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I'm Kotoko Aihara from Class F. Could you please read this? I don't want it. How could he turn Kotoko down? This is a challenge from him. If the place you live changes, I'm sure your luck will change too. Something good is going to happen to you. Hmm? A shooting star? Did it just get hit by a shooting star? Unexpectedly... I, Kotoko Aihara, started living in the house of my father's best friend. But the house was... What's wrong, Kotoko? I apologize for the late introduction. It was the home of Naoki Irie, the boy I loved. Don't tell anyone that we live in the same house, got it? Don't ever talk to me at school. You don't have to be that mean... I hate girls with no brains. I will beat Naoki Irie on these finals. - Ta-da! - Just give it back. Can you help me with my studies for one week until the final exams? Could it be that Kotoko is more capable than I think she is? 100th? Seriously? There is a secret at her new house. What? What's this photo? So you are staying at Irie's house. Aihara. - What is it? - Just come with me. People found out that Irie and I live in the same house. What's wrong with your friends? Since you wrote a love letter to me... perhaps you don't mind the rumors. But it really bothers me. Don't screw up my pace anymore. Why... Why am I crying? He turned me down a long time ago. I thought I would be okay with hearing him saying mean things to me. Then why am I crying? I... still love Irie after all. Kotoko, you're late. I was worried about you. I'm sorry. I totally forgot to call you. The first love letter that I wrote in my life... The letter that is never going to be read... I don't want it. I know he's not being nice to me... But I still love him. Hey, the bath is ready. I'm coming in. My mom said the bath is ready. Dear Naoki Irie My name is Kotoko Aihara. I'm in Class F. You don't know me... but I know you. Since you made a speech at the entrance ceremony two years ago... I have been admiring your intelligence and handsome face. When I first saw you, I felt like I was hit by a shooting star. I started to have special feelings for you. I love you, Irie. Subtitles by DramaFever [Mischievous Kiss] [Love in Tokyo] Episode 3 Does Morning Coffee Smell of Love? Oh, no. Good morning. Good morning, Kotoko. You always sleep in, Kotoko. Why don't you wake up early for once and help Mrs. Irie? I'm sorry. Don't worry. Naoki and Yuki don't help me either. Please hurry and eat your breakfast. Yes. I'm going to have some food. Kotoko, can you come home early today? Sure I can, but why? Well, Iri-chan and his family are being so great to us. I want to make dinner tonight to show our gratitude for them. Do you think you can help me with that? That's right. Your restaurant is closed today. Oh please Mr. Aihara, you don't need to. Yes, that's the least we can do. Ai-chan is the best cook in the whole world. That's something to look forward to. Right, Naoki and Yuki? Right. Thank you for the food. Bye. - Bye. - Bye. You should go too, Kotoko. Ah, yes. What is it? There was a piece of bread. What was that? Be careful. - There are stairs. - Please watch your step. We are going down. Kin-chan, it's hard to walk. To be honest, it's a nuisance. I'm doing it for you, Kotoko. At least at school, I'm protecting you from Irie. Irie! It wasn't him. Don't worry. He really hates me. I'm not allowed to talk to him at school. Isn't that the girl who is staying at your house? Who cares? You want to go to Irie's house to spy on them? Do you really need to go that far, Kin-chan? But aren't you curious about them too? Yes, we are. That house. It's huge! Tiptoe, tiptoe, tiptoe... If Irie finds this out, he will be furious! Shh, there they are. Hey, Kotoko! Yes. I can't see anything. The cap. The lens cap. Wow, they look so delicious! Sure enough you are a pro, Aihara. What is this? It's the fried tofu that I made. It looks bad, but it's very tasty. I don't want to eat it. I don't want it, either. Naoki, Yuki, don't say that. She's right. Just sit down. And let's start eating. Damn them, the food that Kotoko made. Shh, Kin-chan, they'll hear you! You too! I will have some of the food Kotoko made. If I eat, you two are going to have some too, okay? Ugh, awful... As I expected... No, it's good. Tasty. You don't have to be nice, Shigeo. She's always been a terrible cook. I can't believe she's my daughter. If she stays like this, she won't be able to find a family that she can marry into. I'm sorry. You don't need to worry. Kotoko will marry into our family. Wh-what did she just say? What I'm saying is that Naoki should marry Kotoko. I object! No! I object! He's right. Please don't decide that without asking us! Stop playing with our lives. Really? I think Kotoko is definitely your type, Naoki. What? Is that true? That's not true. I don't want you. I don't want you either! Well said, Kotoko! Is that right? But you sent me some passionate love messages. 'Nice to meet you, Irie.' 'My name is Kotoko Aihara. I'm in Class F.' 'You don't know me, but I know you.' 'Since you made a speech at the ceremony two years ago...' 'I have been admiring your intelligence and handsome face.' What did you do that for? Terrible! You read my letter? It was written to me. But don't memorize all the words! I can't help it. If I read it once, I remember everything! But you didn't have to recite it in front of everyone! Hold on, hold on! What do you mean? Could it be that Kotoko has liked Naoki for a long time? Tell everyone the truth. I wrote a love letter. Is it true, Kotoko? So my suggestion isn't a dream after all? But I wrote the letter before we moved into this house. - Now I don't like him... - Please don't say that. You should start liking Naoki again, right, honey? Right, if that makes them happy. Wait a second! Open it! Who are those kids? Kin-chan? Hey, Kotoko! Open it! They are my classmates. What are you doing at someone's house? Sorry. He really wanted to find out what was going on with you. Irie is a genius, but he's also a guy. He can turn into a wild animal anytime. See, I was right about coming here. I heard him saying whatever he wanted. - By the way, who are you? - Huh? Pleased to meet you, Irie's family. I'm Kin-chan, Kinnosuke Ikezawa. I'm Kotoko's classmate. - Which means you are stupid. - What? Stop that, Yuki! Kotoko and I have a very hot relationship in the class. Kin-chan, that's not true! Kotoko, you are very popular! Yes, she is indeed. Sorry about this. So please don't try to do anything to her, okay? Marriage? Forget about it. Got it, Irie? I can't promise that. What are you talking about? People change their minds. You hate someone today, but... tomorrow, you might like that person. What? So you do like Kotoko, don't you? I'm not sure about that. But just don't forget that she likes me more than she likes you. I will be going upstairs now. Enjoy your stay. What? What was that? What did he mean? Does that mean... that I can expect something good? Meanwhile, our last summer vacation in high school is about to begin. Since this is the last summer in high school, I hope I can make some good memories. But we have to study for the college entrance exams. I know that, but... I don't want to only have memories of doing homework. But you're lucky since you will be with Irie during the vacation. Nothing is going to happen. You never know. The other day he told you how he felt about you. He said it because he wanted to beat Kin-chan. Right, Irie didn't even want to eat the food that Kotoko made. I'm a terrible cook. That's not the point. Any guy would want to eat the food made by the girl they like. The taste doesn't matter. She's right. Isn't it easy for you to cook for him since you live together? At least you can make a memory like that this summer! I will cook for him. Hearing that makes me so worried. But I can't go spy on them every day. During the break, that damn Irie will be with Kotoko every day. True, girls' affections grow on the guys who stay close by. Hey, don't say that. Bro, don't give up. You have to stay close by Kotoko as much as Irie stays with her. First day of summer vacation - Good morning. - Good morning. Kotoko, summer vacation starts today, right? Well, um, I have to go to school... But why? It's summer vacation. Um, it's because... Yuki, can you go get it? Yes? Good morning, Irie family! I, Kin-chan, am here to pick up Kotoko to attend extra classes. Extra classes? But you were 100th on the last test. I was 100th on the finals, but I did bad on the midterm. How bad was it? You are definitely stupid. Hey! I'm leaving. Everyone is from Class F. This is exactly the same as a regular class. All of you are on the brink of not making it to our own university. Even Aihara who was the 100th on the finals is no exception. That is why I want you to take these extra classes seriously. Tonan High School, the summer class bootcamp is about to start. Summer is the most important time. I don't think I can expect any good memories this summer. Like what Kotoko said earlier. Isn't it great? You can spend this summer with me. That's the best memory, isn't it? Go ahead and eat. Can't you tell, Kin-chan? You're not the one Kotoko wants to spend time with. But I guess it's impossible since she's stuck in extra classes. Oh, but I think I saw Irie. Stupid, don't tell her that. No way! You saw Irie? Don't tell me that he is taking the extra classes! Of course not. Look at the school yard! That's right. He is kind of a member of the tennis club. What do you mean 'kind of'? He is not an official member of the tennis club. But he's better than the members, so he plays when there is a tournament. Right, there is a high school national tennis tournament at the end of the month. What? I thought he was just a nerd with no motor skills. He is perfect except for his personality. He's so unlikable. But he didn't tell me that he was coming to school to play tennis. As usual, he couldn't care less about you. That's okay. That's okay. That's okay, right? People change their minds. You hate someone today, but... tomorrow, you might like that person. Are you admiring him? Huh? No, I'm not. It's not fair to win without working out, jogging, and practicing every day. I've got to study! Let's do it! Mars, the red planet, has fascinated people. From the hardest times, ancient people were helped and aided by the God of War. After all, he's so cool... I bet he's really tired after practice. When he gets home, he will have food that I make... and get better! Just kidding! Aihara! Kotoko Aihara! Kotoko! Yes! Read the rest of the paragraph. Yes? Page 63. You were slacking. Run ten laps as punishment! Ten laps? You are slowing down! Aihara, one more lap! Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose. Isn't your class over? Leave me alone! I just felt like running! Hey, Aihara! Stop that marital quarrel! Here. Kotoko, did you get tanned? Did you also have an extra class for gym? Um, this was... She was slacking in class, so she had to run the school track as punishment. How do you know that? Set a thief to catch a thief! Set what? You don't even know that? Are you stupid? Yuki, that's enough! Well, it's summer-time. It's okay to get tanned, right? Really. We usually go to the mountains or beach during the summer. I'm so bored this year. You didn't hear from Ai-chan? Actually, there's a class reunion for our junior high coming up. So we are going back to Kyushu. I didn't know that. That's why we can't have a family trip this summer. You should go with him. I can't leave you children alone. Sorry. Thank you for dinner. Thank you. Mrs. Irie. I would like to help you. Thank you, Kotoko. Then can you clean the dishes? Sure. I will prepare tomorrow's lunch for you and Naoki. I'm always grateful. You leave so early in the morning, so it's easier if I prepare it at night. - Mrs. Irie. - Yes? Do you think you can teach me how to cook? Sure, but your father is a professional chef. You're right. But I want to learn how to cook homely food, food with a mother's touch. You want to learn 'Irie family's cooking?' Kotoko, you still like Naoki, don't you? Why do you think that? I can tell by looking at you. You should marry into our family! I'm not good enough for him. I was 19 when I married my husband. There were many people who proposed to me. They were all handsome, rich and young. But you know how my husband looks, and he was much older than me. Plus he just started his business, so he didn't have money either. My parents objected to our relationship. But you chose Mr. Irie. Why did you do that? He was honest, hardworking, and he really cared about me. It wasn't my lineage, money nor young age... It was me that he loved. You remind me of my husband back in those days. A few weeks later Congratulations! To celebrate Naoki's first place in the high school tennis tournament... Cheers! Please sit down. Please sit down! Let's eat! Naoki is amazing. Not only are you smart, but you're also good at playing tennis. And you've won three years consecutively? Well, yes. You don't even need to practice a lot. I'm impressed. It's easy. I find the opponent's habit as soon as possible. Then I calculate where the ball will go. Naoki isn't that cute though, is he? He is just so smart. He doesn't look like Iri-chan, but his intelligence is exactly like his. No, I wasn't as smart as he is. Don't you remember how I was in junior high? Is that right? It brings back good memories. I'm so excited about tomorrow's reunion. It's been a while since I went back to Kyushu. It's been too long. I wonder if everyone has changed. The last day of summer vacation We're leaving now! Good-bye! You look great in that outfit. I'm embarrassed. - Please be careful! - Bye! They were acting like elementary school kids going on a field trip. My father hasn't been back home because his restaurant is so busy. I think he was looking forward to it. Hello? This is the Irie residence. What? Is it true? I will come right away. Oh no, oh no. Oh my goodness. - What happened? - My mother got injured. It's not serious, but she has to stay at a hospital tonight. And I need to stay with her at the hospital. - Yes, please help her. - Thank you, Kotoko. Please take care of the house with Naoki? Yes. What? Just the two of us? I'm taking Yuki with me. You both have school tomorrow morning. I understand. Hurry and get ready. Does this mean... only the two of us are going to be in this house? I'm so nervous, but maybe I can... Yuki, let's go! Okay. This is a great chance to make food for Irie! I am going to make the best memory this summer! Bifteck en bois... Bourgeoise! This is it! What is going on? Irie... What's that? Bifteck en bourgeoise? Don't you need to look at the recipe? I looked already. If I look at it once, I can remember it. Smells so good. What about Grandma? Don't we have to go help her? There is a reason for this, Yuki. They are so slow. I wanted them to be conscious of each other. Since the fathers went on their trip, I thought I should let them be by themselves. What about Grandma's injury? I made it up! It was just a telemarketing call. My acting was really good, wasn't it? What? I'm going home. Oh, then you don't want this? Amazing! It looks exactly like the photo. Let's eat! Let's eat! So delicious. Although it ended up being Naoki's cooking... I'm having a wonderful dinner with Irie. I feel like we are newlyweds. I'm sorry that you had to cook. Well, then I want a sweet dessert from you. Hey. You should at least wash the dishes. And clean up the kitchen to be how it was. I will. Irie, are you going to do your homework now? Would you like to do it together? Homework? I finished it on the first day of summer vacation. What? On the first day? Amazing. Don't tell me that you haven't done it. No, I haven't. For you, it would take a whole week without any sleep. What? Good luck. Oh no, it's already ten o'clock. It took so long to clean up the kitchen. Let's get started. I don't understand. I should work on English. I've been studying the whole summer until the very end. I kind of finished Japanese classics, world history and English. But I can't finish math and physics. I'm sorry, God and Buddha. I feel like I'm a criminal who has been cornered. Please let me see your answers. Safe. Irie's notebook. Notebook. There they are. I'm going to borrow math and physics. Thank you! What are you doing? Making noises in my room in the middle of the night. Nothing! Bye! Good night! That's not going to happen. Um, these are... I know. You came in here to make love to me, right? No, it's not like that. 'It's not like that?' There is no other reason to come to a guy's room in the middle of night. Don't worry. I won't embarrass you. Embarrass? Are you talking about 'that'? There is nobody in this house besides us. But that's... Your friend said too. 'Even a genius can turn into a wild animal any time.' Please wait. I do like you, Irie. But this is going too fast. I think we should start with a healthy relationship. 'A healthy relationship'? I see. So you do still love me. Were you teasing me? Don't worry. I have no intention of having a relationship with you. I'm going to tell everyone that you tried to touch me! I will tell people at school! Tell them. There are already rumors about us. I'm sure people have imagined this much already. I lost. You forgot these. Those... You need to use the same formula on question three. Can't I just copy it? Then there is no meaning in doing homework. Hurry and solve the problem. Doing homework is the only memory that I have for my last summer of high school. Nothing that I expected happened. But somehow I'm so happy. Stop slacking. Hurry and finish it. Yes. We ended up staying up all night. As a token of my apology, I would like to make breakfast for you. Please don't. I don't want to have a stomachache on the first day of the new semester. Coffee. What? Can you make coffee for me? Sure. Irie, good morning. We've been up all night. Nothing special happened during the last summer of high school... But I will never forget the fragrance of coffee that I had with Irie that morning. Subtitles by DramaFever Starring Honoko Miki Starring Yuki Furukawa Starring Yuki Yamada Original Comic "Itazurana Kiss" by Kaoru Tada Executive Producers Katuski Yoshiharu (SPO Entertainment Inc) Executive Producers Kenji Nishibuchi (Fuji Television Network, Inc.) Executive Producers Yoshikuni Murata (Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Incorporated) Executive Producers Takeshi Moriya (Atmovie Inc.) Planning Yuki Sakurai (SPO Entertainment Inc.) Opening Song 'Update' by Sabão Ending Song 'Takaramono (Thanks for All)' by Sabão Script Uiko Miura Producer Takeshi Moriya Director Masakazu Abe Production by Atmovie Inc. Presented by 'Itazurana Kiss-Love in TOKYO' Partners Best of luck! Is the University of Tokyo Naoki Irie's first choice? What are you going to do in college? Are you going to take the National Center Test? I will root for him! Kotoko? I will walk with him until he enters the Tokyo University gates. I slipped. Don't tell me that medicine is... - Don't tell this to Kotoko. - Naoki, what happened? My good luck charm didn't work. I have a feeling that you two will stay together forever. I had never been so nervous in my life. Goodbye, Irie.