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The first love letter that I wrote in my life... The letter that is never going to be read... Terrible! You read my letter? What I'm saying is that Naoki should marry Kotoko-chan. Marriage? Forget about it. People change their minds. You hate someone today, but... tomorrow, you might like that person. What are you saying? Please wait. Don't worry. I have no intention of having a relationship with you. Were you teasing me? Nothing special happened in the last summer of high school... but I will never forget the fragrance of coffee that I had with Irie-kun that morning. Time passes quickly. It was summer, then fall came, and after fall, winter came... I'm glad that I managed to get accepted to a college. But the relationship between Irie-kun and I hasn't made any progress. Cute. You look really good in it, Jinko. I decided to wear navy this year. Since last year I wore yellow. That's right. You look very grown-up. Jinko, Satomi! Happy new year! Happy new year, Kotoko! You're wearing a kimono this year? Yeah, Irie-kun's mother helped me to wear this. So cute. You look good. Thank you. Huh? Jinko, did you gain a little weight? Oh please, don't tell me. I know I did. But when I think that I'm free from studying for the entrance exams... Christmas cake, New Year's food... Everything tasted so good! I know what you mean. But I'm happy that the three of us got accepted to Tonan University. We will be college students in the spring. Let's make it a good year! Yes. Now, shall we go? Yes, let's go! There's a line! Amazing! I wish for a fantastic college life. I wish for a boyfriend this year. Kotoko is so serious. Without saying a word, it's so obvious what she is wishing for. Let's draw the fortune! This one. Then I will take this. Let's see... this one! Great! 'Excellent luck!' Ta-da! Mine too! Look, mine too! Amazing! All three of us... Wait! It says 'the person you are waiting for will come.' Good for you! What should I do? Mine says... 'The person won't come, but you will hear from him.' 'He will not come if you have an ambition.' Bro... Don't ever tell this to Kotoko. - But... - It's okay. I said don't tell her, got it? Bro! Congratulations! [Congratulations, Kotoko Accepted to Tonan University] Here is to Kotoko-chan's college acceptance! Cheers! Cheers! Congratulations! Congratulations, Kotoko-chan! Everyone, let's eat! For me... Thank you very much, everyone. You were a little girl not so long ago. But you will be in college this spring. I'm sure your mother is smiling in heaven. Daddy... Sorry. I'm sorry. Following Kotoko-chan, it's Naoki's turn to enter a college. He's not stupid like Kotoko-chan. He can go to Tokyo University without effort. Yuki. That's right. Here, Irie-kun. This is for you. I was able to get into college because you helped me with my studies. It's something very small. That is so sweet. Hurry and open it, Naoki. What's this? It's a head massager. Irie-kun is taking the exam to go to the Tokyo University, right? He still needs to study so hard, so... Looks like a whisk. It's for an old man. Hey, Yuki. Never mind that. Why don't you use it, Naoki? It's okay. Besides, it's not just the University of Tokyo... I haven't decided if I want to go to college at all. Yuki, let me use it. How does this work? - On your head... - Oh, on my head. Irie-kun can enter the University of Tokyo with no problem. But he said he might not go to any college? What is going on? Subtitles by DramaFever Episode 4 [Is Chocolate a Charm for Love?] It's like heaven not to have to study for entrance exams. Really. Look, look, look! It's kind of a scary sight! While we're having fun, everyone in Class A is desperate. So strange. The National Center Test is coming up soon. And only Naoki Irie has room to relax. Unbelievable. He's reading a book that has nothing to do with the exams. Is his first choice Tokyo University? It's not just Tokyo University, I haven't decided if I want to go to college at all. Kotoko? Kotoko? Huh? I'm not sure. He would go if he got accepted. What are you talking about? Of course he would get accepted. But you will be sad. You two will go to different schools. But it's for his future. I will support him. I will support him! - Jinko, I don't think so. - For real? - Mrs. Irie, um... - Yes? Can I borrow your sewing set? Sure. Hold on a minute. Okay. It's curved. Don't worry. Take your time. Okay. Is that charm for Naoki? Thank you, Kotoko-chan. You're the one who's caring about his entrance exams the most. He didn't really mean that he's not going to college, right? I don't think it's that he doesn't want to go to a college. It could be that his father has too many expectations. He went to Tokyo University. So he wants Naoki to go to the same school... and eventually take over his company. Perhaps his expectation is putting too much pressure on Naoki. [Charm] [One day before the National Center Test] Yes? Can I bother you for a minute? Here. The National Center Test is tomorrow. So... You are taking it, aren't you? I submitted the application. Good. Unless you have a school that you want to go to... I think your parents would be very happy if you went to Tokyo University. I always give my father a hard time. I wish I had opportunities like you to make my father happy. Well, that's it. What are you... planning to do in college? What am I planning to do? I will study and make friends... You are going there to study which you don't enjoy doing. I don't understand why everyone is so desperate to go to college. I know that colleges are supposed to be for people like you to study. I don't want to go to college. I don't need someone to teach me in college. I can learn by myself. But to get qualifications for something you want to do in the future... What do you want to do? I don't know. But... I know! You find out what you want to do when you are in college. What you want to do in the future. You shouldn't use your smart brain just for yourself. You need to utilize it for Japan's development. You are amazing. I've always thought... 'Why does she put her whole self into things?' And 'She puts her whole self into doing something... yet why can't she do it?' I was impressed. Are you being sarcastic? I wish I could be like that. I have to get up early tomorrow. I'd better go sleep now. Right, good night. I'm putting this on your bag. [Pass] Perfect. You can do it! [Pass! You can do it!] Naoki is late. Don't tell me that he isn't going to take the tests. Don't worry. He knows how you feel about this. But he can be stubborn sometimes. What is it? Good morning, Naoki. What a pleasant morning! Here is your lunch. Thanks. What's wrong, Naoki? I feel a little hot. I might have gotten a cold. On an important day like this? That's not good. We need some egg sake. No, leeks work better for a sore throat. Medicine, medicine, medicine... That's okay. I'm going now. Huh? What about breakfast? I don't have an appetite. This is enough. What? Irie-kun, Irie-kun! Take this medicine. It works great. Now I'm relieved. I didn't ask, but... this doesn't make me drowsy, does it? 'Do not drive after taking this medication.' Throw up, Naoki. Throw up! Irie-chan, I will hold him. Put your finger in his mouth! Yuki, bring a basin! Hurry! That's enough. I'm leaving. I hope Irie-kun is all right. Good morning. Good morning. Huh? Is that charm handmade? Did the girl who lives with you make that? I'll throw it away at the test site. I would feel sorry for her if you do. She is kind of my type. Excuse us. We are getting off. Thank you very much. What's wrong, Irie-kun? Did she... The charm is stuck in the door. Just rip it! It's not moving. Hurry up, Irie-kun! Watanabe, go ahead. But how about you? I will work this out as soon as I can. Sorry, but I'm going. See you at the test site. Okay. I'm sorry. Excuse me, but the elevator stopped. I'm sorry. [The National Center Test Site] Hey! Good. It took a long time, Irie. I got lectured by the station employee. He said it's popular among kids to stop the elevator as a prank. He was suspecting that this wasn't my first time. Tell me later. Let's go inside. By the way, what happened to the charm? Oh... It's still there. Maybe it's bringing you a bad luck? You are right. I should take it off. It came off easily. Irie! People fell down the stairs! Somebody! Is there someone? Take them to the infirmary! Right away! What a fearsome charm... I'm sorry, I'm late. You're the one who fell down the stairs, right? Please hurry. We have 30 minutes left. Yes. At that moment... Thanks. Irie, I feel bad asking you, but how was it? I didn't read the questions. I just imagined and answered. Well, since it's you, you probably did fine. You can do it! That girl... What is it? Could it be that she made the lunch box too? Better not eat it. You don't want to get diarrhea. You can have this. Thank you. I appreciate it. Hey, it's none of my business, but... you should throw the charm away. When I was in the infirmary, I realized that I didn't have it. Good, then you won't have any more troubles. Ten more minutes. You had a tough day, Irie. But with all the troubles, your scores will be like normal people's scores. It doesn't make you feel better. Oh, it's you. You had a hard day today. Thank you for your help earlier. You didn't break your bone, but you should take it easy for a while. Yes. Thank you very much. By the way, I think it was yours. I found a charm on the stairs, so I put it in your pocket. I thought it meant a lot to you since it was handmade. I hope the charm has brought you good luck. I'm so envious! I have a feeling that you and the girl will stay together forever. Don't say that! Naoki is late. He should be back by now. It's him! What happened? What in the world happened to you? I fell. But that looks awful. The charm didn't work... Well, it really worked. What do you mean? Never mind. I'm going to bed. Naoki! I didn't do well on the Center Test. Me neither. My only hope is the private school. Don't worry about Irie. He is a genius who gets the top score. No, I feel like he won't this time. Kotoko and Jinko, did you hear? Irie is going to take the exam for Tokyo University. - Really? Where did you hear that? - In the teachers' lounge. His score is the highest amongst all the applicants for Tokyo University. He is a real genius. Hey Kotoko. Why are you crying? I'm just so happy. I'm going to congratulate him. She's young. He was injured badly but still made the cut. The boy I'm in love with is really cool. Maybe the charm worked a little bit? Thanks to your charm, I can take the exam for Tokyo University. Thank you. Watch out! Oh, you are from Class A! Excuse me? What's going on? Could it be about the result of the Center Test? As I expected... Irie didn't do well on the Center Test? What are you talking about? Irie-kun did a great job. He can take the exam for Tokyo University. Wow, amazing. In that condition? In what condition? It was a disaster. I've never seen Irie like that. Even though it was because of that charm... That charm? Oops... Wait, what are you talking about? Never mind. Never mind. I'm concerned. Please tell me. Please, don't. I will tell you! I'm sorry. I am preparing for the exam for my first choice, Waseda University. Really. Your 'death power' is amazing. Death power? Now we can laugh about it, but on that day... Thanks to the power of the charm, many misfortunes happened. All the troubles were caused by the charm. I caused Irie-kun so much trouble. I wish Irie-kun will pass the exam to enter Tokyo University. And Irie-kun's family's dream will come true. [Congrats on passing the exam for Tokyo University] This is going to happen. I know it's too early... But a day after the exam... on Valentine's Day, I will give him this. So the fateful day is here... I'm going... But you all don't have to come and say goodbye. But we're so worried... Do you want me to drive you? I'm fine. My leg is better now. I'm going. Please be careful! Goodbye. Goodbye... It was a disaster. I've never seen Irie like that. Even though it was because of that charm... Kotoko-chan? I'm going to watch Irie-kun until he enters the Tokyo University front gate. I'm so worried that something might happen. Goodbye! Goodbye! Goodbye! It's so obvious that you're following me. I wanted to see you off until the front of the Tokyo University gate. Oh no, I slipped! I'm sorry to slip in front of an exam taker. Why is there a banana... Ouch! Wow, everyone looks smart. Why are you walking funny? Really? It's normal. You look sick too. I'm just nervous. Why are you nervous? I'm the one who's taking the exam. What should I do? I've never had pain in my stomach like this. But I can't. Not until I see Irie-kun enter the gate of Tokyo University... I don't want to make him worry. Hey, are you really okay? Of course! Good luck on your exam. Goodbye! Restroom... Restroom. What happened? Anyone! Is anyone here? Is she okay? What happened? She collapsed suddenly. Is she all right? Hang on. Excuse me. Are you okay? Excuse me. The hospital. Where is the hospital? I think there is one that way. Irie-kun... Please go take the exam. You are going to be late, Irie-kun. Please go take the exam. Mr. Irie, Mrs. Irie, and Yuki... They are all... rooting for you. Kotoko-chan! Kotoko-chan! Kotoko-chan! Kotoko-chan! Daddy! Mrs. Irie! Mr. Irie! Why am I here? Are you okay, Kotoko-chan? You had acute appendicitis. You are fine now since they gave you some medicine. You will be able to go home by the end of today. I'm glad you are okay, Kotoko-chan. What about Irie-kun? When we got here, he was gone. He must have gone to the university after he called us. I bet he is in the middle of the exam right now. Good. If he couldn't take his exam because of me... If his life was ruined... I was worried. Kotoko-chan, you care about Naoki the most... when you are suffering like this. Are you talking about me? Naoki! Aren't you supposed to be taking the exam? I was hungry, so I went out to get some food. Then what about the exams? What about Tokyo University? Tokyo University? I didn't take the exam. Oh no... Oh no... Irie-chan, Mrs. Irie and Naoki... I am truly sorry. Ai-chan! Because of my daughter, your son had difficulty... Please raise your head. It was Naoki who decided not to take the exam. That's right. And even if he got into Tokyo University... I would have been disappointed if he just left Kotoko-chan in pain. That's right. That's right. This was his fate. Don't worry. Please raise your head. Because of me... the worst thing happened to Irie-kun's family. [To the Irie Family] Dear Irie family... Thank you so much for everything. Goodbye, Irie-kun. I don't want to give you trouble anymore. I will live somewhere you don't have to see me. Where should I go? It's cold. Then do you want to hold a can of coffee? Irie-kun... But why? I couldn't sleep. So I'm taking a walk. It's warm. Please don't stop me. I don't want to bother you anymore. I'm not stopping you. Then goodbye. Are you leaving because I didn't take the Tokyo University exam? I think I bring you bad luck. Not only at Tokyo University, but also at the National Center Test... I heard that from Watanabe from Class A. I might be a terrible person for you. You might be right. Indeed, nothing good ever happened when you were around. You always mess up my pace. People at school spread rumors about us. You made me help you with studying. And in the end, you ruined my entrance exam... I am horrible... But... it was kind of fun. It was my first time being so nervous. For the first time in my life, I was scared to see the test results. It was an incredible experience. But what about Tokyo University? It wasn't because of you that I didn't take the exam for Tokyo University. What? After I dropped you off at the hospital, I had plenty of time to make it to the exam. Then why? You said that you go to college to find out what you want to do. It's been fun being with you getting nervous and excited. I thought it wasn't a bad idea to go to Tonan University without taking an exam. I wondered what I would do if I went to Tokyo University. You mean you chose the same school because of me? No, I didn't mean that. But... All right already, just go. Good luck! W-wait! Do you think I can stay at your house a little longer? I won't cause you any more trouble. Are you kidding me? There is no way that you wouldn't cause me any trouble. You are right. Then I promise that I will bring you an exciting life! Changing your mind was quick. Today is Valentine's Day. So what? Are you going to give me chocolate? I'm sorry. Were you expecting one? Not really. There is one. Awful. [Congrats on passing the exam for Tokyo University] A white Valentine's Day... This year, my feelings just went around in circles. But I hope... my feelings will reach him some day. Subtitles by DramaFever Starring Honoko Miki Starring Yuki Furukawa Starring Yuki Yamada Original Comic "Itazurana Kiss" by Kaoru Tada Executive Producers Katuski Yoshiharu (SPO Entertainment Inc) Executive Producers Kenji Nishibuchi (Fuji Television Network, Inc.) Executive Producers Yoshikuni Murata (Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Incorporated) Executive Producers Takeshi Moriya (Atmovie Inc.) Planning Yuki Sakurai (SPO Entertainment Inc.) Opening Song 'Update' by Sabão Ending Song 'Takaramono (Thanks for All)' by Sabão Script Uiko Miura Producer Takeshi Moriya Director Masakazu Abe Production by Atmovie Inc. Presented by "Itazurana Kiss-Love in TOKYO" Partners First kiss? A couple that kisses each other on graduation day... will stay together forever. Let's make it the best graduation ceremony! Kotoko, how about me? I don't dislike you, Kin-chan. I will kiss Kotoko tonight. You should only dream when you are sleeping. Kotoko will love me then? She realized who cares about her the most. You, cold-blooded man!