Most Unexpected Animal Interference Moments in Sports Funny Invasions Interruption

[Applause] and racing across the field of play scattering players left and right oh look at this a replay at the top of the mountain jonathan just get the autograph and get off the tee okay now we have a squirrel running the field behind cruz and in front of the twins dugout chasing all the big strong baseball players out of the way and the squirrel has reappeared you could hear the roar and i figured that he was back on the field and he ran a sprint down the first baseline and into the chicago dugout ran right between templars [Music] right through the five hole right to williams in third gets it over to first then a dog on the field oh boy that's something you don't see every day and he gets still pfeiffer's glove quick vanderhook about that it's it's great hey look at this there's a pooch on the field i thought washington wasn't in the tourney and now he's still in the left fielder's glove that's really something you don't see every day well this is going to get on sportscenter guarantee that that's hardcore's club actually that might be yeah that's hardcore he's just running away with it there's nowhere to go though [Music] and uh no i don't know who that is down the first base line but she got the glove away and the owner got their dog now whoa that's an interesting fan oh that's pretty big the only thing that can stop the marlins right now is a cat in center field coming down the scoreboard it's making a run for it oh wow look at this cat terrific stuff he has scaled the home run sculpture history being made here at the miami open and check out this we have a squirrel crawling up the net behind home plate [Applause] i'm not sure yeah really the uh the squirrel and the phillies and the cardinals that's not something we want to talk about [Music] hey look at him go jack rabbit's on the field he's still loose somebody signed him up get a good seat for the labor day classic he's walking to the three he's at the two and the cat is in the cdw red zone he might do it oh my goodness buddy do it do it do it touchdown man he's my favorite squirrel state troopers come on the field the cat runs into the end zone that is a touchdown scores and then has a touchdown dance there is a skunk on the field oh i'm not making this up and i don't know yep there it is guys you're not going to believe this but salem has a skunk problem i'm sure you've seen it before as plenty of critters have found their way into the playing surfaces but none have repercussions quite like the tuxedo critter and there's a squirrel that rained right in front of home plate he saw the squirrel yesterday and now he's in the stands there's a cat on the field oh kitty there it comes across there it is there kitty kitty kitty kitty [Applause] where's the squirrel fortunately for the squirrel he's low to the ground dick back in 2001 in spring training in tucson arizona randy johnson had a similar situation with a dove flying in front of home plate the dove however was not as fortunate as the squirrel whoa there's a giant lizard on the truck yeah i'm not joking out of 23. face to face with godzilla then mate can't see him but just look at the reaction of the people he is fast he must have landed somewhere somebody got him nice catch when he went through a hole in the wall there was a marshal wasn't he sort of chasing after i don't know what he was going to do when he got there because uh that put it in mind of its own didn't it smell it was some bugs making their way across the field here now we had bees behind home plate we're going to swarm on the field look at everybody's hitting the deck oh my gosh don't see that every day some great memories between auburn and georgia and that was one of the more indelible moments touchdown catch and then alga jumps up and snaps at the auburn player robert baker barely escaping harm's way there he is working come over here and i'll get you if somebody gave one a nudge at bay hill cody gribble at six well you know what when you're not going all that well at four over par you take some chances i'm not going to hurt him or anything he's beautiful but and actually i don't know if you've ever felt good their skin is like incredibly clean you ever tried one and had to turn around on you oh yeah yeah yeah but they haven't got me yeah that i mean they're quick but they're not that quick part of the ground crew right here his nickname is gator came up and grabbed that snake he got him hanging over grabbed him by the tail watch hoings in the orange shirt down your bottom screen he's leaving he's he is gone you see the morning times on your screen scott speed wound up is that something an animal on the track wow look at that little figure right at the line as ralph schumacher comes along and never the twain shell meets now there's a better angle whoa there's ugga and bibo and that was one hour before the game agar came over to say a pleasant hello team then devo wanted no part of that calm down your steer man i'm just a little bulldog i have respiratory issues can live television get better than that no that could have been a real case you're wondering is going why are you guys doing to me out here jose has been taking a lot of barbs from fans all around the leagues [Applause] [Laughter] what are they going to do expecting to pick up a baseball you know i did read over a year ago yes he was not happy that's a snapping turtle he would if he got a hold of them whoa you gotta know what you're doing oh yes can't quite get that launch angle down yet working it nope he ain't going anywhere no there he goes he going he's in cruise control now oh ran into the scoreboard down goes the goose oh the poor thing oh ginobili how about that and he gets the standing ovation from the crowd here in san antonio [Music] [Applause] oh yeah [Music] [Applause] here's what cedarstrom looked like this was his second inning of trying to here we go he's been stalking that bird for about an hour it didn't look like you would not want any part of touching it though last week cnn spent several hours on a llama chase we're not going to stoop to anything that ridiculous and low there is another llama chase on outside in the parking lot we have breaking news for you a lone man in pursuit of the llamas trying to herd them again this is all happening now we don't have a lot of details oh it's ginoretta tsn's ginoretta has corralled one llama is attempting to and he's got them both oh my gosh maggie likes the ducks when maggie the monkey picked the ducks to upset the wings in round one we snickered when she picked them again to upset the stars we giggle so now here we are the moment the hockey world has been waiting for the primate pick the monkey magic maggie made her name riding the ducks so to speak will she take them again or will it be the minnesota wild maggie it's up to you she has taken the ducks again unbelievable the teams will still play the games but their fate has already been chosen for the monkey has spoken james duffy from the bowmanville zoo home of maggie the monkey prophet you know big game i guess they thought maybe you'd like this because you come up with a lot of these videos during the uh the break don't you i do love animals and their talent a chihuahua is balancing on top of a person paul you just got a new dog can you do this yet i'll teach my professor canario how to do that i wonder what the auditions look like this is halftime you're the color commentator what do you have to say about this i'm jealous i'm jealous because i only got two legs four legs look what you could accomplish be known for a horse now they're known for a monkey riding a dog they used to be known for a horse with a pretty lady now they got a monkey riding a dog at halftime oh come on man the defending world champion this is sensational folks sensational strength and determination sensational stuff and that is unbelievable stuff that was just timeout bird crossing taking his time too it's amazing that player would go to this length to train the bird to get it close to the home struck this stuff down the first base he's going to be in the running lane to first base oh he wants to lead off see what type of lead he gets good secondary lead right there by that pigeon pigeon wants to play you know you can fly it's a lot faster than walker why doesn't somebody run up there and shoo him away he's going to throw the rosin bag at him go ahead barry got wide to the left rick green tries to hold it in now we've got something thrown out on the ice puck is picked up and cleared to center something out on the ice it's a chicken somebody threw a live chicken on the ice bellicorner about to get out for ryan as the seagulls go everywhere and all these horses that they've run off they've gone into a flock of seagulls and we've got about four or five of them down a complete debacle here the live chicken on the ice that somebody threw out of the stands it has a blue napkin on it left so now they don't know what to do with it and whoops there was a bird that flew in at exactly the same time in in a fraction of a second an explosion of feathers everybody just kind of caught their breath for a moment said what in god's name just happened someone said it is a foul deed to do in a hockey game they put the chicken in a bucket and they're going to carry it off the ice and the 1-0 as a line drive base hit center field coming around third derosa is going to win the ball game it got by chris maybe the birds distracted him there's the birds they fly out of the way it got a bird that ball hit the bird and it went down it deflected him so it did the birds are out here and hits a bird he goes down for the count how about well we'll do it [Applause] oh boy i'd be out of there man i would be out of there [Music] they're looking [Music] members of the j's pen didn't know how to handle this situation judy yeah and that's a good thing because that is the rally possum they throw water on the pasta that's okay you got something he got something for him moving to third is cabrera and his 4-3 raise he made a dive away from the bird wow that's a first so a bronx dove gets them the players and there's frank's friend oh it's actually him he's he's a big guy all the way across the 15th green no respect no way ticker was going to go and hit a few fights look at this stealing the food oh he's going to drive off into the car seeing if there's a drink we have an eagle chasing down a canadian i to get more votes online special teams unit comes out for kickoff coverage with our friend the pigeon and he's lining up is he l2 or l3 i think he's l4 he's outside the numbers he is on cue watch him go on coverage all right fellas go i'm telling you it's just great he's going to watch him come down to a landing he's got contained he's going to be the contained guy he said y'all mean gonna get 19 points he gets 19 points in the game i'll kiss his ass right here will this be the week i have to kiss kenny's ass if you're going to kiss my ass i went out and boarded ass and kiss my ass right here on national tv this is my new something right here remember this mickey mantis and of course the mantis walked all the way down the dugout clay hensley was his first buddy and then logan morrison he really liked logan i didn't know we had that close of a relationship i just met him and uh he got pretty personally got my bubble scared me a little bit you can make it you can do it and i'm very concerned that not the usual buddies were used to shaking here at hunting there but at the end of the day most of them made it sheer determination and dean kinney was the person who went in to try and help the youngsters and the mother got very very excited just you watch this luke we'd entered the head-to-head knockout match play portion of the competition and these kangaroos seemed to get the message so watch what happens when this grounds crew member puts down that special tarp [Applause] now watch the grounds crew member here he wasn't aware there was a cat there and he sees the cat it's oh it moves like a turkey yes it's a big bird it has a swagger yeah and it's moving over towards the bench oh there he goes up on the bench i love it [Laughter] oh my god the first you