Millennials Ask People Out Over The Phone




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- Yeah, there's a very like, hello, would you like to buy a car element to that. (funky music) I pretty much only ask people out over text. - I know I've never called someone to ask them out. - The only people I call on the phone are like my mom or, that's it. - In middle school I would talk on the phone with this girl I had a crush on. - It was like the kind of dance when it was girls ask the guys out. - You can look at a text and then kind of reply on your own leisure, but when you're on the phone you can hear their response. (funky music) - I met him about a month ago when I went bowling and I thought he was really cute and I thought he was really funny. - I'm just gonna ask out someone who I met two nights ago. We had a good conversation, she might be at work, so that could be a problem. - We were in the same dorm last year. He really likes soccer and basketball, I love soccer and basketball. We both love anime. This guy is kind of a perfect guy. - This girl that I went to high school with and throughout college we kind of went back and forth on saying that we should catch up. - I have a crush on them for a very specific reason, that I'm not gonna say on the internet. - Contemporary American Fair and Mixology focused cocktails in the mid-century modern space of the patio. - I'm available next Friday, I wanted to know if you wanted to go out. With me. If you'd like to go out with me. - Well, if he doesn't pick up, I think it would be rude to leave it in a voicemail. - Frogs like licking you 'cause you're fly, let's go to the beach. I dunno. - The worst thing that could happen is someone says no to me. I'll move on. I'll write about it in my journal. I'll go to therapy about it. I'll be fine. I think. - Here we go. - I haven't gotten these kinds of ringtones in a long time. (phone ringing) (humming along to ring back tone) - [Woman] Hi there, this is (beeps), I can not make it to the phone at the moment. - Voicemail. - Please leave. - Hi, (beeps), it's Katherine. Yeah, it's been a while. How have you been? - How are you? Good, how's your day goin'? - Hey, (beeps) what are you up to? Well, I mean, just in general, but yes, are you busy? - Just got back from work, that's cool, that's cool. Work is fun. - Hey, (beeps) this is Rocky, I was just hanging out listening to that Giant Dog album you've been telling me about-- (fast forward sound effects) So, I wanted to say that I'm available next Friday, and I was wondering if you'd like to go out. So, you can call me back or text me. - You bought your own bowling ball? - Just chilling on the couch. You know, doin' what I do, just hangin' out at work. - This is Jordan the ginger dude you met at the mixer a couple nights ago. I thought you were pretty cool and pretty cute and I would love to take you out for a drink some time next week. - I just finally built up the confidence to ask you on a date, so I was calling to see if you wanted to get drinks some time. - Hey, I've wanted to ask you a question. When you come to LA, if you wanted to like, go to the beach you know, or go play some soccer on the beach and watch some Avatar: Last Air Bender, Legend of Korra, I dunno, just hang out and stuff. - I was wondering if, I'm sorry, I'm being really weird. Do you wanna like, go out sometime? Like-- Okay, cool, yeah. We could. Yeah, cool. Cool. - Right now I'm free Monday or Tuesday, you give me a call back if you're free. Thanks, bye. - Oh, this is not Netflix and chill per say. - Hope you're having a good day and a good year so far and talk to you later. Bye-bye. - Well, as a date. No, dude, that's fine, okay. - Not Netflix and chill but Netflix and just begin. Netflix and just have fun, but not sexual fun. What? - All right, cool. Awesome. Well, I just have a little bit of a cold, I don't normally sound this high pitched. - Hey, sounds good! Cool! All right. - I just got friendzoned. It's cool. Awe, now you guys are making me sad. Wait. - Voicemail, yeah. There was a bit of that kind of relief and then intense anxiety of oh, now you have to do a monologue that will stand on its own. - He said yes! - Woo-hoo! Yeah! Now I feel really good! - I don't feel like I get the same satisfaction as someone who's like, okay, I either get an acceptance or rejection, now it's just like-- (funky music) - [Voicemail] If you're satisfied with the message press one, to listen to your message press two, to erase and re-record press three. To continue recording-- Message erased. (funky music)