Men Get Photoshopped Into Their Ideal Body Type

- It's weird cause the only time I've seen myself naked is in front of a mirror and there's no mirror right now. So I don't know what the hell is going on with my body. Today we're getting photoshopped into our ideal bodies. - I think specifically, being a queer man there are more rigid ideals for body type and there's not really a place to be kind of in between. - When I was growing up my mom would always try to recommend me when ways to help myself get taller. I was having pressure placed on me for something that I have literally no control over. - I've never been called hot, or sexy, like maybe sometimes cute, but my grandma is the only one that was like, you're so good looking, and I'm like, thanks grandma. - My ideal body type would have to be kinda broader shoulders, slimmer waist, just toned and fit. Hello internet. (laughter) - My ideal body type would be to be taller. I'm nervous though because I don't want to see that and immediately feel like, why can't I be like that? - I think I'd want abs, more chest, more shoulders, more bicep, I mean, the works. - I'm a little nervous to get photoshopped. So I'm hoping that this process will motivate me to reach my fitness goals rather than make me just feel bad about my body. - There's a chance that when I see the picture I might not like it. When you're at home depot and you get like a color swatch of how to paint your wall and you can see if you actually want it. That's what I wanna do today. - I would like to know what I look like kind of as a sense of closure I guess and being able to really examine how it makes me feel. I think it'll be healthy in the long run. I'm really nervous I'm gonna like this more than how I actually look. - I just joined a new gym, so I feel like this is gonna be an extra little push for me to get going. - I feel like it's just gonna look like my head cut out and put on someone else's body. - Damn. It's really funny how it just takes a leg extension and then you're like, that doesn't even look like me. - Ha, oh my goodness. Wow, I definitely think this is what I'm going for as far as body goals. - Oh! I don't know how I feel about this. I like the arms. - There's something about how boyish my face looks and I'm not sure if it would work on a taller body and a taller torso. - I love that I don't have this really intense six pack cause I'm not looking to have a six pack. This is definitely something I can aspire to. - I mean, it's good to know what I don't want to do. I like the upper body. - I like it, but I don't like it as much as I thought I would. Which makes me a feel a little bit better about it. - But it's also funny because this before picture I was expecting to look really, really bad. Which kind of makes me wonder how I perceive myself now might be a little more dramatic than what I actually look like. - I think overall, I'd like something in between my now photo and then this new photoshopped photo. The second photo isn't really me. It's a little too aggressive. - Just because I see this doesn't mean that I'm going to start looking at myself in the mirror with disgust everyday. I know that it's the influence of society talking and it's the pressure of being a dude. - For the passed nine months, I've actually lost 40 pounds and I'm happy that I've made that much progress so far, and looking at the ideal body, it would be nice to get here, but I'm also happy and proud of where I am now. - Don't let yourself get in the way of achieving your goals. But at the same time, an important part of loving yourself and loving your body is loving your body and who you are, every single day, every single part of the process. - A lot of masculinity comes from being tough and strong, but I think the definition of strength is also very flexible nowadays. (light trance music)