Most AMAZING Military Vehicles

from badass Punishers to bazooka Vespas here are 15 of the coolest military vehicles number 15 PL 0-1 stealth tank this polish tank of the future has some pretty incredible features besides being modern and compact it has special temperature controlled wafers on its surface so this special chameleon like skin allows it to process the small infrared sensors detected by the infrared sensors on the tank and then displays a pattern on the tank surface that best matches the infrared data making the tank invisible to infrared sensors the active infrared camouflage skin can give the tank tiger stripes in the jungle or make it look flat in the desert it can also make itself look like a car or another common object by matching the temperature of its surroundings and then displaying a pre-programmed image it looks like the tank has been revolutionized as we know it it is scheduled for full-scale production by 2018 number 14 Google Panzer this tank is the most mysterious and weirdest tank of world war 2 its name in German means ball tank but there is little to no documentation existing about the tank what little is known is that it was created by the Germans and shipped to Japan during World War two in 1945 one was captured by Soviets and is currently on display at the kubinka tank museum in Russia it has been speculated that the tank was intended for one-man reconnaissance missions and may have been armed with a machine gun of sorts its walls were only 5 millimeters thick and it was relatively small only large enough for one passenger if mobility was made possible by the two sides of the craft which would rotate together to cause forward motion it did possess one smaller wheel off its side which may have aided in maneuvering the ball tank number 13 the Marauder the Marauder is an armored vehicle produced by Paramount Group in South Africa the 21,000 pound vehicle can sustain blasts from and hand-grenades originally designed to operate an urban build-up and confined areas it is smaller in both size and weight than the matador a similarly armored vehicle the Marauder has a cruising speed of around 100 to 120 km/h and a maximum range of 700 kilometres number 12 general dynamics flyer the flyer 72 was selected by the US Special Operations Command so comb as the vehicle of choice for their fleet of ground mobility vehicles it is equipped to handle blasts from land mines and hand grenades the vehicle can operate at high speeds for long ranges offroad and in various weather conditions it can be configured for many roles including light strike personnel rescue and recovery reconnaissance and communications the flyer has a fuel efficiency of 24 miles per gallon at 40 miles per hour it's ultra fortified with heavy duty armor and it packs a ton of weaponry including a 50 caliber m2 machine gun on its roof number 11 the Punisher this beast is reportedly Russia's newest lightweight troop carrier it can haul about 10 people and is mine and bullet resistant while there is not a lot of information out on this vehicle the Moscow Times reports it has about 730 horsepower and has large windows with a view of the outside terrain bulletproof of course with all the armor it has it weighs about 26,000 pounds and can hit a top speed of about 93 miles per hour making it the fastest armored troop carrier in the world number 10 Volkswagen schwimmwagen as the name implies Volkswagen schwimmwagen was an amphibious car get it swim wagon made during World War 2 with this little wagon lacked an armed force it made up for in character it was somewhat based on the platform of the VW Beetle and had a four-wheel drive only in the first speed and in Reverse more than 15,500 type 166 were produced from 1941 to 1944 it boasted a pair of stout wooden oars and a removable hood a shovel a pickaxe and had no doors the first of these vehicles were used by SS units on the Eastern Front as well as northern Africa it was great for crossing marshy terrain and was light and reliable and could be used for scouting or regular transport on the frontline according to tanks encyclopedia the schwimmwagen remains the most heavily produced amphibious car in history as a valuable and rare machine is still loved by car collectors everywhere number nine Oshkosh Hempton this heavy expanded mobility tactical truck is an 8 wheel drive diesel-powered tactical truck produced by akash defense and used by the US army among others its purpose is to provide heavy transport capabilities obviously for supply and resupply of combat vehicles and weapons systems it's available in a variety of models so you can choose your favorite in the ever-changing battlefield Oshkosh prides itself on making reliable heavy tactical vehicles to keep up with the terrain threats and demands as well as provide support to the troops when they need it most they are practically indestructible and can get as high as 4 miles per gallon Oshkosh is now also coming out with Mine Resistant Ambush Protected or MRAP armored vehicles such as the L ATV with hybrid diesel electric powertrain that also acts as a generator for powering external equipment number 8 force protection Ocelot the Ocelot is a light protected patrol vehicle l PPV with specialized protection against roadside bombs and improvised explosive devices the protective pod holds up to six people and can perform as an ambulance supply vehicle or Jeep it has a modular design meaning that some parts are interchangeable making it a real-life transformer it can travel through terrain that would not be accessible to other civilian vehicles such as jungle deep mud or ruts its cabin is made of advanced materials that can provide protection like metal armor with a composite spall liner and at the same time it is not as heavy as other vehicles and saves fuel number seven I am I that guard the combat guard produced by Israeli military industries in collaboration with idle off-road center is the bulletproof monster truck that can go up to 95 miles per hour on road and 75 miles per hour off-road on its massive 54 inch tires combat guard features 90-degree approach and departure angles can climb 70 degree slopes and can wade through 5 feet of water it can also clear a two and a half foot vertical obstacle which was a key requirement for fighting in urban areas which is kind of a scary thought the floor is elevated with a special v-shape and blast absorbing structure giving the occupants a shot at surviving a mine ie D strike a popular tactic among insurgents in the Middle East number six SdKfz to the zipi little hot rod has been dubbed the motorcycle on steroids maybe better than its real name Klein's kettenkrad HK 101 or a track's motorcycle it's other official name was the SdKfz too short for sander craft fires herb or special purpose vehicle or something like that about 8,000 345 were built between 1940 and 1944 and were first used by german paratroopers as an airborne tractor that would fit inside the junker 52 its crowning glory was its ability to grip all types of terrain even up to a 25% incline on mountains the Nazis used it for scouting transportation and even aircraft tugging it could carry two men and up to 500 kilograms of munitions as well as tow a trailer after the war many were used for transportation in remote locations and for agricultural purposes many are turned off by this tract military motorcycle for being on the wrong side of World War two but it is huge among collectors since the concept of the tracked motorcycle never really caught on number 5 BC customs search and rescue tactical vehicle produced by BC customs and made from lightweight aircraft tubing this all-terrain tactical combat vehicle can go over 100 miles per hour and scale 70 degree Hills it's easily configured frame can be adjusted based on mission and terrain specifications with state-of-the-art communications equipment and a massive roof-mounted Gatling gun this vehicle is perfect for rescue missions and airdrop ability the SRT V provides a skeletal base for all kinds of ballistic and blast armoring and is used most frequently by the US Air Force number four and PVC the Buffalo mine protected clearance vehicle or M PVC is a six wheel heavily armored vehicle manufactured by force protection rising to ten feet tall the buffalo weighs seventy-six thousand pounds and was designed for both on and off-road excursions and can reach up to 65 miles per hour the first buffalo was deployed in Afghanistan in 2003 with the US Army much of the vehicles body is protected by bulletproof materials that are meant to increase its ability to approach risky situations its most unique feature is the 30 foot robotic arm and iron claw that is mounted with a camera and sensory equipment this large claw attachment allows the truck to remove or relocate dangerous items such as explosives number-3 Vespa 150 tap this Vespa is not your average scooter this bazooka Vespa from France was created as a vehicle that could get around easily and had a built-in armor-piercing gun the Vespa tap would be air dropped fully assembled and ready for action they would transport it with the troops in planes and then drop them in pairs making them the perfect anti-guerrilla weapon at the time of its use the Vespa sold for about $50 initially some thought that this Vespa was ridiculous because of its odd size ratios and it's awkward appearance however it proved an effective tool against guerrillas in Algeria and Indochina in the 50s number-two tardik RS TV this ultralight vehicle was designed for ground assault missions and mobile power generating and battle situations the cool thing about it it's a hybrid it has the ability to operate on electric power making it completely silent making it the ultimate weapon and allowing for a quick getaway the size and weight of this vehicle as a hybrid is definitely a challenge for its creators but it looks like the tar deck is also in line to replace the Humvee as the I marry military vehicle and now for number one but first be sure to subscribe number one high speed amphibian technology may be the most exciting development at the moment is Gibbs HSA technology they have been working with Lockheed Martin to develop its core models for the military sector by integrating command and control capability as well as armor and weapon systems right out of a James Bond movie these vehicles can go from land to sea in just 12 seconds with a push of a button the wheels retract and water jets propel the vehicle through the water based on the humdinger 4x4 gives us now designing expeditionary craft as well as tera quads to create a seamless link between automotive and marine transportation technologies these new vehicles can travel about forty-five miles per hour on the water and around 65 miles per hour on land these amphibian vehicles are excellent for special forces and it looks like we might be seeing it for civil applications soon so be ready thanks so much for 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