Mechatronics Capstone Design Symposium 2014

Matt Rendall (CEO, Clearpath Robotics): I think the design symposium for the University of Waterloo is absolutely unique. I've been judging for three or four years now, every year it gets better and better, the projects get bigger and more ambitious. Bill Junaid (MEMS Based Atomic Force Microscope): My Capstone Design project is a MEMS Based Atomic Force Microscope. One of the highest resolution types of instruments on the market today. Currently there's is a hundred thousand dollars ours is a thousand dollars. It is kind of limitless on the market that it opens up. Hajra Shafiq (Bread and Butter: A Modular Robotics Kit): Our project is Bread and Butter. It's a modular robotics kit that allows you to build your robotics projects regardless of your technical background. Kal Sobel (CaseSensitive: Smart Luggage): Our Capstone Design project is an integrated suitcase that makes sure that your mind is at ease when you're travelling. It does so by weighing itself, tracking itself, measuring shock detection and opening events. Fiona Chui (Pulse Punching Bag): My group's design project is the Pulse Punching Bag, we have filed a professional patent for it. What it measures is your reaction time, and average force, so after each workout it displays a pulse score which is based on these two things. Mark Shen (Robotically Enhanced Choanal Atresia Treatment): It has been an absolutely great experience, and I think that most engineering students, if not all, should really be exposed to something like this, especially in their fourth year. Matt Rendall (CEO, Clearpath Robotics): It's always exciting to see what students are up to, what they're passionate about. A lot of companies that emerged from the University of Waterloo got their start as fourth year design projects. It's an exceptional opportunity for entrepreneurs as well.