Mom Accidentally Locks Baby Inside Hot Car

it's happened again another child is locked inside a hot car this time the mom realized whiter way that her ten month old daughter was trapped inside the problem is she accidentally locked the keys inside to Jimmy ray tells us what happened next it's a race against the clock to save a baby trapped inside that car the child's in distress mom is desperate the door is locked her keys are inside the car and so is her ten month old daughter Maddy Kristina tempered called OnStar but her account had expired so the company had no way of unlocking the car via satellite ten minutes into the drama it gets worse the air-conditioner automatically shut down just how did this happen Kristina's keyless ignition works with a key fob like this when the car is parked and locked the engine is designed to automatically turn off as a safety precaution to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning but in baby Maddy situation when the car turned off it also turned off the air conditioning police in Stuart Florida called a tow truck to unlock the door another ten minutes go by and they still can't get the door open child's in distress the officer tries on snore one more time he bashes the window with his baton nothing at last a good Samaritan runs over with a hammer and that does the trick you much better now tears working and here's little Maddy today happy and fully recovered I thought that I was gonna lose my daughter Christina and her husband Matt say they want to share their terrifying experience to warn other parents he consciously aware of what you're doing with your key fobs you can lock your keys inside of it when the cars on they've now installed a special tool under their car which uses a spring-loaded spike to instantly shatter windows I think it's important that every family has one of these on their car somewhere so no matter where you're at what the situation is you always have a way to get into the car good advice so this never happens to you and you can get one of those emergency escape tools online for just $10 a small price to pay considering last year a record number of 53 children died after being left in hot vehicles [Music] you