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Give me back my phone. No, until I know who you are talking to. Why did you lock it? Tell me what’s the password now! Nang, things that got password on it mean the owner didn’t want anyone to touch it. Umm, I am sorry, I am jealous. I only got you. and scared someone will take you away from me, forgive me my dear please! Nang do you want to go to the toilet with me, I want to go for a retouch I feel like my face are numb just like someone just slap it. Please forgive me. Let’s go Bohn. Don’t you think it’s a bit harsh? even though she deserves it Just now Deaw told me that before we arrived she went to flirt with Duen. Really! What did she do that for? Why do you even care? You are not even serious with her anyway. But I don’t like anyone do this to me Hey! Where are you going Bohn? Bohn Bohn Duen! Bohn! I knew it that you must be around here. Let’s go sit on my table Why do I have to go? I already went to see you this morning. That’s not enough? This morning, so that six pack picture. must be your six pack then Ahhhhhhhhh, Six pack!! You know him? Anyway, why do want him to go sit on your table? Phu! it’s good that you are here, now bring all your friends to sit on my table if not, I am going to punish you. Hey, why are you all sitting here then, stand up now and go sit at his table, please I beg you, let’s go sit at his table. Think about it how fun it will be to drink together come on, Believe me. let’s go let’s go Duen! Go! Go! you sit inside Careful! Hello! Hello everyone! Hi! Bohn why did you invite all of them to come sit at our table? You will find out soon. Ok, eat up Some junior from engineering ask to join us, I don’t think you will mind right? Of course, not when they all look this cute. Is she complementing me? No, she is complementing them. Hey! Wait! you are already very drunk. Enough! Awww If you don’t let me drink then what you want me to do? Can I borrow your phone to play games then? Here. You can have it back Why? You put a password on it, phone that got password on it means the owner don’t want anyone to touch it. Here I unlock it for you already. Take it Thank you How do play this game? Just like this put them together. How? Show me how to play it. Like this press here. What? Speak up I can’t hear you at all it’s very loud in here Those two seem very close. You have to press here then there look Try it Why do I think I know her before? Why, did you meet her somewhere before? I am sleepy, sorry I should go home now. But today it’s your birthday stay first, normally you don’t even want to leave when the bar closed. Ohhh I know now. Don’t believe me I didn’t flirt with him, he is the one that came to flirt with me. What’s wrong with you. Duen just said he know how to win this stage that’s all. As people said they will be more nervous when they know that they did something wrong, right? Is she your girlfriend? No. Good Girl like this is very dangerous. girls that like to flirt with guys in bar should never make them your girlfriend. So hard, you murder her in front of everyone. She deserves it Let’s go, Next time don’t use my friend as a tool to breakup with your girls. Wait! Duen is very drunk, I got my car here I will drive him back myself. It’s fine. we can go back ourselves But I am going to drive him What is your relationship with him then? I am sorry, I see you later bye. Good bye It’s fine, wait for me Are you treating me like a toy? No, I didn’t see you as a toy, but I just think that you are very cute that’s all. Then I poke you back I got a soft face, right? Not really, it’s fine But your face is very soft I know that, where is every body They all went to lunch already; I am waiting for my uniform. Here, your uniform actually, smells really good See you later.