Miraculous Ladybug Season 3 Episode 6 Animaestro Episode Reaction




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well everybody is Claxton here see guys enjoy this video you guys should become patrons over on patreon to support the channel make you guys to subscribe bring that notification bell and all that stuff so this is gonna be my reaction to the newest miraculous ladybug episode I was supposed to record it the day that it came out but as you guys can probably still Cal I am sick I caught a cold and like all that steps I haven't been able to record so I did know that it was out and I just like sort of I didn't see any spoilers for it I guess I'm mostly on Twitter though not on tumblr and so I guess I just didn't like I don't follow a lot of people that watch the show but I'm very excited to see it it's gonna be super cool super exciting all that sort of stuff you guys did message me to make sure that I knew that a new episode was out closely but I always like when you guys message me and tell me so make sure you know next one I think the next one I I read a while ago with supposed to be on the 18th of March I don't know anyway let's just do it like this [Music] I mean ladybug can still show up surprise you know but petit fours not to mention the ladybug and cat noir tiered cakes we should have hired someone to help us serve all these gifts for the premiere oh come here the ladybug and cat noir animated movie yes you mean as a server Adrian is going to be there has nothing to do with it of course not a thing like not in the slightest oh you guys don't trust me then again oh oh of course you're not a klutz my darling you're hired we'll just make twice the number of macaroons just in case Oh amazing to wear and last but definitely not least the amazing macaron 800 macarons will be plenty no Tiki Adrian deserves a special macaroon a regular macaroon but I give him this macaroon he takes one bite and says Oh Marinette it's passion fruit my favorite how can you know me this well when I'm so secretive so then I answer it's because you're so special to me Adrian I feel like I've known you forever every Sunday who knows when the perfect opportunity is going to come up and Adrian cannot have a stale macaroon okay so it's only a week old back okay yes the news Nadya Shamu means you alive from the premiere we've all been great animated movie The Adventures of cat Noir and ladybug the gorgeous this is a private event sir huh excuse me i'm thomas astruc the movie director you filmed cat Noir and ladybug what are they like in real life it's an animated movie it's all cartoon characters we don't actually film anyone see lizards whole team that draws the camera never who would want to see ladybug and cat noir as cartoon characters put your thumbs here and look I can't wait to see her movie well I I'm the director so actually it's more of my movie Oh No so you're the one who created this story well technically the screenwriters wrote the story inspired by ladybugs exploits okay so you did all the droids no no the animators do all the drawings so what do you do then well now she can draw she does it all itself check out these groovy sunglasses that's impressive [Music] [Music] I'm not a waiter the movie director really so you're the one responsible for this movie yes yes exactly that's me then you were the one who left queen bee out of the trailer you're lame utterly lame and what were you thinking hiring dupe and Chang as a waitress actually it's a really good thing you're doing this I'm watching the movie with Adrienne you'll be washing dishes I guess Adrienne you're expected like a breeze like oh oh I don't know her I despise her what do you think you're doing sitting next to my Adrienne's that's my feet don't ever touch me again don't ever speak to me again don't ever look at me again oh man Dozo euros go onigashima Gabriel son per our discussion at our last meeting I've brought these documents domo arigato sorry sorry please follow me I'm glad to see you again Kagame meet see Adrian yeah well I don't even have a seat so if we get rid of Kagame before the movie starts there'll be an extra seat for you we can't do that remember what you said to me once Marinette all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing well today sure about it and tomorrow Hadrian and Kagame will be on a plane headed for Japan adrián Japan there's no way you think they're already going to the movies together their parents are signing papers together with Chloe I'm just stopping Kagami from kidnapping Adrien then taking him off to Japan he's too nice to see what she's really up to like tommy was fine like Kagami woman later regular person what'd he do to get some rope cooking string you know for tying up do I look like someone who knows anything about cooking Adrien will be eating sushi for the rest of his life here to meet the director of the movie is gonna do it these shoes belong to my grandmother this is part of the plan whoa this macaron contains almonds I specifically told you that I'm allergic to almonds we were so careful about that all the macaroons are made from coconut this cake on this seat years of my life working day-in day-out for this what was meant to be my night is ruined nobody could care less about me meanwhile the behind-the-scenes creator who never gets any of the credits the perfect type of injustice for Maya such a an interesting episode because it's literally like I don't want to say literally self-insert but it is literally self-insert right you know t oh man Bannen maestro you're going to show everyone who you really are with the power is limitless as your imagination all I ask in return are cat noir and ladybugs miraculous I want them all to see what a director is capable of now I understand why Kagame speaks so much about you your father has raised you to be a refined young man everything do panjang was it with that macaron anyway uh it was a special passion fruit that's the favorite so you really think a director does nothing well let me show you exactly what I'm capable of [Music] oh wow I love the effects of so2 Chloe's advice again nice and see Marinette was a different hairstyle like different ish i guess but now I went back to a regular hairstyle this is so cool I don't even know what to say we'd have come to your movie premiere we know how upset you were gonna kid you haven't even seen the movie let's see how much you enjoy the true power of animation oh dear just the bottom [Music] a camera of course who better to make a movie about cat Noir and ladybug bin ladybug and cat noir doesn't take kindly to competition deep a miraculous their actual mercy she's gone why didn't you attack us while we were blinded I don't know it doesn't make any sense something must have happened that we didn't see which explains where the lucky charm was a camera oh I see now did you just pause the image no did you see him freeze no I had my eyes closed because of the smoke me too okay so that's why she didn't take our miraculous nobody's watching him she stops moving just like a movie if nobody watches it it's as if it didn't exist now we know how I guess so yeah sure this is the craziest show I've ever seen oh it won't be easy getting people to stop the show is a sellout they really gonna doesn't mean it's not extremely dangerous TV no no TV so you jealous of our success huh you can play the smart alec cat but once I have you're more about youth it will be no light coverage what no oh yes hurry up and bring me the miraculous this is like AAA as she Robin also funny cuz I think we're the last ones and once we close our eyes it's time for the end credits and a maestro real shut your eyes tight more no I trust you blindly I can't believe Gabriel's inside of this car it started running yeah I bite little butterfly [Music] what am I doing here kenta Noir and ladybug in the frost transform back milady ladybug no I enjoy it Gabriel does monologue in new identities triumph always comes before failure in this world there are those who work and those who shine forever there will be this division between us do pen chain which is why you and I will never be a team I'm not going to tell him you're not worth the extra attention you know what take my seat and enjoy the movie I've seen it ten times or more that was the most for the movie is to be seen by people who really want to see it right sorry I guess you don't know who I am either she recognized me somebody actually recognized me this is the best day of my life oh good I happily eat his almond really sorry I didn't get to taste your macaron it looked delicious oh that was such a good episode but I have I have so many thoughts I just have so many questions I guess not questions but it's like this is like the ultimate light like like what people joke around about self-insert Oh Sees leh this is literally like this is very meta it's all that I'm trying to say anyways I will see you guys later hope you guys enjoyed that bye guys thank you guys for watching and thank you to all of our lovely patrons who have decided to support us over on patreon if you guys want to join up there are a bunch of cool rewards for you guys and some of the fan favorite rewards you guys could say are getting early access to our videos being able to join and talk in our discord server being able to request video that the $10 tier using video tickets those are just some of them and so if any of those things interest you guys you guys should check it out become a patron join our lovely patrons and I in the discord server and I will see you all in another video bye guys