Minnesota YouTube Star Says She Fatally Shot Boyfriend In YouTube Prank Gone Wrong TIME




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he just wanted more viewers but a risky attempt at Fame left aspiring YouTube star Pedro Ruiz the third dead The Washington Post reports that Ruiz convinced nineteen year old girlfriend Mona Lisa Perez to shoot a gun at his chest while he held a thick encyclopaedia to block the bullet he said he had evidence of it working before with a different book with an entrance hole but no exit Monday Perez and Ruiz prepared to do the stunt that they thought would bring them Fame through their YouTube channel la Mona Lisa Perez even tweeted this showing she was a little apprehensive me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever his idea not mine after setting up two cameras Perez shot a pistol at Ruiz from about a foot away the book didn't stop the bullet and it pierced Ruiz in the chest after medics tried to revive him he was declared dead at their Minnesota home it was Perez who called 911 described the prank plan to police she was arrested and has been charged with second-degree manslaughter if convicted she could face ten years in prison family members said the couple who have one child and another on the way were in love and they just wish they had done another prank many family members support Perez and say they hope she names the unborn baby after Ruiz