My last video

that's finally here I did one month of collabs inviting all the most famous youtubers and celebrities to my New Year's Eve party so this is the final video before the party and I just want to sing think he told my subscribers we're helping to share the videos please invite every celebrity that I forgot to mention in my month of clamps so if you do not see a favorite youtuber or a celebrity mentioned tweet them right now damn I love otter Queen Donal Jones Lane gaunt man day John Junie Rosie O'Donnell get more literally everyone that I did not invite please go write them right now the next video you see on my youtube channel will be the biggest and best is New Year's Eve party that has ever happened in the history of time and it will prove that I'm still relevant ain't still famous I'm the best youtuber in the world and I'm the biggest celebrity in the world even though everyone on YouTube is saying I'm a washed-up launch dump is it wash or wash Washington washed my grandma says more I'm definitely not washed out number one it's gonna be the biggest party who ever seen to prove I'm famous and two I haven't made the meek so how could I be washed so make sure tune in on New Year's Day because I'm gonna film me and Tyler event all of New Year's Eve only your favorite youtubers will be there when Isaac Kochi closed out grace Helbig mani Zeigler her best friend Ilana so juicy won't join her Stephanie is fun Ricky's only around one day they are all going to be there so make sure to tune in January for us tell all your friends it's gonna be the biggest and best new Z party ever the video goes up on January 1st at noon o'clock so see you guys on the air staying with the biggest and best party you ever saw in your whole life don't forget to tweet every single celebrity that I forgot to invite please this is a very big feeling only to be at my new people [Music]