Meet AIR PIX by AirSelfie

[Music] meet air picks the world's smallest and easiest aerial camera ever made capture HD photos and videos never before possible then share them like magic right from the app it's giving a personal photographer in your pocket take it everywhere and put away the selfie sticks forever [Music] air picks works with just one touch they will fly frame snap and return a halt by itself so cool and so easy if you want more control just use the in-app joystick you can also turn on 360 mode to automatically take pictures all around and it will follow your face for the perfect picture you can even control it with gestures in the app customize your pics and then post them instantly to your favorite social stream you can even livestream real-time adventures from the air Wow and your friends and followers has never been this easy and it's packed with features like Italian design 12 megapixel photos HD video 60 foot range 6 plus minutes of flight time and smooth air flight stabilization welcome to the future of personal photography choose the better way to selfie with air pips the world's smallest easiest and coolest aerial camera ever made air pics by air selfie