Meet the Voice Actor Behind Hollywood’s Monsters and Creatures

(lights flicker) (click) (screeching) (clumsy music) (screeching) (growling) - Those were big dinosaurs. - [Producer] That was a very big dinosaur. (happy music) - Hey I'm Dee Bra- (mumbling) (squeaking) Take two. (claps) Hey, I am Dee Bradley Baker. I'm a voice actor, whose known for doing creatures, (munching) monsters, (growling) and animal sounds in a lot of Hollywood projects. (squeaking sounds) My first break probably in voice acting would be a Nickelodeon game show called "Legends of the Hidden Temple." - "Legends of the Hidden Temple," with your guide Kirk Fogg. - I got to do lots of different voices as this big rock God Olmec. I moved his mouth and spoke. - It's my temple. - That was kind of my first gig where it became clear to me that I think I wanna do something like this. (click) - How about some birds? Let's see, turkey? (gobbling) (cricket chirping) (snorting) (buzzing) - When I close off my nose it gives a resonance to it that makes it feel bigger. For instance, (growling) like that. Or, (loud growling) it's almost like closing off valves on a wind instrument, is how I think of it. All right, we can wrap it up. (laughs) I work on all kinds of different fun shows. Some of my notable characters might be, Klaus on American Dad, - Hello, Francine, I'm ready for my fish feeding now. - I was Daffy Duck in Space Jam. All right bub, oy, let's make fun of the duck. - Perry the Platypus in Phineas and Ferb. (growling) A lot of characters in SpongeBob. - Squilliam Fancyson and- - Perch Perkins Action News. - And maybe a cop fish. There's a fly. (buzzing) (blows raspberry) (buzzing) Help me. I'll get you my pretty. Where was I? (laughs) (claps) (camera shuttering) That's a dead fly. See, if there's anybody else that's alive in here. Now, I'm really into taking pictures of bugs and small critters. It's a little ant line, I think it's eating like aphids off there. Bugs are like alien robots, there just, their amazing. And they have such power and such intelligence and such beauty in their design. And all of these things I find useful to have within me for when I'm creating vocal creations. Here, look at that ant. Isn't that beautiful? (light music playing) Watching biology documentaries, (growling) the Nature series, Planet Earth series. I mean those give me all kinds of specific ideas in terms of sounds. (weird noises) - Okay, ready? - Ten year old Dee would be impressed that middle aged Dee is doing creatures and monster sounds because I loved animals and creatures and it looked like a lot of fun. - What do you mean? - I wanted to put things out into the world that make the world better and show how interesting and good it is. (light piano music)