Michael Johnson won 11 out of 12 minutes before getting KOd


Chael Sonnen


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all right so Michael Johnson Josh Emmett just happened interesting fight okay and you don't know what you're getting into going into this allow me to condescend to you guys only in one way which is Josh Emmett was on nobody's radar then it was on everybody's radar and then he was out for ten months so some of you may not totally be familiar with Josh um it might need a quick reminder but look pretty straight forward fighter stays real busy a lot of faints but when he comes in when he comes up when he goes to close that distance and attack he is looking to hurt you okay there is no feel you out there is no jab jab boom and then come in with the power like most guys which would be a very traditional way to be trained he'll step in even if it's body shots wow he's looking to flip your liver bomb he's looking to bust your ribs bomb he's coming upstairs looking to put you down in the night real powerful guy you have to respect you have to respect to the whole time Michael Johnson who you guys are all very familiar with real athletic guy comes at a lot of movement not everything's a power shot okay he's never gonna reach out and hit you one time he's gonna touch you one time to know where you are and he's gonna follow up with two and three is gonna finish with a kick his wrestling's good his movements good his range is a great fighter okay I'm excited for this contest because it's kind of a quintessential battle of the great athlete who goes out there and understands a point system versus the power guy I'm on board first round goes down first round goes exactly the way I just described okay josh is look at that power boom boom he's finally he's coming back up Michaels deal with the pop pop kicks on the way out nobody could quite get close enough to really establish any real wrestling fun round going to the second round about two minutes into the second round Michael Johnson got some pep in his step he got this real confidence he started moving a little bit more fluidly his stress levels went down you could see it he was hooting and hollering he was saying things to his opponent he was having some fun out there but it also came with a level of confidence okay I got this figured out now the reason that was interesting I'm an outsider I didn't see what he saw I could not figure out as a matter of fact what is it that Michael thinks that he has solved here and that may sound it weird for you guys and you guys might be thinking we should search it why would you see it before he did he's the one that's in there now you've got that wrong generally we see it on the outside first right you guys can really you're yelling at your TV what do you think that turn any sport what do you think it turn Monday Morning Quarterback comes from it's easier to see it from the outside calm fresh relaxed with a with a soft drink in your hand then it is in the battle and in the stresses and in the trenches and getting hit and all the things that you're dealing with so I just couldn't see it I could see that Michael Johnson very clearly thought okay got this figured out but I couldn't see what it was he felt to give him that conclusion give you an example if Josh was hurt okay great I would get if Josh was slowing down if he was fatigued I would get it I just didn't see any of that it looked like Michael really understood his range and he was definitely touching Josh I bet more times than he was getting touched that's true Josh wasn't hurt Josh wasn't tired and Josh wasn't slowing down every time he came in I mean look he was looking to do damage there was no fill you out tit-for-tat impressed the judges over here win this moment you know hope that the frame of the round ends and get them to marker court no it wasn't like that he was looking to destroy that hadn't changed so you get into the third round and sure enough exactly what I just said Josh wasn't hurt he wasn't slowed down that power was still there he drops down to the body very different most guys go upstairs and then they come down to the body Josh leads things with body shots then he comes upstairs it's backwards but you have to respect it it's very confusing and pretty soon after he goes to the body goes to the body he comes upstairs he faints to the body and only goes upstairs exactly what happened knockout punch great fight great fight by both guys I'm gonna have to say Michael Johnson really did look very very good in this fight if this fight was 12 minutes long it roughly was I would tell you Michael Johnson won at least 11 of those 12 minutes I'm very confident telling you he had won both rounds he didn't have to beat Josh Emmett at this point he's had to beat the clock so by no means bad performance by Michael Johnson but you also have to compliment how well Johnson fought if you want to be able to compliment Josh Anna Emmett and he came through a lot don't forget man he was he was climbing up that division stumbled had the injury came back after 10 months it was a lot to deal with and now you got to be standing there with Michael Johnson who used to be ranked number five in the world I mean come on congratulations Josh Emmett