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literally nothing is working i'm doing it i guess this is the only way to gain muscle nowadays huh cheers to the dark side wrong blue pill oh boy [Music] what is going on everybody jesse james west here good morning to you because it's the start of my day listen today we're gonna be talking about some juicy stuff and when i say juicy i mean the juice the sauce the enhancement so if you guys are new to the channel make sure you consider hitting that subscribe button hit the like button if you're feeling generous turn your post notifications because i'm watching you but we're gonna get weighing ourselves and then we can start talking about pros and cons of being natural enhanced the differences between being natural and enhanced and also the side effects of being super lean let's weigh ourselves wow what the well your boy seems to be heavier but he's getting leaner so it must be the sauce well that's the secret sauce i can't tell you about that one but these are pretty good [Music] so obviously for breakfast i think we all know what i'm gonna be eating a massive massive amount of french toast this is kind of a lethal amount i'm not gonna lie as we are dieting i do find that having a bigger breakfast sets me up throughout the day i used to always deprive myself of food in the morning but i felt lately been a little bit different so i am going to sit back relax and enjoy my french toast enjoy my coffee because we have some very interesting things to talk about today zero calorie butter spray if you guys don't put this on your french toast you're seriously missing out now is this going to kill me one day probably but listen my friends we're dying shredded that's all now [Music] you guys know the words last bite best bite since we had a destructive amount of french toast we had 36 protein 97 carb and zero fat perfect way to start the day so a bunch of you guys were asking recently about me being on the sauce and listen i'm gonna give you the truth right now in the past previous two videos you guys saw my chest was pretty flared up that was because i shaved my chest i'm a pretty hairy guy it's gone now as you see listen sometimes i'm using a crappy razor and uh your boy gets razor burn am i natural and to answer that question it's so simple yes i am natural i'm 100 natural and i will plan to stay natural for a while and why is that if i'm in the fitness industry and it's actually more beneficial for me to hop on things for my future and my financials well that's simply just because i like being natural i like the challenge i think doing it the harder way is better and i want to focus on staying healthier for long term i don't want any side effects and also i want to show you guys that you can achieve an amazing body by being natural the reason i'm telling you that it's better for my future and financials because i can sell more if i look better it's just the truth if i'm leaner more vascular and i just look elite i know for a fact i'd be able to sell more plans sell more product because i'm just going to get bigger on the internet but i just am not a believer in doing anything on my end now that doesn't mean that it makes you a bad person or a good person it's up to you if you want to take things or whether you want to have the side effects respect to all the bodybuilders out there that aren't on things i just think unless i'm competing at a high level i don't really have a need to be on anything plus what am i going to tell the single moms when they ask me if i'm natty i mean clearly my calves are too small to be not natty so i'm on my daily walk and this is one of the main things that i'm going to recommend you guys not only getting your banger shades out daily for the sun blockers but it also blocks the haters when they're calling you out for fake natty allegations some of you guys were saying that because i was around certain people that made me a fake natty i don't know how the hell that has to do with anything if you guys are trying to get leaner make sure you're getting your 10 000 steps in it's so important while being a natural it can be a little bit harder to stay lean all year round so that's one thing that i have to constantly be doing is moving burning calories and getting a lot done when you're not natural it's a little bit easier to stay shredded all year round but when you are natural it makes a little bit tough so let's finish this walk and keep the day rolling so one of the worst parts about being a natural and having to stay lean all year round and choosing to be lean all year round is gonna be the fact of fatigue i feel tired a lot i have to constantly pumping caffeine in my body because i'm depleting myself of calories i will feel a little bit more draggy a little more tired but it is a part of the game so we deal with it and hence why almost all people that are extremely lean have a big caffeine addiction because we're always tired because we don't got so much food in my system welcome back to another edition of let's hear it that's right baby we're back with another episode now listen guys fitness is a lifestyle and it's a journey so join me and let's cook up a nice meal we've got a nice recipe for you guys okay boom oh probably shouldn't show you that we've got the greg giuset special flat out pizza crust okay amazing then we got what you guys didn't think of before some steakhum slices lean cuisine baby that's what i'm talking about g-huge sauce because g-hues is always better in your mouth some cheese you guys can use regular cheese i don't need dairy so i'm using fake cheese and then some mushroom and tomato to add on top we're gonna cook all this up it's super low calorie low carb and it's gonna be very tasty now the goal of this meal is to make it feel like a cheat meal but it's not it's low calorie and that's why this crust is amazing and these steaks are amazing because it's all very low in fat and when you're getting these make sure you get the chicken breast ones it's a lot leaner than the actual steak steak so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna cut them into little slivers that way it feels like we're eating more i tend to like things smaller and that's also what all my ex-girlfriends say because that's what they get um huge diet hack is to eat in portions rather than one giant piece because it will just it makes you feel fuller next up you're just going to take the steakhouse you're gonna put a piece like this and a piece like that giving each pizza crust its own piece keeping it nice and thin you don't even have to use this much chicken and it's still gonna be a nice little treat all right now make sure you guys heat up the oven to 420 because that's the only degree that we're using in jesse's kitchen now we're going to toss these bad boys right into the oven let them get cooking a little bit then we'll put on the tomatoes and mushroom and the cheese all right just when it's almost cooked you're then going to take it out and you're going to put on your toppings your cheese and of course the sauce just a little bit on each one oh yeah so the reason i'm always saying that i can cook for the single moms is because it's called manifesting you speak it out loud enough it happens i will have small calves no i mean i will have big cats all right as you guys see we have a magnificent dish ladies and gentlemen we have a finished product i don't know about you but i'm feeling 22. this looks so good and it's about 450ish calories i'll give you a little taste test for the boys back home holy crap wow that is unbelievable hit it boys now i am one for being a loyal guy but this my friends this is cheating cheating on your diet i still have the hat on okay didn't realize that this is probably the greatest thing that ever happened since sliced bread fun fact i've said it in other videos i created sliced bread this is game changing you don't want to cheat on your diet you want to feel like you're having legit fantastic pizza try out this recipe i promise you you will not be disappointed so my goal here is to show you guys that you can eat fun foods and still either be lean or not put too much fat on if you are doing a lean bulk i promise you you can still eat some really tasty stuff you just gotta figure out some good recipes and try things out ladies and gentlemen i have entered another galaxy while eating this and no they're regular mushrooms my friends last bite best buy you know it was good when you want more once you're finished so for that meal we had 39 grams of protein 73 carbs and 13 fat that's a fantastic meal on my books it tasted amazing it felt like a cheat meal but i'm also not gonna go binge eat a ton of pizza later on because we just fulfilled ourselves if you guys are enjoying this content hit that subscribe button and turn your post notifications let's keep the day moving and i'm just kidding i'm actually gonna have a little bit of dessert lava cake kudos to greg i'm addicted guys it is time to get cracked out all right i think i'm gonna put that on a t-shirt comment below if you want to see that we got bulk pre-workout by transparent labs and stem free you guys can decide whichever one you're gonna do i'm already cracked down on a ton of caffeine so i'm gonna do stem free but when i don't have a lot of coffee i love to use bulk you guys can use my code jesse j e s s e and uh go to and get yourself a little cracked out bring it here the secret sauce is the nootropic stem free pills from transparent labs okay these things get you wired in like the most focused way there's no crash or anything it's actually great for cognitive function which is just your brain power how quick and sharp you are so if you want to be smarter get some nootropic pills i promise you you'll thank me later when you get a billion things done for the day feel the rhythm in your soul feel the rhythm out of control you know the song no okay all right guys we are about to hit a shoulder workout and listen i just want to show you guys these shorts my favorite shorts from ryze code jessie get yourself a nice swaggy pair they're beautiful it's old-school bodybuilding i'm also going to show you a before and after before a pump with bad lighting and with pump with good lighting because social media is all about lighting angles getting a pump being sweaty to everyone it can be really yes and if they do oh my god it can be really to see it because if they are looking extra extra shredded all year round either they're a magician with the lighting in the angles or they might be on some juice my friends let's see how juicy i can look first shoulder exercise is gonna be some military barbell overhead press i'm gonna be keeping it nice and heavy i'm gonna be releasing a super exclusive new workout plan so keep your eyes out but for now if you need a workout plan i don't know if there's anything better than that besides a single mom on a saturday it's insane side lighting does the world's a mystery yeah that's your dorm room rug right remember the uh the older lacrosse team yeah yeah she was 47. you can't tell in this two two [Music] yeah yeah everybody oh oh everybody make sure you're doing your exercise correctly because we're going to be going into some accessory work everybody yeah yeah why am i not famous on tick tock yet next up we're gonna be doing some cable side raises i really like doing these second or first i like to target the side delt as that makes delt pop the most fun fact the bigger your delts are the more unnatty you look aka that's why i'm natural my shoulders suck wait turns off for the boys i don't even know who's playing right now come on now only if there was just like a crowd of single moms right there every time i threw it it was like on the ellen degeneres show or oprah when it give something away [Music] [Music] so a little fun fact i forget mid workout i'm going to show you guys a little trick that a lot of people do on the internet called good lighting good angles pump and being wet wet is always good the clip playing right now is of me without a pump and very very poor lighting obviously not glistening or anything i'm not sweaty i look okay ten minutes later i get a shoulder pump and this is how people can look unnatural when they are natural [Music] one more exercise we'll be doing some face pulls finish off the shoulders and then we're gonna be doing a little bit of abs we gotta put them to some sort of use let's get it baby [Music] we'll be jumping into a little bit more of abs right now we're gonna be doing v-ups dead bugs i don't know what they're called i'm gonna call them like leg lift to leg thrust i'll show you beat up like this pull your stomach into the floor and you're gonna alternate different leg and different arm the leg up is like this we're gonna do three rounds about 30 seconds a piece that's about how long we can last [Music] ladies and gentlemen that is me a wrap on today's workout i hope you enjoyed it make sure you guys try it out hit that subscribe button we got some more things to go over for the day it's never ending i love you guys so much seriously ladies and gentlemen all i'm gonna say post-workout meal is about to be demolished you guessed it we're having ourselves some chicken noodle soup it's actually an amazing diet hack makes you feel salty i mean who doesn't like some salty stuff in their mouth i mean it tastes good it satiates me and it's a little bit of protein all right guys as i sit here and enjoy my nice low calorie superunski i want to talk to you guys about the role of genetics when it comes to shapes of muscles how your body looks how your body gets affected while dieting and all different things that you guys should know so everyone's gonna be affected by dieting being lean and working out heavily differently some people are gonna recover really fast some people are gonna have a lot harder over time luckily someone like myself i'm able to recover very fast and that's kind of why i think people think that i'm on gear is just because i'm constantly working really really hard every single day i train multiple times a day all throughout high school and college and now i'm at the point where i think my body can tolerate a lot of training but not everyone can do that so if you're comparing yourself to someone make sure you keep that in mind that genetics play a huge role in a lot more than just recovery also with the shape your muscle how well you can gain muscle and so much more and that's why some people are accused of being on peds when they're not so i'm gonna sit back enjoy this because i got more to tell you my friends [Music] if you feel that you don't have the best genetics don't be discouraged you seriously can still make so much progress genetics aren't going to determine how well you can transform your body it's going to be consistency time and effort and i promise you if you put all that together you will see a lot of results don't fall into the excuse of saying i have bad genetics because you're probably better genetics than you think so there has been a ton going on in my life lately guys the secret december project we're still working on it we're fine-tuning some final things let's just say i can officially say i'll be an entrepreneur and diving into that realm which has been a dream of mine very very soon i believe that we're going to be launching officially january i'm literally so excited guys well i just want to give you a little update on that before we dive into this meal so i just want to say thank you guys for all the support means the world cheers asmr last bite best bite baby now what might be the last thing that i want to talk to you about about being natural or enhanced i think it would make a lot more sense if i was sitting on my bed now i've heard a lot of stories of people being enhanced and having issues with let's just say they're jimmy they're johnson with their sex drive and while being a natural lifter and being very lean there can be some side effects to that as well your sex drive is not as high as if you weren't very lean now this isn't just for being 15 body fat this is for being like sub 8 body fat and show ready especially if you're a natural lifter and then if you're an enhanced lifter there can be some side effects if you don't do it correctly there are a lot of side effects besides your sex drive there could be hair loss there could be acne there could be so many different things and that's why if you do choose to be enhanced you need to be very very careful get your blood work done and trust me my friends do your research don't just hop on things because you know people are taking them and it works and with all that said that is why i choose to stay natural and probably why i'll be natural for the remainder of my lifting career i appreciate you guys watching this far in this video if you guys are still watching and you're new to the channel make sure you subscribe turn on your post notifications and hit the like button i'll catch you in the next one don't forget to stay relentless peace [Music] you