Mr Beat Goes To Tonganoxie

hello I am so excited to have the opportunity to interview the great mr. beat thanks for being here today yeah mr. bean is starting his first year at tonganoxie high school and we're going to get to know him a little bit better for you students out there so first of all tell me a little bit about your background hi chieftains yes I am known as mr. beet here's a little bit about this is my first year at tonganoxie high school but my sixth year teaching before this year I taught world history at Blue Valley High School and 7th creates social studies that i read in middle school both of which are in overland park the second largest city in kansas before i was a teacher i used to work as a valet manager and i worked in radio and TV I have a beautiful wife named Shannon she kind of likes me a thing we have two lovely daughters Lydia who is 4 years old and Regan who is one year old Lydia likes to box me around and sing a lot Regan likes to break things and climb on things we also have a cat named Ellie Ellie likes to meow lot and barf a lot so what about me well I have interests I love bananas and cliff bars I love cliff bars so much I even wrote a song about them speaking of songs I've written songs about all of the presidents of the United States of America that's right hopefully you'll hear a few in this class I'm in a band with my brother but we don't play a whole lot anymore I do love music and you are guaranteed to always hear music playing when you walk in my classroom I love it so much I have almost 30,000 songs in my personal collection as a matter of fact I listened to literally all genres of music but my favorite band tends to be Radiohead speaking of favorites my favorite movie of all time is the truman show and currently my favorite TV show is the walking dead although i am still a season behind because i only get to watch it on netflix so please don't spoil it for me most of what I watches on YouTube actually some of my favorite channels include Vsauce cgpgrey and vice news I collaborate with YouTube channels across the country some great ones to check out besides my own of course include reading through history mr. Betts class Tom Richie cynical historian Keith Hughes and Paul sergeant I have two pieces of paper that prove i know some stuff a bachelors in journalism from the University of Kansas and a bachelor's in education from the University of Nebraska Omaha I am currently working toward a master's degree in history from Emporia State University my favorite sports teams are you guessed it based out of the area the K you sports teams obviously Sporting KC the Chiefs and the Royals how original am I too like the team's closest geographically the where I live seriously though I have no bandwagoner is that a word I was going to royals games way back when they were losing 100 games the season so it's nice to see them good again anyway there is a lot of other stuff about me but I feel like you are probably losing interest in my interests so I will stop there the bottom line is I am so excited to begin teaching here at tongi and I'm so excited to be your teacher i'll see you soon Oh