Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Sign In To See Your Meetings and Files

[MUSIC]. >> Teamwork flows best when everything you need is right at your fingertips. By signing into Surface Hub 2S, you can instantly access your files, and the meetings that you need. >> To get started, tap "Sign in" on the welcome screen. If you've scheduled a meeting, and invited the Surface Hub you'll notice it suggests your account. If you haven't booked in advance don't worry, just type in your work account information. >> To authenticate, you can use your password or if your organization has configured it, you can use your mobile phone for a quick, and secure experience. In this case, you'll be prompted to send a notification which will then be received by the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone. The Surface Hub will then display a number. Just select that same number on your phone to complete sign in. Depending on your mobile device, and your company's policies, you may be asked to enter your phones PIN, use facial recognition or your fingerprint as well. >> Now that you're signed in, you can see the meeting carousel filled with your current and upcoming meetings. This means you can join a Microsoft Teams meeting, and be able to use Surface Hub's best in class video conferencing, collaborative ink, and touch for any meeting, whether you have invited the Surface Hub or not. >> Below your meetings, you'll see a list of documents that you've recently opened from your work OneDrive. Simply tap on a document to open it. As you're already signed into the Surface Hub, all your documents open seamlessly so you can quickly continue just where you left off. >> You are also signed into Microsoft Edge so you can access your company's internal sites and tools. As an example, if you navigate to, you'll see your Office 365 portal without being asked to re-enter your password. >> One of the most useful tools on Surface Hub 2S is the Microsoft Whiteboard. This becomes even more powerful once you sign in. Simply tap the "Sign in" button, and either continue as yourself or use a different account if a colleague wants to pull up one of their whiteboards. >> The whiteboards you create with your colleagues are automatically saved to your account to resume later. By pressing the "Back" button in the top left of the Whiteboard app you can view all your whiteboards including ones shared by others. >> When you're finished using the Surface Hub, always remember to press the "End Session" button. This will securely clear all of your credentials, and leftover files so that it's ready for the next group to use. [MUSIC].