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[Music] 911 what's your emergency yes I have an emergency there's someone in my house and where are you I'm in my bedroom he has a gun please help me can you get out I'm upstairs there's no since you're on a cell phone sweetheart I need your exact address nine one five oh five shares Drive lease on the entire police force I'm really scared all right sweetheart they are already on their way thank you thank you so much now what I need you to do is lock the door if you can and hide in the closet the police will be there in minutes okay thank you bye no no I'm gonna stay on the phone with you until they get there that's okay it's better if I stop talking no it's protocol please don't hang up that's how we have direct communication with you just in case just in case what just in case there is a hostage situation I hear them on your street right now sweetheart all right hang tight you hang with me sure thanks I'm hanging up though bye Oh hold on my god you're a genius don't you know that would work I saw it on TV once we get into serious trouble I don't know it was us sure they do they could track your phone they'll be here next I have an app on my phone that makes it entries Scottie is seriously pissed did you see his face he knows it was us he can't prove it anyway feat dares tell anyone it was us I'll tell the police that it was him I broke into mr. OGG Maura's house and stole her English test are you sure how long have we been friends a long time if I ever done anything to betray a trust well there was that one time he told him we were six years old I can't believe we're actually moving to Los Angeles it's not so bad in fact it's not that much different than Denver you know there are movie theaters and restaurant it's dirty full of traffic and it's loaded with stuck-up people not where we're going mama dog sugar coat it hey sweetheart can we please try to find something positive all this huh I can't I'll be there soon and when I get there hopefully you can introduce me to all your new friends and show me all the new cool hangouts I don't think so please you have to try okay okay mom I'll try I love you peanut okay now drive safely and remember that it's winter so the roads are gonna be dangerous to the Rockies and make sure he doesn't fall asleep and make that house real pretty for me all right with a girl's touch what anything if Sierra wasn't covered with me the place would look like a bachelor pad yeah love you okay see in a week huh see you soon sweetheart love you so much ooh [Music] even everyday [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay we're here this is it this is it well what do you think it's bigger and prettier than the pictures yeah yeah you like it I mean it's no Laura but it's nice you did good I'm impressed come on let's get the truck unloaded Kaitlin come on we have to sell my house before to your practice what are you looking at Colorado plates huh that's a long drive she's pretty let's go meet her oh I don't know why not she's your neighbor okay but if she turns out to be the neighbor from hell it's your fault sure but you're still gonna have to live with her [Music] hi hi I'm Caitlin I live across the street and this is Alexis what's your name I'm Sierra nice to meet you so what are you into clothing toys movies well it sounds like you'll fit him perfectly here hey a bunch of us are going to the rollerskating room tonight you want to come Oh I don't know I come on it'll be a great chance to meet some of the kids you were going to school it sure that sounds really fun great meet us at the roller rink on Westlake Drive at 6 p.m. you got it bye bye yeah look at that making friends already huh huh don't fall oh so many more things to unload [Music] [Applause] thanks for driving me well I've been told that's what dads do oh yeah whoa there young lady what you're gonna give me one of those stereotypical parent talks just remember I was a teenager wants to please be smart I have the app I know where you are at all times really you're gonna use the app here too hey Dad just tell me you'll be safe and smart yes I'll be safe ins no no no you're just saying that to get rid of me come on say it with some conviction I love you everything will be fine I love you too you made it Hey you look so cute eggs do you too come on I'll introduce it everyone great hey guys this is my new neighbor Sierra she's from Colorado bye everyone anyways this is Terri Cindy Aubrey David Marci Jade Michael Jonathan kala chana and Tamra hello hi Lexy Alexis you can't call me Lex yet you have to earn that right okay it's all about trust there's a lot of gossip because I sound like Calabasas so I need to know whose side you're on their side there's a lot of clicks you'll find out eventually but don't worry right now you're in our group until they throw you out and kick you to the ground she crossed me that's why she's not in the group what did she do she turned me in for cheating I wasn't very nice of her were you was I cheating of course I was doesn't everyone anyway enough about her tell me about you [Music] [Applause] in the pink shirt yeah Beth Shannon O'Neil she crossed me wants to what did she do she stole my boyfriend that's not cool no it wasn't and now she has to pay for it pay for it what do you need just watch keep your eyes on cable what's happening just watch carefully this is gonna be great just give it a few seconds it needs time to drive are you sure about that I tested it ten times [Music] they worked perfectly what do you think [Music] I mean I thought it was funny I just hope nobody got hurt she's fine anyway she hurt me funny what about you hey so few of us are coming back to my place to hang out smoke a little weed I wish I could but my dad is coming to get me call me Tom you're gonna stay at my place your parents would be okay with that my dad's not around anymore my mom's out of town this week so yeah that's right your mom let you stay home alone for a whole week are you that sheltered no but well I just thought that don't worry about it that's what I've been Deering well I should probably get going thank you for inviting me I just don't think my dad would be ready for me staying the night yet of course I totally understand see you later yeah definitely okay good night everyone she's cool huh yeah I like her but naive but she's going malleable and in no time I can turn her into one of us like see how late where we drinking I don't know why oh my god I have the worst headache that's because you can't handle your alcohol I hardly had any my point exactly I want to show you something [Music] why the hell are you home already is that any way to talk to your mother oh are you my mother I forgot I mean most mothers are with their children instead of screwing and everything littles I am just good-looking ones when did you stop drinking this morning it's none of your business no you'd leave me the hell alone and clean up this mess kids are a bunch of slobs get it cleaned up my house you're stalking Ciara sure why not why would you stalk her you're serious right you're telling me you don't stalk people when you first meet them okay I guess you're right anyway look what I found read it I have to get out of Denver the pressure is just too much everyone knows it's not my fault but they're still treating me like some pariah read this post thank God my father got a job in Los Angeles I can finally get past this and move on with my life that's so heartbreaking I mean it sounds like she was having a really hard time I wonder what she's talking about cry me a river it sounds to me like she did something and won't admit that it was her fault I mean maybe she just wasn't fitting in with the kids at school what makes her think she could fit in with us she couldn't fit in there well I mean she's my neighbor now you'd be really awkward if she wasn't a part of the group and she lives right across the street for me okay we'll give her a chance if she does anything to cross us she's going down hard [Music] I haven't even seen houses this big in Cherry Creek what'd you say hi I'm Lance we met at the roller rink the other night hi I remember you yeah I had to go it was a shame we couldn't hang out more you always creep up on girls like that only when they're talking to themselves what are you saying oh I was well her dad is a wealthy businessman we cheated on Lexi's mom with the nanny now they live here alone together that explains some things explains what well Alexi has a lot of freedom my parents are on me 100% of the time yeah so are mine I guess they care what do you say we get in there and get this party started I mean the party doesn't start without us right right let's go Wow this is amazing this is what money buys you hey hey did you two come together oh no we just arrived at the same time don't worry Lexi we aren't dating yet yes well I mean we just met well knowing you you've already made a move on this sweet innocent girl we'll see happen where you drink [Music] and house is just amazing you should say tonight sometime really there's a lot of people here yeah well I like to invite everyone thank you okay so we should I know should I not know we should make dates see those kids over there they're the jocks but I can't do anything by themselves they have rocks for brains over there are the dweebs they're the femurs and the beaks if you want to be really bored thing with that who's that guy standing by himself oh that's Jake what category does he fall into he's pretty much in his own category what does that mean it means he's weird no one really hangs out with him that's sad why did you invite him I mean we've all pretty much known each other our entire lives yeah he's just always been around I know that face what they say it's that I have a prank face Jade come on yeah you over here [Music] [Music] hey Jake I want you to meet the new girl Jake Sierra yeah this is Jake how you doing good thanks for asking but you drinking the beer hey kid you want to go out sometime oh sorry I honestly didn't mean nothing by that I just kind of thought we've all known each other for so long that well I just messed up again no you didn't it's fine listen just relax and I'll go over there and hang out for a little while sure they'll be fine thanks [Music] of your back I'm just gonna run to the restroom [Music] any second now you won't know it [Music] you can take advantage of em over my dead body [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] premieres next Friday at 8:00 on our man [Music] oh my god [Music] [Applause] damnit let's go let's go I do I do Oh what yes we did you're the one who put the GHB in the street coming back you were there you could have stopped me but you did [Music] gave the victim CPR he was not responsive is he acting strangely or is he doing any drugs let's see what the hell is going on here I'm so sorry mom avoid round at her pool and I drowned what was he doing I don't know someone found him at the bottom dammit Lexi I thought I could trust you where are you going I'm gonna deal with the police and try to clean up your mess [Music] sorry your first day of school was so dreary so what did the cops ask you after the party they just wanted to know what I saw yeah they just asked me some basic questions me too they said they wouldn't really know anything until after the autopsy autopsy sure they always do an autopsy when they don't know the exact cause of death what do you mean he drowned the detective said he probably had drugs and alcohol in his system well duh he was drinking beer the entire night what more are they gonna find out don't they have better things to spend our tax money on Jake was a good kid any friends in him there are friends through elementary school but he was a loner in junior high I tried to help him but I think something serious was going on at home I was really nice to me to try you have got to be kidding me Lance I don't remember you ever trying to help Jake in fact I distinctly remember you and your buddies bullying him that's ridiculous Lexi don't spray garbage you know isn't true you calling me a liar yes I am what exactly did you tell the police what do you mean I just told them what I saw what you didn't tell them you saw Jake getting the alcohol for my house did you I mean they didn't ask me that well you better know what's so funny I just find it really amusing that Lexi the queen of the school is actually the most insecure person I've ever met I am NOT insecure what are you laughing at actually I didn't laugh at all your so-called friends did come on Kaitlyn [Music] goodbye you just shut up - Lexy Cooper impressive you did - I've been wanting to do that for years she's the Menace of this school she'll be back to her old tricks soon enough anyway how about I drop you off after school come on [Music] this is it right yeah huh this is where Scotty used to live Scotty yeah he was a buddy of mine but his parents just got up and left when there was a swatting prank played on her swatting yeah it's when someone calls the police about an intruder or something an entire SWAT team shows up but that made the police mad sure it did it also horrified Scotty's parents they could have easily gotten shot who do you think called in the prank who do you think Lexi of course she did I don't know exactly but what if Lexi put something in Jake's straight that night you think she spiked his drink with something she was definitely up to something I mean swatting is one thing but driving someone's drink is a whole other thing thank you for today for what you could have easily turned away like all the others did you're different than the others why is that I don't know I guess you'll have to figure that out how about I meet you here in the morning and drive you to school I'd like that so die kind of 737 [Music] he dropped ro I hate him Lexy I'm really worried about that autopsy report there's nothing to worry about because we didn't kill Jake mom Sierra mom I thought you weren't gonna be here until Thursday well I pulled every resource I could and completed my project so I could be here with you and Dad oh that's some hug me all right yes I know honey uh dad told me what happened at the party that's horrible yeah and that was the hardest first day I've ever had not just because of Jake but some other girls were hating on me I'm so sorry sweetie well one good thing did happen yeah that's my girl always a silver lining tell me I met a boy on the first day well we met last week at the roller rink and then again out of party but he just drove me home from school oh well that was nice of him yeah it was well I'm glad that something went well and things are only gonna get better how do you like the house you did a great job and I especially loved how you arranged the living room you should be lucky that I was here that was putting all the furniture at all [Music] some of the upstairs yeah do it [Music] as reported yesterday Jake Thompson a senior here at Hidden Hills High School died Saturday night in a pool at a home during a house party we just received the coroner's report from the autopsy and as suspected they did find traces of alcohol in his system more importantly though they also found traces of GHB the question for the detectives on this case is whether or not the young man took this drug voluntarily who continue to follow this case as more information comes in this is an billing signing off [Music] I can't believe this happened at your school those aren't your normal high school drugs no ugh penis system I think I've heard of that don't they call it something else well it's also known as liquid ecstasy it's the date rape drug it'll knock you out so much you can't a swim yeah or save yourself from drowning do you think someone might have slipped that in there was drink No I mean people who are drinking but the woman's doing the drugs so kids were drinking alcohol her mother let them have alcohol party she can go to jail for that my mother wasn't at the party mom it's my fault I begged dad to let me go to that party I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet everyone well you should have left the moment that you knew they were drinking right so just get up and leave yes exactly not as easy as you think [Music] you're watching spring break dad's that was Miss Daley's favorite ice-cream story she just broke down but Ella man every Tuesday what's so special about me [Music] hey did you see the news you mean about Jake yep he had GHB in his system yeah I saw that you know it was Lexi and she could have done that to any one of us do you think she's done it before definitely I've been to other parties where I've seen guys acting completely out of it I mean we just assumed that they were drunk but she dropped something in their drinks - this is awful it's just too much to take in I move here I try to make new friends and now I'm in the middle of a police investigation I just think you shouldn't say anything and stay out of it no I can't do that I needed to tell the police what I saw and heard why'd you see I mean I saw something suspicious but maybe I'm just being paranoid well if you didn't see her put the GHB in his drink then I don't think you should say anything yeah I guess you're right that's late why don't you get some sleep and I'll pick you up in the morning schools going to be very interesting tomorrow sounds good in the meantime I'll put some feelers out and see if I can find out who sold her the GHB you know those kinds of people yeah of course we all do my mom is calling me I should probably go oh okay yeah sounds good Lance yeah thanks for what for watching out for me by caring for being a nice guy well I'll see you in the morning yeah yeah sounds sounds good bye [Music] [Music] [Music] let's see how did you get up here you think I'm guilty don't you no no I don't yes you do just sit please Aleksey I didn't see anything I don't even know you're talking to you don't think I truck J do you think it's money felony trap no no I don't think you would ever do something like that [Music] [Music] so tired me too late nights this whole GHB thing dreams too here until they find out who gave Jake the GHB did you figure it out I'm actually getting closer I'm pretty certain that's a kid that got expelled last year she definitely knew it's not my fault let's see it is your folks you had a party at the house but now looks like there's trouble there with your death they can take care of you I'm done want to be late for school [Music] we appreciate you coming to the school today know as you did I have a choice ma'am a student from this high school died in your pool with drugs and alcohol in us I wasn't even there I didn't know that my daughter was gonna throw a party while I was gone really mother now you're going to throw me under the bus what am I supposed to do go to prison for one of your idiotic decisions no but I would think that my mother would would what save your ass time and time again I'm tired of it Lexi you're a big girl now time for you to start paying for your own mistakes Oh actually ma'am your daughter is under 18 so unfortunately the responsibility falls with you in fact once this homicide investigation is complete you will most likely be charged with serving alcohol admirers I'm not answering any more of your questions until my lawyers present Mrs Cooper don't you have any compassion for the young man and his family I'm done here if you're gonna press charges then press charges but if you don't have anything then leave me alone and feel free to interview my daughter I give you permission [Music] can I go answer the question or miners drinking or doing drugs at the party sure I saw kids drinking beer and hard stuff but I didn't see any drugs come on you're telling me that there were no drugs at that party I swear to you no one was even smoking a joint do you use drugs no I don't use drugs my parents would kill me if I did any drugs and you didn't see anyone giving Jake GHB no I mean I wouldn't know if someone did I don't even know what GHB looks like okay you can gonna thank you for your honesty sure [Music] what the hell are they trying to solve the kid did some drugs and drown he didn't just drown what do you mean someone gave him that GHB Katelyn come on we don't have time for Nancy Drew why would anyone want to kill Jake did you have something to do with it Yoho how dare you accuse me of that Lexi what are you doing I'm trying to get to the truth are you trying to cover for something that you did I knew you were up to something that night I saw you is that what this is about you just need to chill out there way too many conspiracy theories going around maybe Jake was just stoned out of his mind when he walked into that pool maybe you just wanted to kill himself in front of the entire school what do you think of that new girl stop calling me the new girl you are aren't you stop calling me that right now what what are you gonna do about it new girls up back come on troublemaker Lexi stop this is getting way out of you guys should I stop this now no I had nothing to do with it it was her she must have dropped something in his drink they were pulling a prank on Jake's I mean maybe they didn't mean to kill him but they did leave tog and Ciara no one's going to believe that they'll believe that you did it because you had a motive why would I ever do such a thing poor little colorado is growing who the hell do you think you how dare you even put one hand on me you bet how do you accuse me of something so heinous especially what you did it you know you did let's see what the hell are you doing plants get out of here come on Lexi nobody likes you hey you to Caitlyn what don't you have class two goats you get out of here I think we're gonna throw up hey don't worry don't worry everything will be okay you promise [Music] [Music] is going to be here shortly and if you follow their drill the way that we have pledged is there would be no Luke [Music] [Music] [Music] hello I appreciate the three of you coming in to speak with us here I understand a lot has been happening as you've moved into your new home but we have something very important that we need to discuss with the three of you I know that look what's going on we got an anonymous tip and we check Sierra's locker and we found this what is it it's GHB GHB no it can't be so I must have put it there I don't understand sirrah what is going on that's not mine why would I have that stuff in my locker miss Wilkins our daughter does not do drugs sir we just found drugs in your daughter's locker what am I supposed to believe sirrah you need to give us more information so we can help you somebody must have planted it there you think someone got your combination it stuffed in your locker to set you up in yes I do oh my god I bet it was Lexi why would she do that she's trying to set me up and sneak that fall from Jake's death she was the one who gave it to him well you saw her give it to him not exactly sure you have no evidence you can't just accuse someone of course I can't are you sure about that or did you offer to hold the GHB for someone without knowing what it was that happens all the time your father and I would completely understand if that's what happened oh my god I had nothing to do with Jake's death this is a setup why don't you just believe me do we bother you it's not mine and I had nothing to do with it okay well unfortunately I have no other choice but to suspend Ciara pending further investigation I've had enough Ciara you just can't up and leave Sierra Sierra this is a very serious matter [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thanks for the ride hey hey aren't you gonna say goodbye I'm sorry I'm just freaking out of what my parents are gonna do you should've seen the look on their faces when I left that meeting well I'm still looking for the drug dealer and I'm here to help you whatever you need me to do I'm yours Thanks you're sweet that bitch is watching us these girls are up to something hey hey what are you gonna do I don't know but I'm not gonna take the fall for Jake's death well I won't let that happen to you Thanks I know you're in there I saw you in the window damn it I got it how the hell did a bottle of GHB get in my locker I don't know what you're talking about you know exactly what I'm talking about no I don't you guys put GHB in my locker you guys I don't know anything about it oh come on Caitlin I'm not stupid I know Lexi tells you everything no she doesn't and I don't know anything about any GHB I don't believe you you don't have to in fact I really don't care hey where are you going I'm gonna go tell Lex see that you accuse me of putting GHB in your locker no don't do that why not because because it's yours and you're blaming us for it what oh my god you girls are seriously messed up around here then why don't you go back to Colorado hey wait maybe I will but not until you ever to be with us [Music] [Music] we don't wasn't you we believe you sweetheart you do they know nothing about you and it wasn't fair for the detectives in the principal to corner you like that thank you mom and dad I love you so much I'll forget stuff together okay [Music] Oh ripped from the headlines feature I was raped I'm pregnant and I'm keeping it and now he files for custody inspired [Music] oh why the hell did they let her run out of school why didn't they arrest her because they obviously have doubts about her guilt why is that because she didn't do it well I didn't kill him your mom might be home do you actually think she's willing she don't drum somewhere will you put the GHB in his drink so what that's a manslaughter Lexie she don't got it do you look Jake died because your prank went awry he died because he drowned it's not kidding yourself he only drowned because you put the GHB in his drink well I didn't do it Caitlin Sierra did it so you've convinced yourself that your own lies are real it is now the new truth why do you think I put the GHB in her locker I have an idea we should call Sierra and meet up with her why would we do that because we need a pact between the three of us look we all need to be on the same page it's the only way to make sure that none of us goes to jail [Music] yes you're right we need to make sure that Sierra keep your mouth shut none of us should ever speak about it ever again the police will never find out it was us if we refuse to talk about it right okay set it up [Music] [Music] why are you calling me listen things are getting out of control I mean at this point all three of us can go to jail she's brainwashed you hasn't she know I can think for myself no you can't she did it we had nothing to do with it she should go to jail please Sarah just think straight just meet with us okay we need to make a pact we need to all greed to never talk about this again if we don't we'll all three go to jail I am NOT going to jail Jesse well Lexi always gets what she wants if she wants you in jail she'll make sure you take the ball she's disgusting yeah she is but there's nothing I can do I mean she's like a freight train that can't be stopped look the only ways for all three of us degree to never talk about this again they can't prove where the GHB came from if we don't talk please here I was scared this is my only chance if we don't meet she'll take me down to how do we believe her she's desperate I mean I've never seen her like this before well why do we have to meet up can't we just agree right now she needs to see her face when she needs to be sure that you're not gonna say anything where are we meeting let's meet up the furthest south point of light share what's that at midnight I'll send you a pen fine I'll be there and don't bring your boyfriend [Music] don't worry this will all be over tonight [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] don't worry Sara we're all friends here aren't we okay let's get down to business all three of us can go to jail for Jake's death if anyone finds out we came to the GHB you gave him the GHB at least admit to it already it's only the three of us help me fine that was me are you happy now but you were there you could have stopped me but you didn't I didn't know what you were doing you saw me give him the GHB you know exactly and what I was going to do with it you knew it was a prank didn't you thought it was funny no no I did anything no okay just stop look that was the pass let's just talk about why we're here fine hey lemon I agree the best strategies we all agreed to never talk about it don't speak to the police again never admit to anything and never throw either of us under the bus you think that'll stop the police from pointing the finger at us yes I do they can't prove that I put that drug in his drink and they can't prove that it was my GHB or your GHB yeah nice trick putting that GHB in my locker what can I say I need some insurance well it worked well you know all about your troubles back in Denver pushing that poor girl over causing it or Crocker's school sounds like you have some anger issues we need to take control of it was an accident sure it was and that's why your parents are paying her off right what are you up to what's your plan this time I don't have a plan what you can't pay me off what is that it's a soldier it's her stealthily there's the microphone apart were you recording me no I wasn't yeah we're gonna turn this into the police I came here to make introduced and your intention was to set me up a truce why would I make a truce when I did nothing where are you going [Music] okay it was [Music] I gave you a chance to get out of this but where are you going I'm getting out of here Oh what do you think you're doing you need to help me with the body what do you mean if you don't we won't go to jail because Jake is here oh my god would you shut up already stop freaking out how can I stop freaking out what my life is completely over now your life will be completely over if you don't help me her her car now come on crab legs and all grabber arms no she's still alive but you grab one arm and I'll grab the other legs what are you doing I'm helping her friend it's suicide are you crazy you're a part of this now do as I said all right go to the back and start pushing okay one [Music] you better keep your mouth shut unless you want to commit suicide too are you coming now let it go [Music] [Music] yeah Ciara wake up 7:30 you're gonna be late what's up the cars going what we're Sierra Sierra [Music] damnit hey Sara leave a message in a pie back here where are you call me immediately it's okay okay come on let's go [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Lexy where are you Lexy Yes Mother don't yes another me what's wrong did you put drugs in that boys drink no I told you that I didn't don't you believe me no no I don't the detectives just called me they're pressing charges against me we're serving alcohol to minors that's ridiculous no no no you're ridiculous and I want you out of this house what you're acting irrational no no no I am perfectly lucid as a matter of fact I haven't thought this clearly for a really long time you're gonna be 18 in a few weeks I'm done I don't have to take care of him anymore that's funny mother when did you ever take care of me I've been taking care of you since I was 10 years old so whatever you want I want you out of this house but a nut [Music] sure mom I think that's what's best for the both of us all she's got grab some things but I'm glad you're thinking clearly knit goodbye mother daddy always told you to be careful on the stairs [Music] Oh ripped from the headlines feature I was raped I'm pregnant and I'm keeping it for custody inspired by true events in Georgia the rapist father was better than no father at all Kirstie Alley [Music] oh honey where is she oh my God where are we I don't know where is this work Hey look at me it's gonna be fine let's check your app okay we're still a little ways out but we're headed in the right direction [Music] this is right here hang on [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] how did you find me that app you don't like me using it that's how honey what happened Lexy okay nice and slow it really hurts just nice and easy ah you've got a hard head young lady you're very lucky - she didn't crack your stomach feels like she did she definitely hit at least a triple knob she hit a home mom we'd really wouldn't be talking right now okay enough with the baseball analogies she gonna be all right she been fine as long as it takes it easy for the next two weeks it's definitely concussion rainy San Roberta can I go home well I have to run a few tests on you first but as long as it come back clear we'll be able to release you okay you almost died Sara we're gonna do exactly what the doctor ordered it's okay got it thank you doctor sure thing thank you absolutely thank god you're okay Lexi I don't care about her right now she might come back for me if she finds out I survived you'll be safe here the police are out searching for she should be in their custody in no time okay okay to be okay it was like an accident so she could have easily been pushed by her daughter [Music] [Applause] so Tanner legs look for some Goods looking for some information information ain't free LexA Cooper she buy GHB from you now why would I tell you that because she gave it to Jake and Jake was your friend you can trust her she bought ready for a party what do you think she was gonna do with it I don't ask questions maybe you should cuz now Jake's dead great my fault maybe it is sure [Music] you [Music] kaitland what's wrong why are you backing away from me you know exactly what no I don't why don't you tell me tell me Caitlyn why are you walking away from me we're in this together what are you gonna do call the police or did you are maybe now why would you thing like that this has to end now it is over xerath is dead are you so worried we cut you don't know do you don't know what Sara isn't dead her card in his sink entirely she got out she's oh hi she's in the hospital you screwed up and now she probably told the police that we tried to kill her lying you're making it all up you know she's like duh genius because my father works at the hospital he told me so now you're going to the police what else can I do so now neat little Kaitlyn has grown some balls I guess you could say that I think it's time Katelyn starts looking after Kaitlyn I followed you and I've saved your butt almost my entire life well I'm done yes you are done what's that supposed to mean you're lucky I was going to kill you now if you don't keep your mouth shut I will next time and won't be as pleasant as this was I'm fine Hey I can't stress enough your daughter is very lucky and should be fine well thank you so just to review bed rest for the first couple days absolutely I would avoid any strangers exercise try to avoid extended periods of dressed on okay okay all right other than that I will see you folks in one week's time thank you doctor absolutely thank you absolutely best of luck all right let's get out of here [Music] [Music] I'll come around to you okay thanks dad wait Sierra let me help you Holyhead [Music] okay yeah they place the police officer in front of our house in case she comes here to kill me hey just take it easy thank you I love you both we love you so much [Music] come on attention side [Music] hey honey you have a visitor Hey [Music] I'll let you two have some privacy I heard I heard they tried to kill you how did you hear that from Caitlyn Lex he almost killed her too but the football team stopped her and she got away well Caitlyn's nursing either they're both gonna go to jail for a very long time yeah and I already told the police who sold her the GHB she's toast I know you find the dealer so why didn't you call me for help said I could handle it on my own well that was very dangerous but impressive you think I know [Music] and get some rest I'll see you in the morning [Music] a shortage on the Clark Sisters oh my god Clark sisters are like the epitome of soul my favorite Clark Sisters songs that had to be you both the sunshine those harmonies that fullness I think so [Music] [Music] yes I have an emergency there's someone in my house he's downstairs he has a gun please come fast one eight five five five fellas Avenue Calabasas please come quickly copy that's just around the corner I can check it out but can you send backup to relieve me with them they're over [Music] you guys hear that what's going on what's happening Jeremy why the cop wave Jerry who is that she's here it's Hertz Lexi we don't know that we have unfinished business [Music] I know you're all home mr. Reynolds mrs. Reynolds I would really appreciate it if I could have a conversation with your daughter she's trying to kill me she's please hey what are we gonna do divorce is down call the police in my way you do do not open the storage understand you may be careful dad [Music] I'm waiting what do you want Lexi I want your daughter to confess what she did she didn't do anything we made a pact we all agreed never to talk about it anymore but your daughter broke that pact see the most important thing you have in his life is your word that's it it's all about trust do you remember when we first met I thought I could trust you but I was wrong let's see the police are on their way just put down the gun please Oh Jeremy I'm not interested in talking to you that's how your daughter's come out of her room now Sierra's not coming out we'll just wait here for the police to show up the cops aren't going to show up I sent him away let's see okay I'm done waiting Sierra if you don't matter your room now I'm going to tell you no no you're not going out there here what are you doing we have to get out of here go away no wait wait you're dangerous I have a plan she's gonna hear it what are you doing Sierra [Music] she's charming I know you're in here damnit damnit you can run but I will find you oh my god Jerry how are you all right Oh God [Music] thank you so much for the party Sierra [Music] these are for you they're so beautiful thank you [Music] oh I'm so sorry I hug you too hard no worries I'm still a little sore but I'll be okay well everybody's waiting you ready to have some fun hey dude hey what's up guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey girls hey [Music] check out the new girl vomiter [Music] [Music]