My Olympic Tinder Date Surprised Me At The Airport Vertical Video




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so I just finished competing in the Olympics and last week going on a date with Liz hi I'm Liz I'm here working the Olympics I've made it my mission to go on a date with an Olympian so I've been traveling since a date and we haven't been able to cross paths since then so she just actually just texted me and she's heading to the airport I'm literally nowhere near the airport like an hour away I could just let her leave so I wanted to figure out a way to meet up with her before I should leave so I could say goodbye I just got her some flowers and a little bit of chocolate and I think I'm gonna surprise her at the airport so right now I'm texting Liz and trying to figure out the more details about a fly out when she heads off without giving her too much information saying that I'm coming and trying to surprise it so just got out of the taxi just got to the Seoul station and gonna try to run and find the correct train to make it on time before she leaves so my head I had planned out that it's indeed some epic run last-minute catch her give her a goodbye hug maybe a goodbye kiss before she leaves and have it play out like a fairy tale or one of those really cool movies that our chick flicks traffic was horrible hopefully I don't miss it so I just bought a train ticket no idea if it's the right one I'm just hoping it is and I'm hoping to catch up with her before she goes through security so normally I never do this kind of stuff but just because I think it's entertaining for both us me and Liz train just arrived I'm super excited kind of nervous in this trailer it's been sweet check this up now I'm on the train and I just get a message from Liz that she just went through security all this effort and everything I'm put forward to try to catch up and say goodbye so I'm not even sure if I'm gonna be able to see her before she goes to the states now this complain epic fail so I just got to the airport and I just texted it than I'm here is where are you going apparently Robbie's outside waiting to say bye so I guess I have to go so I'm going to see if I can meet him but I honestly have no idea oh my god I'm with Shanae now and she is walking with me to try and help me get to the other side of security and this is crazy [Music] we've gone to her supervisor and now we're going to someone else I am sitting in this chair and they want me to explain my reason to an immigration officer so now I'm waiting here the check-in gate for Liz to come out we'll see if she makes it because it's now definitely gonna be close to her fight oh my god so I'm definitely not sure which side coming out up so I just keep looking both ways and Security's like watching me because I'm watching everyone and everything so closely so I hopefully don't get kicked out before meeting up with Liz it's been an hour and 20 minutes so I'm sorry to get anxious because I'm supposed to meet with my dad soon for dinner like him too far too close to not say goodbye [Music] my god I just got back through security somehow and I'm now trying to find Robbie I look like a ICG [Music] guess who just showed up yes I'm super bummed because I've been waiting all this time it just makes it so much better when she comes around the corner all right let's just made it and now we're gonna give her the best gift ever [Music] liz is freaking out right now [Music] oh yeah the taxi went the wrong way got off on terminal 1 and then found out you're in terminal 2 so yeah I was kind of a struggle but made it so she just told me she cancelled her flight to be able to leave but there should be able to check her back in so we'll see if it works cause this says account this is not official we have to go to Mexico City I'm in LA so let's meet in like Tijuana on the board spin one go the beach or see something crazy just barely made it back on my plane I don't know if it went as well as I wanted because I kind of wanted to get a kiss in it before she flew off but at the same time I'm super pumped that I was able to see her and it makes me even more excited to go on date number two