My Favorite Filipino Comfort Food




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- My comfort food is a cheese dog, corned beef, garlic rice with egg. Let's cook it. (upbeat music) I learned how to cook this meal, on my own, growing up in the Philippines. Probably around 8 to 10 years old. I learned from just watching family and relatives cook. It gives me joy because it reminds me of the simpler times. So, we got hot dogs, looking for the cheese dogs. I don't know if this is right one, cause this one looks weird. But it says its got cheese in it, so. Corned beef, I used to think corned beef had some corn in it. We got rice, whole lot of rice. You could feed a whole family with this. We got eggs, garlic, and onions for the rice and corned beef. Of course, the secret sauce, banana ketchup. First things first, rice. You wash it because sometimes it's a little dirty. If you wanna measure it, you just need your finger. You measure the rice first, and then after that, you measure from the top of the rice and the water level should basically be twice the height of the rice. Does that make sense? That's it, and then you put it in here. Turn it on, and we wait, it's like magic. (yells) It's for snaking a drain, I think. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, get it. (laughing) (victorious fanfare) - [Jake] You didn't even start cooking yet. - Chop the onions. Yeah. It's getting into my eyes. Garlic. The corned beef, I like these cans cause, you just use a key and twist it. Looks kinda nasty but it tastes great. I'll pick this one. So, I'm gonna put my corned beef. Look at that. Just drop that in there, that's too much, go back in there. Smush it up. What's in this? Just gonna put a couple for a meal. This is too big of a pan for this hot dog. (rice cooker beeps) Looks like rice. In the Philippines, we have rice as the base for any kind of meal. And everything else that you put on top of rice is called, ulam. Which is, the english word for it is viand. I don't know what it means. - [Jake] What is it? - It's called viand, in Tagalog, it's called ulam, which is everything else that you put on top of rice. Put these aside. Hot dog. One hand. Oh mother, oh. Still full, that was lucky, oh wait, this isn't on. Garlic, so now I'm gonna scoop some rice. Oh (bleep) that's hot. (sink running) And that's about it. (harmonic singing) When I eat my comfort food, I love to sit on the floor, by this coffee table on the edge, cause I can just lean on this couch and watch the TV. You know when you have that spot on the couch? I have a spot on the floor. Try it. Here's the thing, I don't know if that's a cheese dog. - Good corned beef hash. - See if there's cheese inside. God (beep) it. - I don't see cheese in there. - Wait, I was looking for a hot dog with cheese, little cheese dripping down from the inside of it but, I chose the wrong one. You like it? - I can see why it's comfort food, very all comforting flavors. - You haven't tried it with the banana ketchup, so this is. - I've never had banana ketchup. - Just try it. How it it? - It's like ketchup but a little more acidic. - And sweet. - Sweet. - It's not what you would think with banana. - It's not normal. - Yeah. - I like banana ketchup. - Right, I love banana ketchup. You want it? What this reminds me of, is my childhood and part of it is friends and relatives back in the Philippines, where we used to just run around, play outside. And also having to pray before every single meal with my family.