Miss America Pageant Could Bring Back Swimsuit Competition

one year ago Miss America said goodbye to the swimsuit in competition it was one of the first actions taken by then new Miss America head gretchen carlson but with the departure of carlson from the pageant will the swimsuits be back will bikinis make a comeback in the Miss America pageant that's the big question today now that former Miss America gretchen carlson has resigned as head of the pageant organization she spearheaded the move to do away with the famous swimsuit segment when she took over in 2018 it was a controversial decision and now with her gone will there be a push to bring back swimsuits an Inside Edition Twitter poll reveals it to be a real horse race 52% say bring it back 48% say no they don't want to see a return to swimsuits we spoke to Miss America 2004 Erica Dunlap I think so she should absolutely return to the pageant it proves your your discipline to yourself it proves that you have a commitment to be your very best Nia Imani Franklin won last year's contest the first pageant that didn't have a swimsuit competition she told us back then she's just fine with it not returning I personally prefer not to be on station of some suit but the pageant may have other ideas viewership fell to an all-time low to 4.3 million down from 5.6 million the previous year [Music] you [Music]