Moon in 3rd house in Navamsa D9 Chart in Vedic Astrology


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[Music] so ladies and gentlemen welcome to our navamsha series and this week in our navamsa series we're gonna be covering moon in the third house in your navamsa chart as in what happens when moon is in the third house in your d9 chart which is one of the most important charts in astrology okay it's a chart related to your second half of life your marriage your Bhagya your lock it's the path that your soul is kind of walking on okay so that's what throat houses and as always if you do not know if you have displacement what sign it's in what rise in or not nakshatra because you don't see that in the mantra in my report but just all the other details check out the link share check our philosophers report including my books astrology conjunction aspects and maja dishes at the speed of light in Kurama consultations at this link so smooth in the third house both navamsha soul well benefit planets are in the third house okay especially planets like Mercury and Venus not so much as the moon it is actually quite welcomed see in the birth chart when planets enter in the third house they're not welcomed as much in navamsa benefit planets like you know Venus mercury Jupiter are welcome but moon again with the moon and navamsha what happens is that a person has a very aloof aloofness to the marriage meaning that this person is not really so much their mind is not into the sacrificial you know duties of the marriage they're not really thinking like whoa I'm married so now I have to get going and I've gotta find a job and I've got a right for the family and it's all there's gonna be you know about the family for them it's like they're more out there wanting to travel wanting to there still have that childless child child Ness in them about life they are the ones who still feel like internally that you know I can just go out there and distill socialize and have fun but yet not worrying about the duties and the responsibilities of marriage even though in your window they would have you know all the signs that are pointing that they have to kind of give the responsibility you know to that area but they just seem to quite be aloof and especially this person will travel a lot so if you have this moon after marriage you're in your second half of life you're gonna have this travel bug come to you more so if moon is in a moveable sign okay and especially this moon gives quite a distant mental attitude with the father like you do not have that same mental connection with the father you feel like you get more stressed out when you have to deal with either father your preacher your gurus your teachers in life yet one finds great camaraderie great happiness and comforts coming through children and they also feel quite selfish about children they become quite selfish about children and this is the type of person who loves to gossip about their about their life about their married life about their you know private life like they don't care they if they're in a conversation they they'll just talk about their sex life like it's it like it's no tomorrow you know and they would even make people laugh with that but it's like they just they have this aloofness because for them that that part of the marriage responsibility doesn't settle in you know I would probably say till the age of 48 when k2 matures either when rahu or ketu matures of 42 or 48 one of them - we'll definitely have moon or the mind be mature for this person because those are the nodes of the moon they don't exist without the moon and they're the ones that kind of keep the moon in balance but overall this person has great love for dramatic arts creativity later in life the love painting drawing you know and especially become very good with marketing very good of it like sales sales related positions okay so guys this is my analysis of moon and the d9 navamsa chart if you're know my channel subscribe below we're gonna better know where your moon is placed on the books for personalization and linked to my school Maha Vedic Astrology Academy check out the links here otherwise we'll see you later bye [Music]