Millennial vs Elder Trivia Challenge


Team Edge


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what was president eisenhower's white name I look at that face he started to be shocked no net out no hello to Nancy Eisenhower [Music] what's up you guys and welcome to the Millennial verse senior challenge here are the contestants for today coming in at 5:00 for a hundred-pound Nana noni you're watching the camera hi hi Nana welcome hi welcome to your first team edge challenge how do you feel it is okay okay coming in at six eight 102 pounds Jay pray oh I'm gonna dominate you Nana what a great I would like to correct I'm 190 pounds thank you very much I'm sorry my card says you're verified weight is 102 pounds who verified this sufficient Abad all right guys before we get started with the challenge and make sure you click that Bell icon on desktop and mobile to get notified when we upload because sometimes we live stream and we want you guys to be a part of it because we give out a secret word of the day two comments we know that you came from that live stream why so make sure you click it now I just want to clarify this is my Nana I didn't kiss some random persons Nana yeah now you may have wiped my diapers when I was younger and you may you know you're going to be a great dad honey I wipe the diapers baby I was various diversify from the trash I'm going to be asking Nana questions from today's range right from what mm and up and I'm going to be asking Joey questions from my Nana wanted to clarify that that is not from Herrera that's my parents care if Nana doesn't know the answer to the question Joey has a chance to steal the point and vice versa if Joey doesn't know it Nana can answer and steal the point to stay true to team edge there's a punishment at the end for the loser if you beat Joey you get to shoot him with it we'll help you hold it up if you have trouble I went five rounds of mega jars I will help you hold this thing up and if joy beats you nothing happens nothing happens he doesn't go to punch my name in my Nana they only have 30 seconds to answer the question so they can't take their time it's got to be boom boom boom Julianne turn that's a lot of time yeah it seems like too much time they have 15 seconds here that's much fun huh Nana has 30 I got if she wants to answer the question Joey has 10 seconds how about that I'm kidding Wow they don't love you I love you accident I hope okay Nana okay first question is to you for real what are these pants called I don't know I can give you a hint what hey oh I get it no associated with exercise people do it but it's a casual you know nothing oh - hi yeah it rhymes with yogurt hey don't give me any more now all right Bobby does that point count Nana says it doesn't count all right that was a warm-up question you guys do part of that notification squad make sure you guys comment and like this video we know that you were here early Joey named this song put your glad rags on join me on we'll have some fun when the clock strikes one valve the reves all the raw I don't know wrong what is it oh I don't remember the name something rags I think what they used to call rag kind of a dance I'm sorry No all right the answer is rock around the clock oh my goodness that sounded like the lyrics knotted like they were sorry from the 20s yeah I know that rock around the coop well that doesn't matter if you know what after we knew it another one I do know her to zero no all right Nana question is going back to you what are these called emoji oh yeah those in every day oh that is true she does use these though all right Nana I won't give you the face Joey what is a party line it's like it needs to be exact or else I won't give you the point like a conga line when everybody's walking around in a line dancing [Music] no it is when a block has one phone line and they have to share it doesn't matter you know in a negative manner gets the point man I get the point what's the more likely in Samana yes sir it's where you said it to try it's like a trunk line Oh Lots oh I know what that is everybody in the neighborhood right and you can Cyrus Nana knew she even went deeper into the other they just called a party line I use the more scientific terminology for know what is that me Nana yes what is this move called oh come on I don't know the dab bit dad with a dad called the damn man but then Joey what is this hairstyle called hi guys yummy Frankenstein the Frankenstein's bride incorrect Nana kiss the Beehive yes that is correct Oh for the bubbly bubble the bubble but the Beehive is also a correct answer je furt is all confident the beginning but I'm doing so hot point for Nana all right Nana who sang the song Gangnam style gang gang gang gnam style you got a train guy no idea all right Jay Fred sighs how do you spell it psy done correct thanks hon point for Jay Fred Nana's just told me she prepared for this sound Nana tried call me for the questions yesterday I was like what are the questions I'm I don't think I do that no I'm just kidding she to do that Joey what is this man's name bah what's his name 3 Dan 2 1 ah Nana can steal James D and J mu for a bonus point Nana name a movie that he started oh it's you baby bonus Morgana I said damn not even close jarred calling you Jarrod that closing yeah people coming to an old-timer Nana yes what kind of shoes are these what basketball player famous one of the most famous basketball players he just retired yes he was drafted right out of high school Oh Kobe Bryant biggie Yeah Yeah right given all these hey hey ooh Joey ooh what was President Eisenhower's white name look at that face he started to be shocked no Nana no he knows Nancy Eisenhower Dwight Dwight inna ort Nana it was a nanny maybe ding ding that is correct Oh sweetie you sir what no I find this traffic I said trying to be my Nana even during those videos well I'm trying to destroy her right Nana yes who is this man I thought you're gonna show me something new that's her I don't know how Joey that's the walking dead guy no his name is Rick grind he plays Rick Grimes in the actor name is Andrew Lincoln I've never even seen that show your head oh yeah you think my Nana's gonna watch a zombie show think again Joey what kind of TV is it a tube a boob tube brand Oh brand Panasonic and Nana ah Cobain I wish I could give it to you Nana but the correct answer is Venus seeing it is a Venus TV that there was a number one number one manufacturer of two TVs in the 1950 I sent the two TVs and I just made that up I'm not sure of this dress nana finish the lyric whatever mind all fine I don't know J Fred never mind I'll find never mind I'll find another like you with your brother what the rest of it is never mind I'll find someone like you by Adele never never mind I'll find someone like you cry your mother would know all right J Fred this question is for you it's cold in here how much was gas the average price of gas in the 1950 don't make that face if they interview a number sure the average price of gas in the 1950s fifteen cents and wrong Nana twenty-nine cents that's the closest it was 22 cents Dunning how did it go - the matter both steps apart little advantage Nana Nana you're walking home Nana what are these goggles called oh so sweet the ones that make you see upside down no okay they might don't thinking I don't know virtual reality goggles virtual reality okay that's it I've probably seen those on your shows that's right J Fred what is it called that is called a Baja bike what I don't know no a scooter no that's what no you're done Nana I guess I would have said that too it's not a Vespa but it looks like a scooter to me it's the brand with the pot what was all before and yes the number one seller of scooters in 1950 correct answer is the Cushman motor scooter I never heard that you think my Nana's using a motor scooter actually I did yeah she did Nana this one for you finish the lyrics a baby this is what you came for no I don't know J Fred baby this is what you came for you were born to die no no lightning strikes every time she moves by Rihanna guys before we start the last round make sure you guys subscribe if you're not already because we do videos Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays upset Cree upset Joey what is this called uh ham radio no man a Walkman that's not a Walkman no not a one okay I knew the answer portable called a transistor radio transistor I heard Jeff it was all mister confidence before we even started he's like home I didn't know you were conspiring against me Nana this question starts with you what is the name of this character of this cartoon character spongebob yes what's this foaming Mel's last name I thought I had the answer sheet back out pointer Nana went on what description square pan yeah Joey what is this call that is called five four three two - Nana all right could be a ballerina skirt I don't read cross-reference this answer you don't know that's right petticoat that's not a bunny oh yeah you were them crinoline threw him under your dress I knew your thought I see that area I talk with the skirt notice he says penny hello dinner no a petticoat means a flip that you have right there people thinking in your head that's not even heard generation we had I had them in the back of my dad's station like you couldn't see how big it was so big did you ever wear them yes but now trimmed with ribbons wow this is it not even close we couldn't do very well Nana you got a 9-point they forgot to repoint oh you destroyed a manna you embarrassed them Mikey look it over I don't I feel I think I want to replace Joey with you on chemo I don't think he's that easily embarrassed all right on to the punishment does it really very good seve let him have it so you got Nana there's a phone book oh yeah you're gonna pull the trigger down hearing for my face oh really Annie for your face look at it oh that's it oh nana are you alright oh okay click right here or I never have I ever a challenge yeah that's the challenge where we told a bunch of personal secret things were revealed emotionally