Mini Series Ingredients ส่วนผสมที่ลงตัว Ep0


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Win, How do you feel about Tops? Marwin ,who is an artist and crazy about music Tops, How do you feel about Win? Tops, who is fascinated by cooking. Dream or relationship what will you choose? Actually, now I really don’t know. I think I’ve changed my mind. Dream or relationship, Tops? Win, What is your dream? My dream? I’ve always dreamed to have my own world tour since I was young. There are so many countries I’d love to go, America, China, Europe. So many places. If I get this scholarship I think it’ll pave a way to make my dream come true. Dream = Musician I don’t know if I dream big enough, compared to others. I don’t know if cooking can be called a dream. But for what I know for sure, I call it happiness. Cooking is…happiness. I’d like to go back a little. I wanna know why you two were together in the first place. This will be funny. I’ve to say that, I have no friend. No one wanna be with me. Because I play loud music. And I practice a lot. So it can be very noisy and no one wanna live with me. For Tops we happened to go to the same tutorial school. I told him about that and he might be pity of me. I decided to live with him. I don’t know whether he’s already got sick of me or not. No place to be…so you end up together. Coincidence Why did you ask Win to stay with you? So that there’s somebody to eat my food. And when I cook, there’ll be someone to taste it and give me feedback to improve my skills Also, he’s a good musician. And, that I won’t be lonely. Any gossip about Tops? Tops’s Tops’s very tender and caring. Not only for me but he cares for everyone, humans, animals, cats or dogs. Literally everything. Whether I’m being bored, sick, or even hot Tops will solve all of my problems with his food. Who knows that the simple food we eat every day can solve our problems in life? Tops’s food solves it all. Tops have you ever got sick of Win? Never. Really? Really. If one day you two had to be apart what’d you do? Actually, now I really don’t know. I think I’ve changed my mind. Dream or relationship, Tops? silent If one day you two had to be apart, what’d you do? For me if it’s good for Win I’ll support him for that. Are you pushing me away? Are you pushing me away? I always want to be with you Dream or Relationship That’s it. Can you cook for me now? Sure. What do you wanna eat? Everything that you want me to eat. Let’s go.