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[Music] hello folks this is I attend and I promise what ristar comment today we are going to talk about the Motorola one action so guys if you already saw unboxing video you already know a lot of things about the smartphone it has got a front clasp and a plastic back body wears just around 176 grams it's splash resistant and the IPS LCD panel this one is quite good and it supports very fast face and lock as well as fingerprint and lock the back gets smudges really easily and it would also get scratches with time if I talk about the UI it's something that I feel would be fixed with Android in update the top of the screen has some screen bleeding issues because of the hole punch notch and it's big size by default it comes with a saturated profile enabled you can also go to the natural or boosted color modes and it supports moto actions like the chop-chop gesture and also the twist gesture in order to open the camera applications and these are those things that a lot of people would like now if I talk about the camera performance this is one of the main highlights of the smartphone it comes to the 12 MP F 1.8 primary camera and a 16 megapixel action cam sensor the camera application supports mode like slow-motion time-lapse and a lot of other filters as well as modes it ensured 4k videos at 21 is 2 9 aspect ratio and the action camera sensor is capable of shooting up to 1080p 60fps videos and one of the greatest things about the action camera is that you can hold the phone vertically and still shoot the landscape video now if I talk about the image quality I already told you a little bit about it in the unboxing video but if I deeper into it the dynamic range was good sharpness was on point it comes with at well m PF 1.8 main sensor and a 5 megapixel depth sensor even the low-light performance was satisfactory for this camera it comes with a 12 MP selfie camera module with 1.25 micrometer pixel size and there were a lot of different color modes as well as portrait modes of label for people who are reading too high DPL selfies and I would say that this camera is a solid a a plus and the front camera videos up to full H but the stabilization was not on point the folk 'video shot from the back camera did not have that much great stabilization and took quite some time to focus that's also one of the issues but the highlight is the action camera sensor which shoots up to 1080p 60fps video with really nice wide angle and the stabilization was also on point and it's something that a lot of people would use on a daily basis in order to shoot all of those fast paced videos now if I talk about the performance it comes with the Exynos 916 line chipset and the performance on benchmarks was not really that great if you compare it to feel the chipsets out there the raw numbers aren't that great but the performance in real world games like object sector was really great you can play pubs on HDR and ultra settings on the smartphone and we played it for quite a long duration in order to test heating performance etc and also sustained gameplay performance this gameplay session went on for a really long duration of time and we played the whole Evo ground match in order to see how much the smartphone would heat up and what was it it's performance like during a very sustained gameplay load this video is sped up up to 30 X in order to showcase what exactly the FPS looks like after a really long duration of time and it wasn't that bad and after this we played grand theft auto san andreas as well on maximum possible settings what we got to know from all of this was that this smartphone does heat up to a certain degree when you're playing games for a really extended period of time the back was also a little bit warm to touch after all this and I can say that this is one of the major cons for the smartphone and now let's do a sound check [Music] so guys the sound was loud and adequate but if you're somebody who's going to game a lot on the smartphone then the 3500 mAh battery is something that would not really excite you because of the fact that it does not last really that long and if you are somebody who's just going to be out there all the time then you would find that the battery life is certainly disappointing the smartphone retails for a price of around 13 triple nine in India and for such a price you get four GB RAM 128gb version with the UEFA storage and a lot of other features some people might consider the me3 over the smartphone but you have to think about everything else it comes to the cinema vision 21 is 2 9 display a lot of things on this smartphone make it a compelling choice it does fall behind the me3 in some aspects but still you have to decide what you want in your smartphone great performance great camera or you want the different media experience so guys this was it for this video and it's like this one move it to smash the thumbs up button and to subscribe to inspire eyes for more awesome tech videos like this one and guys no matter what you do stay inspired rise [Music]