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well ladies and gentlemen soup today we are going to be doing our video of moon in the sign of Scorpio nutri project up at r4 and what this series is simply about we're trying to narrow down your thinking as in people of the same zodiac sign don't think alike most of the time because of the fact they might be in a different nakshatra but people of the same like chakra most of the time don't think alike because they might be in a different but ah and there is for but has to each neck chakras and the traitors are these constellations working in behind the scenes of a zodiac sign so that's what we're doing here with these surgeries narrowing your thinking and I've already made a video what moon is like in the sign of Scorpio so please go watch that on my channel I've already made a video of mourning the unit rate drop gesture so please go watch that Chan Chan over watch that video on my channel this isn't leader Potter for of this video and as always if you do not know where your bonus plays what the charts and what polite sing for that check out the links here and check out my full astrological report we're on the second page at the bottom you will see exactly where each planet is placed in what sign in the chapter and patate run and also check out my books astrology conjunction and aspects of the speed of light including all my magazines and my consultations on this link here so sign of Scorpio is you know is a sign of transformation it's a sign of facing fears it's a sign of digging deep for things investigating things looking into things it's a sign of obsession it's a sign of sexual power so moon here is like surrounded that this mysterious energy of Scorpio but in the gesture nakshatra this Scorpio of investigating things looking deep into things wanting to transform something is coming through standing up for something it's coming through this fighting nature wanting to go there and you know do something for a bigger cause whether it's a good or bad bad cause that really seen from how badly the moon is placed in your horoscope we moons because either you can become a freedom fighter like Gandhi or you can become a member of Isis so there's two avenues with this moon indigestion electric drop and J stars simply that's the true throw off standing up and fighting fighting for a Cause dying for a cause now in butter for what happens is these people are very much into their own mind because remember taste has an extra trough having this also status in your life you want to have this status very status oriented nakshatra like you won't be known for something knowing for changing something here in the pas de Fora nakshatra the mind imagines a lot of things mind imagine things that might be troubling mind imagine things that might be artistic this nakata really depends on the illusion the mind creates within and this illusion can lead lead you to doing something great or doing something devastating fighting for something great standing up for something great or setting for something completely delusional because her mind is all soaked into the deepest part of the scorpio nature the mysterious part of this scorpion nature however most of the time okay because not everybody in the world is a killer or not everybody in the world is a terrorist or doing something bad most of the time these people dig deep for something creative something imaginative through which they can change the world of creativity through which they can change the world of art and spirituality they stand up for certain artistic belief they stand up for certain spiritual belief and so they feel like I want to bring the spiritual change into the world and I'm willing to stand up for it fight for it and die for it kind of like the best example I would say would be somebody who is a vegan and they want the entire world to become so they open up organizations they open up all sorts of you know different businesses websites promoting these agendas and that kind of becomes their lifelong cause but what's happening is is that they're really wanting to go towards this spiritual and creative realm like somebody who will do a some sort of an art that is depicting blood and gore and just people are hating this painting that they make but this painting is towards changing something spiritual changing something within the people invoking something within the people to think about so this is one of those awkward side of this nakshatra that moon comes and deploy they're also very passionate about dancing as well here they do a lot of martial arts more than this forth pada known to be martial artists dancers creative individual who also are very physically oriented towards fighting even becoming like those um mixed martial artists fighters okay so guys this is my analysis of moon in the nakshatra of J Chaput of four if you knew it went out subscribe Balu and again if you are know where your mo displays were all my books are my consultations all the magazines on career all the information is here in this website otherwise we'll see you there tomorrow late night or tomorrow early morning with my conjunction video of Mars and Mercury so look out for that bye bye