Moral Stories for Kids Jinky The Donkey




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what happened drinks tea at your i/o what makes you my dear cross tomorrow is the day I need to sing and say that I am a good singer as well and I can croon some stupid for sure jinke you are talking about the song competition tomorrow isn't it every year cuckoo coil wins it don't you know he's the best in town how I live in it haven't you practiced hot if so go and sing there good morning ladies and gentlemen for the wonderland we have this song publication may I ask you people to keep quiet just shut up keep mine I said keep wide okay okay that's better here okay so let's start the competition the first one on the stage is going to be Roxy join your hands together for ROTC all right Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jim Jimmy Kimmel to Jim Jim Jimmy Kimmel - Tim Tim gentleman came in to jump jump and general damage to temp Jim Jim kamas - Jim Jim Jim didn't you okay okay okay if you don't like something you're not supposed to be doing buh buh buh buh buh okay it doesn't make any sense anymore so now and don't disgrace the artist now the next on the stage is going to be Patsy Patsy but cat meow meow meow meow meow oh please okay okay okay ladies and gentlemen I know you all are waiting for Porter but I have an important announcement to make that Coco won't be able to make it to the competition today he sent a note check this out okay okay okay guys keep quiet keep quiet don't get discouraged this year we have a new singer in town his name is dinky and he's a donkey rub rub rub rub rub rub I know hey well I am gonna rock once you hear me your mind gonna get blocked it's like a thousand volts electric shock so you wanna hear me now round the clock rock rock rock rock rock rock rock oh oh guys thank you thank you so much I hope you are liked it thank you thank you so much trying hard once more once more what hey hey hey ladies and gentlemen I know you all love the track but we are running short of time so let me announce the winner of the competition and the winner is none other than all your red jinke you if you have worked hard success will surely be yours never ever get discouraged