Meek Mill Criminal Case Finally Dropped After Reaching Plea Agreement

yes the world no dangers morning show The Breakfast Club Charlemagne to God Angela II I don't know what the hell did you have you had today I don't know he was taking it on vacation oh yes Angela he day we should all have off why the hell are we here I know let's talk about Janelle monáe apologizing for no damn reason Breakfast Club all right now Janelle Monae has apologized no reason I didn't really think this was a bad idea what her suggestion was but everybody's trying to get those popeyes chicken sandwiches and we told you in the front page news that they are sold out for now she said perhaps we put voting booths at every Popeyes location while we wait on that salmon so you can register and vote at Popeyes Hollow what's the problem did it sound like a bad idea to me and she has since apologized for no reason but the social media pressure she said you know when other people say things on here that are wrong and misguided I wonder why don't they just admit they're wrong and learn from it so I'm going to do that now I think that we said I posted about registering and voting were insensitive and wrong especially the way they ignored the very real issues of voter suppression that have impacted my community for years and me directly thanks to all of you for calling me out me remember and me focus on the the bigger issues just because everybody gets outraged don't mean the day right you mean to tell me her suggesting that we should register people to vote as a problem like there's a kid in Charlotte North Carolina his name was David Ledbetter he did the same exact thing this weekend he went to Popeyes and he was out there trying to register people to vote most people in Iowa are already registered but who cares he was out there doing his due diligence when you want to register people to vote especially young ones you go where they are this was targeted toward black people which I didn't take it as that when I read it somebody the reason popeyes chicken sandwiches are so that is cuz everyone's going to get them some of y'all to oak you need some sleep y'all be walked too long and it's starting to affect your like just-just-just Minds okay you sound stupid cuz by the way if you pay attention anywhere you go where there's a crowd over the next year you're going to see people out there registering people to vote I don't care if it's a concert on campus Angela a day I don't care if it's at the mall you're going to wherever there's large crowds of people you're gonna see people out there registering people to vote for the next year and we'll be out there helping register people to vote if you actually pay attention you will see that everywhere you go for the next year and by the way just so you know you can register to vote at the library as well all right in our line Meek Mill has pleaded guilty again in that old gun case that he had so finally things are over and done with he pled guilty to misdemeanor possession of a firearm without a license and all of those charges which he was originally convicted for were all dropped from back in 2008 he was found guilty of seven charges for it which were related to the gun so he spoke briefly after that and he said this week free I'm not on probation no more yeah and I just wanted to come up here myself and thank all the supporters cuz I know y'all probably got family members in jail or people going through the same thing as me and I will continue to do what I do with the reform movement and help the people that helped me yes Luke to me he fought his way out the system took a lot of money and resources but he got it done so now you gotta pay for it by continuing to help those who don't have those money and resources now he had a choice it could have gone to trial if he wanted to but he doing all day it's all done over we're closed week please please keep your nose clean don't get arrested all right you know them you know they on your ass right now why did I say keep your nose clean because I always think of drugs when people say that keep your nose clean I don't know what is it keep you ass clean right yeah please all right congratulations like dead wrong having a clean ass is disgusting you think you got clean ass all right now Cassie congratulations everybody know she's pregnant but she's also engaged she shared on Instagram my favorite day ever mrs. fine 8:24 now Masika commented ladies that Cassie and Ciara be a lesson for all of us get rid of the toxic men people in your life you can be with the man on and off feet why are you mad already why are you sucking Yahtzee because it's one Cassie and as one Ciara everybody got a different route to take to get to the loves to day life her point is get rid of the toxic men people in your life you can be with the man on and off for years swear he loves you but plays all day wasted time and causes you pain the right man can come in your life and change everything overnight you see them there's a woman out there that dated Cathy's now fiancee and there's a woman out there that dated Russell Wilson and they think they trash alright so cool those men evolved the nose men grew alright so they might be better men now I'm saying it isn't that bad advice to get rid of toxic people in your life that's great what about because she like everything gonna apply to everybody okay everybody should get rid of toxic people in your life absolutely but she specifically said Cassie Sierra now the two dudes that David were always great guys you can google Russell Wilson to see who used to date who he used to be out here chasing like that everybody got a little work to do everybody got the own healing to do to get to a good place Charlotte T who he's a date I mean it's public knowledge all right what Cassie is getting married and she is engaged so congratulations to her all right I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumor report Charlemagne's Hughes front-page news we got front-page news coming yes we are gonna talk about a TV anchor who had to apologize to her co-host now I'm gonna give you a hint of something that happened she's white and he's black all right we'll talk about it doing front-page news at the Breakfast Club [Music]