Meet the AI Overlords that will Rule your Future


Arvin Ash


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artificial intelligence or AI it is said by many will be man's last invention why because AI is more than just hardware and software AI will allow machines to learn this machine learning will allow programs to make decisions and to think on their own they'll be able to iterate themselves through trial and error to perfection eventually they'll be able to think in a way that could surpass the capabilities of any human being so it may be the last invention because these machines may just be able to make much better versions of themselves than we could and in turn they could become the next innovators and inventors of new technologies but there's a shockingly small number of companies that are poised to dominate this potentially huge industry only not in my view these are the companies that you should either try to work for associate yourself with or invest in who are they and what are they working on that's coming up right now the future of AI is being shaped by just nine companies this could be good or it could be scary good because these companies can potentially all agree on certain technology standards and set safety regulations so that potential harm due to AI is minimized scary because it means that these few companies have the potential to become the dominant overlords of human society and them not-too-distant future these companies dominate because they are the ones that have nearly all the patents are creating most of the software setting the industry standards have the university partnerships are attracting the best talent and pouring the most money into it and here they are in alphabetical order Alibaba there's a third largest e-commerce company in the world they're investing fifteen billion dollars in global research labs in multiple countries dedicated to AI innovations this is smart because it will allow them to take advantage of AI talent all over the world one example of their AI innovation is their newest chat bot which can understand human emotions and respond accordingly including alerting service reps to intervene they have 200 AI powered robots and automated warehouses that process 1 million shipments per day and they've expanded that by creating AI robots in the hospitality sector that can deliver meals and laundry to guess Amazon is the largest e-commerce company in the world with a hundred and eighty billion dollars in revenue and over half a million employees you're probably already familiar with Alexa it's intelligent voice assistant AI robot that is a part of many homes around the world Amazon has expanded this technology to something called alexa alexa alexa poli and amazon recognition these technologies are involved in text-to-speech conversion and face recognition using artificial intelligence in addition Amazon is working on a I powered self-guided drones that can deliver products weighing as much as an unbelievable one-ton machine learning is already part of their core shopping platform at Amazon they use it to determine product search rankings recommendations and ad placement the most familiar AI application from Apple is their Siri voice assistant available to millions of iPhone users around the world but Apple is going far beyond that they recently hired Google's chief of search and artificial intelligence John Gian Andrea to run its machine learning and AI strategy he's not even part of Apple's Executive Board which shows you how much Apple values his role they've invested in a range of AI startups including emotion which produces facial recognition technology vocal IQ which provides a platform for voice interfaces and silk labs which makes AI software for consumer devices Apple hopes to gain an edge on its rivals through a focus on protecting user data as well as using their enormous existing data to create new applications Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that they will be investing ten billion dollars building data centers just in the u.s. these data centers are going to power their AI technologies Chinese tech company Baidu is the largest provider of Chinese language internet search as well as other the your products and services they're arguably the most advanced AI company in China to give you an idea of how they emphasize AI they use facial recognition technology in their main offices instead of the typical company ID cards if you work for Baidu you can even order tea from a vending machine using your face they have a voice assistant called doer OS that has accumulated more conversation based skill sets than Alexis Siri or Cortana being a Chinese company gives them at least two advantages over US companies first a native population of nearly 1.4 billion people roughly four times out of the United States is Baidu a lot more data to work with potentially second China itself has publicly set the goal of being the world's leader in AI by 2030 and the Chinese government subsidizes national priorities so plenty of free money is potentially available to companies like Baidu whereas AI is not currently a priority for the US or UK administrations you might say Facebook has been forced to be a player in AI with 2.3 billion regular users monthly about one third of all humanity it is impossible to have every post and image reviewed by humans and it would be a little scary for its users too so they're using deep learning software to monitor their content Mike Schroepfer the company's chief technology officer says that technology is the only way to prevent bad actors from taking advantage of their service Facebook's AI software not only monitors their content but it also chooses the content that appears in the Facebook newsfeed it automatically tags photoes and also powers their ad targeting software that makes Facebook billions of dollars a year it can even flag what it considers fake news machine learning becomes more intelligent in proportion to the amount of data it has to work with guess which company has access to some of the most valuable data in the world from 2.3 billion monthly users you've got it Facebook Google has arguably been the most aggressive company in the world I have research creating everything from self-driving cars to software that can recognize cats they are so serious about dominating this space that they're even developing their own line of machine learning chess ai plays a central role in Google's strategy for future growth under CEO sundar pichai who said in the long run we're evolving and computing from an AI first world Google bought deep mine in 2014 which is an AI startup deepmind has since been used to defeat champion players of the board game go which at one time was considered impossible to do by a computer but Google's biggest application of their AI technology is what powers the algorithm and his flagship search engine this is one of the reasons everybody likes to use Google because it gives you the most relevant search results these are just technologies we know about but Google is reported to be working on some paradigm shifting technologies that they are taking great pains to keep from the world so who knows what they'll come up with is it any wonder that Google's market valuation is nearly one trillion dollars IBM's most notable investment in AI is Watson a deep learning program that can answer questions posed in natural language by extracting meaning from photos videos texts and speech Watson was popularly introduced to the world on the u.s. game show Jeopardy where it handily beat two of its all-time best human players iBM has had a long partnership with MIT and are investing 240 million dollars over ten years in Watson alone the technology behind Watson has gained traction in industries from insurance to healthcare and there are probably lots of other applications where it could be used and iBM is trying to exploit it Microsoft has been on an AI shopping spree buying five companies built on AI technology in 2018 alone in addition they have launched venture capital fund called Microsoft ventures dedicated to fund AI startups current applications of AI at Microsoft are used to power chat BOTS and Skype which microsoft owns analyze data and office 365 build apps and as support interaction with Cortana and to power its search results in Bing similar to the way Google does it Microsoft has elite talent and some of the best programmers in the world and they are not afraid to focus this talent on artificial intelligence research Tencent is a Chinese holding company involved in Internet technology and AI they are the company behind the we chat app China's biggest social media platform in addition they have substantial businesses in messaging payments video mail and social media there is no similar US company they claim that over a hundred 10 cent products including WeChat and QQ they're instant messaging app use AI technologies like Baidu they have some advantages being a Chinese company but the main advantage that they have is that their many popular platforms give it access to a huge amount of data and ways to test that data and implement AI software in a country where fewer consumer privacy protections exist the company believes there will be huge applications tomorrow that are impossible to envision today so they're hedging their bets by putting investment in many areas of AI what do you think let me know if you think I missed a company and if you work for any of these companies I would love to hear your perspective I'll see you in the comments below all the best my friends Arvind ah share if you like our videos please support us by subscribing subscribe and cost you nothing it just means that you're going to be informed whenever we put up a new video we make about one to two videos a week we'll see you in the next video [Music]