Men Live Without Inventions Made By Women For A Day




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- It's just impossible, it's impossible, I keep using social media, I can't only text. This is, this is too difficult. (upbeat music) - Today we are here to not use products that women have made for an entire day. - I think it's gonna be like, oh yeah, that's fine it's just a day, but I feel like I'm going to be wrong and today's going to be horrible. - I think there's gonna be a lot of things that we don't expect on this list, that we're not gonna be able to use. - Some things that I knew already that were invented by women. We are going to pick from this bowl, each one's gonna be an invention and we're gonna guess if it was a man or a woman who made it. Improved can opener, I didn't even know there was an unimproved can opener. - I'm gonna say a dude. - I'm gonna say a dude. - Computer software. - Woman - Woman Touch tone phone, caller ID, call waiting. - I'm gonna say a lady. - I'm gonna agree, windshield wiper, I'm gonna say dude. - I'm gonna say a woman, because I'm pretty sure they're driving, it's raining, she's like honey you can't see, you need like something to clear the windshield wiper, he's like, I got this, okay Cheryl, I got it, and so she was like, let me think of something, so he doesn't kill me. - Gas heating furnace, I'm gonna say a guy built this. - I agree. - Square bottom paper bag, I'm gonna say guy on this - [Woman] All of these are female inventions. (laughing) - Shut the fuck up. - Oh man! - Really? - Really? - That's wild, that's so cool. - Now that we know all these things were invented by women, we're gonna try to do the day without them, it's gonna be bad. - It's gonna be bad. - Yeah. - Everything that was invented by women has essentially advanced the current day and age of how we live 'cause I feel like I'm a damn caveman. It was harder than I thought. The phone's probably gonna be the hardest challenge today. It's during the week so I don't have to drink beer, I don't really need anything else. Just kinda seeing the list I was like, okay I think I can do this, it's just a day, now, by the end of it, I was pretty frustrated, the hardest challenge was not using anything on my cellphone. So I just got out of the restroom and of course I right away started using social media on my phone. We're not allowed to use our cellphones at all and the fact that I went straight to the restroom and went straight to all my apps and Instagram, this is gonna be harder than I thought. - I kind of enjoyed, you know the kind of disconnecting in a way, it's kind of just like liberating a little bit. It's been harder and harder to do certain things like technology wise, we can't use the wifi, we can't use the GPS, so I don't know how I'm supposed to do work, you know send emails out. - The biggest challenge for me was having really bored poops, like I would go poop and I can't go on any apps on my phone, so I'm just sitting there staring at a wall. So it's round two of the most boring poop ever. I was kicked out of my desk because it happened to be cold. They wanted to put on the heater, which I can not use, so I'm officially kicked out and I have to sit somewhere else, so now I have to be cold and wifi-less, really a step back in time. - Went in to go grocery shopping and when I was checking out, the checkout person asked me if I wanted brown paper bag or a plastic bag and I was like, oh shoot, no, I'm just gonna hold my stuff. And we're not allowed to use square bottom paper bags, so instead I have my food chilling with me. I caught myself, she was like would you like a paper bag? I was like no, I do not want a paper bag. - I couldn't go on Netflix, 'cause that was kinda a thing, I couldn't stream on my computer. I have nothing to watch because I can't use wifi which means I can't use any entertainment whatsoever, or internet, or Netflix, or Hulu, or anything else. Overall it was way more seemingly difficult than I thought and it just made me really appreciate these women. - There's a lot of great everyday inventions that are made our lives easier that have been made by women and you know, sometimes you just gotta sit back and appreciate those things. (upbeat music)