Memphis MotherDaughter Crab Leg Criminals Busted

Breakfast Club bitch whose don't give the date today dog here today for Thursday August 29th goes to a mother and daughter in Memphis all right salute to everyone who listens to us on K 97 in Memphis Devon Still what's happening my brother thank you for having us on I hope these two women I'm about to give donkey a today too aren't your family and if they are you should have given give them alone so they could avoid the situation they're in right now the young women in Memphis are named Felicia Hollins and Gabriel Hodges they are a family ok a mother and daughter and they are charged with theft of property and assault nothing like being locked up with one of your parents to scream from your bond ok I was locked up with my father before back in the day they had us both in jail for less than a gram of cocaine they pulled him over and found less than a gram of cocaine on him and they used that minor ass infraction to come to my mom's house and searched and they found less than a gram of cocaine and a trash can in my room actually it was just cocaine residue in a bag I had in the trash came and they held me and my pops in jail for a whole weekend over less than a gram of cocaine okay less than a gram of cocaine apiece actually between the both of us it was only less than a gram of cocaine so I have a little experience with parent-child incarceration okay see when you're hungry it means your child's hungry and a bull for y'all got to eat then well you might as well take the penitentiary chance together and that's exactly what Felicia and Gabriel did would you like to know what they stole and how they stole it what they get what they get city girls up oh well let's go to KC pq5 13 for the reporters here see the girls are truly up you say Felicia Hollins and Gabriel Hodges are in fact a mother and daughter duo responsible for the theft last week detectives say the two walked into the quince rural grocery store stuffing a purse full of the stolen seafood police say when the manager tried stopping the pair she was reportedly struck twice in the face surprisingly another manager telling WREG they weren't too surprised to hear the seafood was swiped they say between crab legs and ox tails they are both targeted items as for the mother and daughter they are set to face a judge Wednesday and if you're wondering the value of the crab legs we've learned it was 200 bucks you still take the city yep I would have stole some chicken hey dr. C I swear to god I was thinking in my mind I'm just happy to be looking at the bright side at least they weren't stealing chicken and here you go talking about you two stole the chicken no not crab leaves do me I would think I'm just sick of hearing about chicken okay from popeyes chicken sandwiches the chick-fil-a everybody wants to discuss chicken Oh somebody made a beautiful popeyes chicken cake sandwich King you gotta see it looks good no I'm over it even when I did my podcast this week when Andrew showed every conversation turned in the chicken talk I am over it and I'm literally sitting here thinking I'm so glad they didn't steal chicken you know they're bringing us some chicken sandwiches you don't want it no I don't who bringing them just checking [Laughter] for changing the narrative is stealing seafood okay now manager this store said crab legs and ox tails are the most targeted items in this store I hope y'all are keeping track of these clues because we are gonna play a game of guess what race it is also the manager of this store who tried to stop them why you're a 78 year old woman when you over 70 everything you do is risking your life so you really want to die for some damn crustacean claws those crab legs not dying for you so why you trying to die for some damn crab legs call the police and mind your business okay by the way it's easy to look at these people and be judgmental but people out here starving and they trying to eat by any means necessary but that's not fancy that's right fancy food but that's not gonna stop me from giving them the credit they deserve for being stupid now let's play a game of guess what race it is okay mother-daughter pair Memphis Tennessee stole $200 worth of crab legs the manager of this store says crab legs and ox tails are the most targeted items in pistol yes what resident I don't want to participate today i'ma say they had to be Slovakian drums since every 90 I put the mic the elipse dramas porto region yeah ladies gay two women from Memphis Tennessee mother they stole crab legs and manager the store says crab legs and ox tails are the most targeted items in this store guess what right sinners they gotta be Asian yeah now wait a minute ox to drum says Asia you are both wrong these two women are black one now yes they are two black Queens from Memphis Tennessee who just wanted to eat all right if I had if I lived in Memphis I would give them up the money for the crab legs and the goddamn oxtail so they can enjoy that weekend all right Devin still when these young women get out make sure they get some garlic crab legs on me meaning on you meaning on I heart all right donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say to bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to 500 from your cell and say to bowl [Music]