[Music] Stalin wrote to the Nazi foreign minister Ribbentrop the friendship between Germany and the Soviet Union was sealed by blood apparently he meant the blood of the Soviet and Nazi victims and friendship it was Soviet and Nazi offices were meeting and discussing the progress of the war [Music] this is December 1939 the progress was good and the prospects look even better there was reason to celebrate [Music] laughing Elston Watterson get idly Foreman the Soviet Union became the main supplier of resources for the Nazi war machine thousands of tons of oil iron ore construction materials even train loads of Soviet grain were sent to the German army Soviet citizens were starving but their government was sending food to Hitler [Music] the Soviet Union went even further he persuaded the communist parties of Europe to sabotage the resistance movement and to support the Nazis conflicting the seat was in workers talking to German soldiers as friends in the street or the corner cafe well done comrades and keep it up even if it just pieces of the middle classes the brotherhood of man will not remain forever I hope it will become a living reality that is the French Communist Party in in July 1940 Communist Party say today that the they were resistant well before the June 19th of 1941 when Soviet Union was attacked in fact they they were the they were in fight with the Marechal Peters government more than the the German [Music] in June 1940 Hitler crushed France Stalin meanwhile occupied Lithuania Latvia and Estonia the only country in Europe still resisting Hitler was Great Britain if Great Britain goes down the Axis powers will control the continents of Europe and Asia and Africa and Australasia and the high seas and they will be in a position to bring enormous military and naval resources against this hemisphere the US President Roosevelt regarded the Soviet Union as an axis power it was evident to everyone Stalin was in the fascist camp the Soviet premier Molotov went to Berlin to discuss the post-war world order arrived with a list of territories the USSR was interested in while Hitler and Molotov were discussing it the other Soviet comrades enjoyed the company gurbles who must have talked about the advantages of Nazism because it was the Soviet premier Molotov and not gurbles who warned the West not to fight Nazi ideology more than that in his address to the Supreme Soviet in the Kremlin Molotov declared that fighting Nazi ideology was actually a crime it was published in all the largest Soviet newspapers later that page will disappear from the public libraries of the USSR along with many other pro-nazi statements of the Soviet government but why was fighting Nazism a crime in the Soviet view because mass killings and concentration camps were based on that ideology work makes you free the Nazi camps work is an honor the Soviet camps if someone wanted to fight the ideology behind it he would end up fighting the Soviet regime too Molotov knew it after all he was the one who personally monitored the extermination of seven million monitored extermination of Jews both men agreed that for the common good certain groups simply needed to be killed Winston Churchill made no secret that to him Nazi and communist ideologies were pretty similar in his view Nazism was a form of communist despotism the hateful communist despotism as Churchill called it in 1940 eventually one with the help of the allies here we celebrated the 60th anniversary of the great victory and historical parade no less historical than the first Soviet victory parade in World War two together with the Nazis ecomod even the Generalitat toys non-soviet wasn't rotten Naaman combined something for my masculine feminine [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the Soviets never emphasized that they were parading on you