Mooji on God

[video with English subtitles] [Questioner] You often use the word 'emptiness', [Q.] but also many times you speak about God. [Q.] Can you say they are one? [Mooji] Even to say 'they' would make emptiness into another. Let's say that whatever concept we may hold, whatever sensation, or feeling, or thought, arises in that Oneness, in what I would call or refer to as emptiness. Whatever perception or ideas, they must arise in that space of emptiness, including our idea about God. For me, it is natural to speak of God, because for so long God was my great 'other', for a while. Now, when I speak of God, it is a feeling, a deep feeling within. Is it that I am speaking to Father? I don't think about it. If it is speaking to myself ... It is a natural instinct within that refers or relates to what I call a Supreme power. Sometimes I am in that mood where I will say, Father, thank you for this ability to perceive and to experience which I am enjoying right now. Sometimes I will say this. Another time, this mood is not there, and I am not speaking about God, not because ... Sometimes this mood is simply not there. There is no sense of other. As I said before, I don't have the sense that even God is other. [Q.] If you feel that God is in you and even God is you, God is me, [Q.] the reaction that may come is that you feel a great power, [Q.] and that you can do so much, [Q.] you can change the world, or miracles can come, or ... [Mooji] Actually, the opposite is true for me. I don't know about others. When I discovered the God-self, God power in me, I realised I couldn't do so many things. [laughes] I did not want to do so many things. I had a false idea of my own power, to do, to change, to fix. When I met God, so to speak, I didn't feel I had to do anything. I didn't feel it as a great achiever, or as a non-achiever. I was just happy, settled, at peace. I wasn't even thinking about God. I felt like ... When you are with your mother, are you thinking about your mother? I felt like when I am with God, I am not thinking about God. People say, 'But you are in duality', I am not even thinking about duality. So, I do not know what is my state, I simply am, home.