Monique Coleman Short Vowels Music Video The Electric Company

WOMAN: What's up, everybody? It's time for short vowel sounds. Let's go. BACKUP SINGERS: Short u. WOMAN: Uh, up. Come on everybody, get up and dance. BACKUP SINGERS: Short a. WOMAN: Ah. Clap. Get up, you know you've got to dance and clap. BACKUP SINGERS: Short i. WOMAN: Ih, kick. Kick up your heels, you know you love how it feels when you dance and clap like that. Oh yeah. BACKUP SINGERS: Short e. WOMAN: Eh, step. Step to the left, then kick to the right. Jump up and down then clap three times. BACKUP SINGERS: Short o. WOMAN: Ah, stop. Now kick up your heels and dance and shout. And you don't have to stop because we're singing about. We're singing about, we're singing about short vowel sounds.