Most Emotional and Dramatic Moments in All Sport History


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hello everyone many athletes are considered role models are not only for their achievements in their world power but also for their good deeds in today's video we want to show you people who have done things that are really worthy of respect let's get it on this case took place during the match between PSG and Rennes in the French championship as Neymar walks slowly towards the edge of the pitch a teenager ran out and with tears in his eyes rushed to embrace his idol the player not only returned the hug but also protected the fan from security Neymar took the boy off the pitch in gaping his shirt what may seem a trifle - a football star so a young admirer will be a real treasure for example the boots that Neymar gave to one of his fans probably became the coolest piece in its collection [Music] the famous soccer player had to walk barefoot a little but the boys happiness was definitely worth it but everything that genius actions worthy of respect can only be found in football tennis player Rafael Nadal stopped the game so that the public would help a panicked mother find her daughter lost in the crowd the incidents occurred during a friendly match in Majorca Nadal interrupted the match when the crowd of 7,000 people noisily noticed the woman sobbing she was standing next to an assistant calling her daughter in the end little Clara was found and the public applauded this emotional moment for a long time one of the best tennis players of our time the first racquets in the world Novak Djokovic has always been considered a great guy with a sense of humor and he never ceases to delight fans on the course not only with his victories but also of his great state of mind as well as this simple human attitude towards everyone for example the Serbian tennis player once protected a ballboy from the rain and offered him water [Applause] imagine how vivid the memory of this moment will be for the boy fighting for gold in the white category of up to 74 kilograms Sambo Restless Stepan Popov of Belarus painfully hit his opponents in the leg getting a clean victory over Azerbaijan world champion Emil gassed him off not in vain gas him off ask the referee to stop the fight the blow of the Belarusian had been so precise that the pain was impossible to bear at the end of the match gas him off couldn't even get up and then Popoff lifted him on his shoulders and brought him to the changing room under the applause of the audience can you imagine he betrayed you through each other for five minutes during the men's individual Sprint's at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi and some gaffer off fell hard in a downhill during the semi-finals and one of his skis broke [Applause] however the Russian athlete found the strength to stand up and finish nevertheless it wasn't so easy to do with a broken ski on a difficult track of Sochi advancing to the finish line with the damaged equipment gaffer off fell again and again as a result Canadian coach Justin what's worth approached the Russian with a spare ski and helped him finish his Olympic performance with dignity running the entire distance of a marathon is no easy task so it's no wonder some runners feel unwell in the 37th London Marathon Matthew Reese helped another competitor David Wyeth reached the finish line at the 42 kilometer was legs began to wobble due to fatigue with only 300 metres left until the end of the race Therese realized his opponent was exhausted and stopped he helped him cross the finish line sacrificing his own result in the match of the Spanish championship between Real Madrid in gets Hoffer there was a rather unpleasant incident in the 19th minutes of the match Cristiano Ronaldo fighting for the ball with a guitar player threw the ball into the stands hitting one of the fans on the nose at the end of the match Ronaldo personally reconciled for the victim he gave the fan a t-shirt with his name and took a photo with him [Music] by the way Real Madrid won the match for nil then although himself made a hat-trick at the end of the chase race for the sixth stage of the biathlon World Cup in the Italian city of an Tulse there was an incredibly emotional episode Russian athlete Daria Dom retriever and our Italian colleague Dorothea whare fought for silver in the final round Lera was running to the finish line but her stick broke under opponents skis the Italian athlete dropped the stick and with their last strength tried to reach the finish line it had seemed that after all she would only get the bronze but suddenly Dunwich Eva did something incredible seeing that her opponent can no longer compete with her on an equal footing the athletes stopped competing in the end where a finished second and Don retriever took third place and this is what she said in the interview on the finish line I stepped on Dorothea's stick and she lost it in my opinion it wouldn't be fair to compete against an athlete she lost her stick because of me NHL Washington Capitals left-sided striker Alex Ovechkin once took part in an unusual event he had a date with a 10 year old fan named and who had Down syndrome the young fan visited the Capitals game met with the players in the team coach and also had lunch with the veg kid and it was very very touching to help you good [Applause] oh and then this was one you brought for him/her he said he has to the dark-hair high five man a truly unusual case took place at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro during the men's 400-meter freestyle Spaniard Miguel Duran Navia made a false start by not clinging to the starting board and sliding into the water the judge has disqualified the athlete for making a mistake Navia was so upset that he left the pool crying it was very sad however after a while the judges decided to return the swimmer to the track Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani was injured in the one eighth World Cup 2018 match against Portugal in the 71st minute the Uruguayan began to limp and couldn't continue the game and was replaced by Christians to Arne it's natural in football but the most interesting thing happens when Cavani left the field he was helped by Portuguese captain Cristiano Ronaldo cr7 British shoulder rack have only leaned on him and limped out to the bench the Swedish team thanks to Manuel a congi zone goal took the lead in the final phase the 2018 World Cup leaving the Swiss team behind a wrong ball hits that plus Switzerland victory let's look at the reaction of the athletes the Swedes rushed to console a kanji because after all this could happen to anyone [Applause] sometimes during a match tennis players accidentally hit two referees or even the audience with a ball that's not surprising because after all the balls are quite unpredictable thus during a hot man cup match after the opponent's presentation Marat Safin hit the ball accidentally throwing us at the referee at that met however instead of a standard apology the Russian without hesitation round towards the woman and kissed her on the treat it was really touching if you've ever had a cramp in your life you know how unpleasant and painful it is Britain's Kyle Edmonds suffered a cramp that prevented him from completing the match against Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov in the final of the Brisbane tournaments it was so painful that the athlete fell on that course but the most surprising thing is that before the doctors approached the athletes Gregor was already there he seems to have been frightened by his rivals condition and then helped Kyle assess on the bench [Applause] in 2012 there was a surprising case in the Norwegian Championship the captain of bran Erik my elder went giving the ball to the lillestrøm players scored a goal by accident the referee counted it but milder agreed with his teammates that he wouldn't prevent lillestrøm from scoring to make it fair brands goalkeeper piazza lesser jeff ski however did not like the idea and try to prevent the goal from being scored [Applause] [Music] but in the end 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