Miranda Sings NO OFFENSE Official Music Video

which means everybody's offended by everything seriously people get more fitted by the things I'm about to say than anything else in the entire world cuz they're extremely offensive get ready being racist isn't okay no official wearing pink doesn't make you gay no updated crush on her pink will pay no sexual harassment is never okay [Music] everybody getting Frances whole just evening you can't protest can I see Maria that's my new original song I hope you like st. I've been working on it for so long um and it's to celebrate my no offense tomorrow which is my last storm ever gonna do so get tickets I'm basically if you're coming to see my show you should know all the words in this song you should also learn all the dance moves because you never know what's gonna happen also forget to get my diary you can pre-order it this is my next book and it is against my will the publishers stole my Diaries all of them thanks to clean every single secret about my entire freaking life so I need my fans to buy every copy they can find and get it off the shelves get it off of Amazon just please buy as many as you can so no one reads my secrets inside so please get it right now also today is the last chance to get my new t-shirts and sweatshirts this is what it looks like it's really st. scene I want all my my Fantas wearing this this is how you become part of them afar me is if you wear this shocked I just wanted to talk about the song no offense because it means a lot to me and I worked really freaking her on it I have been writing it for almost an hour there's a lot of people who get offended these things and I'm sick of ants I think my mother famish me able to say whatever they want with no consequences basically all you have to do is you can say whatever you want just as long as you say no a Saints then you don't get in trouble for it um other things that people use if you don't like the words no offense you can also try I'm just being honest not to be rude by and my personal favorite Plus her heart so if you want to go to someone and say something like you smell like cabbage normally they might be offended by that but if you say you smell like a bench no fans then they can't get upset or you smell like a bench just be known A's not to be rude but you smell like a bee you smell like cabbage bless your hands so the only way you can get away with saying offensive things is by saying one of those things or by just not saying offensive things and not being rude there's no only two ways that you can get away with saying really offensive things or you can be the president that's another way you can get away with aids so yeah I hope you guys like my number one hit single make sure to share this video with everybody I'll be following people deeming people all day long who are sharing this video be my street team he made more for me I worked so hard and so long on this video and I want all my my friendís descent so make sure to get the one out there and spread the word about this gun cause of how you can all be bad people and get away with it just really gonna light saying I think we all should know and I think that's the key to world peace just say no offense laughing you know you don't need to apologize for saying bad things you don't need to not say bad things just say no offense you know that can do the trick so it seems so yeah I hope you guys like this video make sure to subscribe tell me what you want me to do next time for my video because I really want you guys to tell me what you like and what you don't like so that I can read the comments and know what to do to make my videos even better for you but actually I'm not gonna read any of your comments I'm just gonna do what I want so no fans [Music]