Mirko Cro Cop Retires


Chael Sonnen


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I don't know guys if this is good news or bad news crow cop has retired from the sport not to mention he just looked great by the way I don't know where he retires from the sport he said he had had a stroke and his doctor told him no more fighting whatever's happening whatever shots in your tip we're all done with this and crow cough said great I'm out and I'm lucky and I appreciate the info and I'm gonna inform the sport and everybody now not gonna hold anybody up not gonna let Scott Coker and company book me for anything stand up move and there is a part of me I'm sure I represent for you guys - they're gone all thank goodness they caught this and at the same time as that should be the only thought thank goodness they caught it and cro cop stay healthy you can't help as a fight fan but go oh no we're not gonna see croak up again so you it's a double-edged sword and I don't think there's a cold-heartedness to that I think that's all a compliment I think it's meant as a real compliment to Mirko that his career his presence his style being gone is like having something taken away that you weren't ready to have taken away so I mean that as a compliment I'm very comfortable in telling you that what I realize all we should be talking about is the health issue and thank goodness berkos okay and stay that way I understand that but I think the complaint is meant in a very positive way I mean that guy has a special place in this sport that dates back oh my gosh late 90s late 90s maybe very early 2000s in this part in combat as a whole mid to early 90s I mean pretty incredible going to be life-changing for him and I certainly hope that he still comes through the events and participates because I know people love to see him