] fifteen-year-old with nothing better to do in your life? Robert De Niro looks like a wrinkled potato. [BLEEP] you. What kind of [BLEEP] infantile humor is this? Robert De Niro, eat [BLEEP] and die, you worthless piece of [BLEEP] You eat [BLEEP] and die you [BLEEP] worthless piece of [BLEEP] Because you probably are a worthless piece of [BLEEP] and you feel that way about yourself. So [BLEEP] you. My nana's broken her nose and she looks like Robert De Niro. It's such a shame. [BLEEP] you. Robert De Niro's too old to be making gangster movies still. Dude needs to start playing grandfather roles or something. Yeah I am playing grandfather roles. And pretty soon I'll be playing great-grandfather roles. [BLEEP] you. Robert De Niro is not a good fella, he is a POS - piece of [BLEEP]. You know what you can do? You can suck my [BLEEP]. You [BLEEP] scumbag. Happy?