Mini Workbench Extendable Scrapwood Challenge Ep18

would challenge would challenge its graphics crashes by our words that some of the woman is good because it gets so hot in my workshop in the summer I'm planning on building an outdoor workbench and because that will be open to the elements I won't be putting a vise on it so that's the main reason for building this mini workbench I'll be able to take that outside and have plenty of clamping possibilities I'll be using it in the workshop too because it brings the workpiece a little bit higher up and Scott that you hunting of your work so for some tasks that would be very beneficial a mini workbench could also be useful to somebody who hasn't got room for a full-sized workbench as long as you've got a small work surface to clamp the bench to then you could use it to do most woodworking tasks [Laughter] that's the main part of the bench pretty well ready to go now I need to prep some more timber for the vise jaws and the feet I enlarge the mounting holes on the jaw and I did that by working the drill bit from side to side and the reason I've done that is to allow for any seasonal movements of the work bench top this is my quick-release base mechanism you may have seen it before I did a video on it last year it's very easy to make and it's the place that I'm going to install on this work bench the only thing I've done different with the vise from the original build is I've put a copper bushing in there and I made up from a piece of copper pipe [Music] the fixings for these speeds are exactly the same as what I did on the rear jaw and again that although for any movement I kept these grumpy very simple I just cut them off camera and they just get screwed to the back of the fixed moisture that's the main part of the bench pretty well done and now it's time to move on to building and installing device this part of the hub needs to be recessed into the front of the jaw and I should have drilled that recess out first before I did that through-hole but with the template I can still do it now if I remember correctly I did exactly the same thing on the original vise build so you think I would've learned by now [Music] [Laughter] [Music] if you've been wondering what these two square holes at the back of all they're for guardrails and that's for an extended workbench I'm using this one each box section as the rails I've cut all the pieces off camera because it's basically the same as what I've already been doing and they'll attach to the guide rails and that will allow me to extend the workbench by a foot even a little bit more than that [Music] they took a bit of doing but the dog holes are finished all I need now is some dogs [Music] I could leave the extension like that and just use it as a rest but I'm going to make it so I can lock the guide bars into the bench and I've already put dug holes in the end here and that means I can extend the use of the dogs with the vise I'm very happy with it I'll have to see with use if there's anything Kai changed the only thing I can think of is a may add a shelf here to store the dogs in but apart from that I'm pretty happy with it hopefully you enjoyed the video if you did please like and subscribe thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next one