MonKorEngsub Someone Else’s BL Cartoon EP0610 Part02

Someone Else’s BL Cartoon - ep06 I'll get her autograph on this. Step aside… Can't see anything. How he irritates me! Oh, the last one. Lee, Gyu-bin again. My mother recommended tutors, but I avoided making excuses about makeup classes at school. I spent time watching videotapes collected by Gyu-bin, reading magazines or watching TV. By the time the 4-week spring break was over, Gyu-bin and I got quite closer. Your parents always come home late. It will be free without adults, right? Yeah, I don't have parents so come anytime. I think I did a mistake… Search ‘BOOKCUBE’ online now for next episode! Someone Else’s BL Cartoon - ep07 Wanna see the DVD of LA Stadium? It was hard to get it. Let's have some pizza. It's on me. Deal. New semester has started. Each of us met some other friends. Gyu-bin and I belonged to other groups of friends but we were the closest friends with each other. I gathered all the previous videos as well. They are the images before she leaving the group. But what is this? You don’t need to know. What the hell is it? Wanna see? Why~ You said you want to see it~ and are curious about it~ I didn't expect that. I've never watched that kind of video. What? Then you might not have done that too. That? This. Eww. It's gross. It's not. It makes you feel great. Just show me the DVD. Wh…what the hell are you doing? Aren't you curious about? The feeling. Here it is. I'm leaving. I shouldn't have done it… Search ‘BOOKCUBE’ online now for next episode! Someone Else’s BL Cartoon - ep08 Ha… Are you sick? You got red ears. You, cutie. Let me go. What's so embarrassing? Are they close? It seems so. They are a mismatch I think. Son, are you doing your study well? … I am. Stop nagging him. He might get timid. There are some stories I heard. Son, you are hanging with a bad child recently, is it true? Jae-beom's mom told me. This isn't the time for that. Your teacher told me that you skipped the makeup classes at school. You refused your tutor with an excuse for the makeup classes. You haven't studied lately, have you? …Yes, I have. I told you to stop. He's now 3rd grade of middle school and old enough to judge things. Leave him alone so that he can break off with those who are useless in his life. Those who are usless in my life… Yeah, it is true that I didn't study hard just haning around with Gyu-bin. But I'm doing my best… Ha... Performance?! Why now… What should I do? Search ‘BOOKCUBE’ online now for next episode! Someone Else’s BL Cartoon - ep09 How do you 10 minutes late? Hey~ You said a performance, but was it the campus festival? What of it? At least you can see her in real. Can we enter? No worries. No one will care about us. But, hey. I'm hungry. Let's go over there. Yes It's too crowded. Let's move to the standing section. Will you hold my hand? Yes. It's getting started. Thank you for coming with me. What? So am I! I'm happy to be here with you. I've never had this kind of food, and I've never been this kind of place. Everything is just my first time but everything is just so exciting. Playing with you. Me, too. …I was right. Search ‘BOOKCUBE’ online now for next episode! Someone Else’s BL Cartoon - ep10 These are your report card. If you hear your name, come to the front and get yours. Im, Joon-young. Kwon, Na-ra. Lee, Gyu-bin. Jeon, Hee-soo. Park, Seung-taek. Plus, our class top is Park, Seung-taek. Thank you for raising the average of the class grade. How high grade should you get to be the class top? Just… I did play a little but it won't cause my grades to fall. This is enough. Don't be nervous and just do the way I've been doing. If I keep my pace, I can enter the boading school. Ha… Let's talk with me. Are you really at your puberty? You've come home late these days because of Gyu-bin or what, right? I fell asleep at the library… You think I'm a fool? Don't you want to enter the boarding school? Of course, I want. Do you? Then, make a choice. You have two choices. First, stop hanging around with him and take the academy class just like now. Second, I won't care about your friends but you should come home by 5 pm and get the private lessons. 5 pm? What am I an elementary student? Don't hang out with him then If you go around with him again, there's no second chance. What should I do. Do I have to tell Gyu-bin not to be friendly at school? But how can I explain all these? I can't say everything. So embarrassaing Ha… What's wrong? …Just, have some trouble. What's it about? I can handle it. Tell me. You remember Kwon, Jae-beom? The one who did well last exam in class 3. His mom and my mom knows each other. So... my mom got to know that you and I are hanging around these days… So what? She told me not to hang out with you and to focuse on the study. And I agree with her that I've been neglecting my study, so for a while… …It's nothing. In a word, your mom said, 'Don't go around with him', right?… And you're the good boy who obeys to your mom. Okay. I'm off. Don't talk to me at school What? Hey. Wait… Search ‘BOOKCUBE’ online now for next episode! Next show will be released only on Bookcube!