NCT 미니게임천국 3 최강 손가락 컨트롤러 Professional Fingertips

JUNGWOO: The game I'm about to present you JUNGWOO: is called ”Professional Fingertips” 1. Hit the mini punch with your finger 2. The member who gets the highest score wins! CHENLE: What is... the ranking... you think of CHENLE: Let's just choose 1st place and last place CHENLE's expectation: 1st place JISUNG TEN: Last place? CHENLE's expectation: last place RENJUN Everyone's expectation: last place RENJUN REJUN: I will win with my broad-as-the-sea-shoulders KUN's expectation: 1st place LUCAS KUN: LUCAS is really strong KUN's expectation: last place RENJUN JISUNG: In any case, everyone expects RENJUN to be the last RENJUN: Yeah, exactly JISUNG: I think everyone thinks the same RENJUN: Yes, exactly JISUNG: So let's just play RENJUN: Let's do it~ JUNGWOO: Show them RENJUN! JENO: Who goes first? KUN: It shouldn't be LUCAS nor RENJUN KUN: The two of you should go last LUCAS: Then KUN goes first JISUNG: 799 points CHENLE: I'm weak (JISUNG telling him how to do it) CHENLE: I'm really weak NCT: 1,2,3! JENO: 775 points CHENLE: JENO is super strong CHENLE: He is super strong RENJUN: JENO is very strong.... CHENLE: 1,2,3! CHENLE: 851 points JAEMIN: Give me some advice. How should I hit it? CHENLE: Do it up close RENJUN: The second position looks good JENO: Be quiet (to the punch machine) (He stretches his wrist, even though the game involves the fingers) CHENLE: 1,2,3 KUN: Is he last place? TEN: Like this? TEN: 1,2,3 CHENLE: Your score is same as JAEMIN's TEN: As expected JISUNG: JUNGWOO hyung's name is JUNGWOO JISUNG: so it's gonna be JUNGWIN (pun) NCT: What is he saying? JISUNG: I'm sorry CHENLE: For a second, I thought you were JENO hyung JENO: Hey, that's my concept! Don't steal it! JUNGWOO: "I will aim at your heart" ("JUNGJOJUN" = another pun) TEN: Pardon? TEN: 1,2,3 JUNGWOO: What's this [What score was he expecting] (Trembling) NCT: 1,2,3 CHENLE: There are 3 last places! JENO: RENJUN was supposed to be last place CHENLE: Think of it as me JISUNG: That's a little... JISUNG: I'll think of it as HAECHAN hyung JUNGWOO: Oh, then it must be really strong JISUNG: WHAT? [Guess what, you're last place] NCT: 697 points RENJUN: How can you be worse than me? RENJUN: Just do however you want it to do it [WINNER of MINI Punch Game: JENO] JENO: I got 1st place JENO: My score is 851 JENO: I sometimes do this to my members (playfully) JISUNG: Are you okay? KUN: JUNGWOO! CHENLE: First last place JAEMIN, scoring 712 points JAEMIN: Hold on a second JAEMIN: I'm not last place CHENLE: What? RENJUN: Last place is JISUNG, with 697 points RENJUN: How can you be worse than me JISUNG: But let's be honest, I played fair NCT: We all did JISUNG: I watched all of you and saw you did this NCT: Okay, whatever maknae says is right 1. Use your fingers to shoot the ball 2. The member who scores the most in 45sec wins! KUN: Are you guys ready? JUNGWOO: JENO's score is 20 JISUNG: LUCAS hyung has 21 KUN: What about JAEMIN? [Silence] JAEMIN: TEN hyung JAEMIN: How many did I score? TEN: I don't know TEN: Um... 5? [NCT's maknae laughs like crazy at a flying ball] JISUNG: 7? KUN: JISUNG, you got 7? TEN: You're eliminated JENO: TEN hyung RENJUN: He got 16 JISUNG: Why am I so bad at this game? KUN: What about JUNGWOO? CHENLE: He got 8 JUNGWOO: What... JENO: Okay so let's start with CHENLE JENO: CHENLE got 14 JISUNG: KUN hyung got 3 JAEMIN: RENJUN got 9 RENJUN: I scored a lot [WINNER of MINI Basketball Game: LUCAS] LUCAS: I've got the power in my finger LUCAS: We call it 'Yingli' LUCAS: My father taught me this RENJUN: It means to possess a certain amount of capability, experience LUCAS: It's like Kung fu JUNGWOO: The bottom line is that you need to control your power JISUNG: (sees something) NCT: A cat! LUCAS: ME is good at it JENO: Let's say our thoughts on today CHENLE: Well, for me CHENLE: to be honest CHENLE: a little bit CHENLE: Um CHENLE: I NCT: Okay, good job CHENLE: The most memorable game was “Guess the Song” TEN: CHENLE liked that the most CHENLE: Yes, because I was good at it JENO: But today for me! Wait, what? RENJUN, JISUNG: It's KUN hyung's turn! KUN: It's okay you can go first! [JENO is embarrassed] KUN: I really enjoyed the first game, “Guess the Song” KUN: Because I won JUNGWOO: "I LOVE YOU Challenge" JUNGWOO: is the game I got 1st place TEN: But you didn't win it properly JAEMIN: Oh, competitive JUNGWOO: Anyways JUNGWOO: I will keep loving my members JENO: All of the games were fun JENO: it also made me think about the hyungs who weren't here today JENO: And next time, I want to try another game JENO: You know the game where JENO: there is a penguin standing on ice blocks JENO: and you need to break those ice blocks [He's referring to the game called "Penguin Trap"] TEN: I know that game TEN: If the penguin falls, you lose JENO: As you break those blocks, the penguin will eventually fall down JENO: and you lose JENO: I want to play that game with the members LUCAS: I had the most fun playing the punch game LUCAS: Next time, I want to try food eating competition LUCAS: Who eats the fastest! JAEMIN: LUCAS are you hungry? JENO: You'd be really good at it JAEMIN: I'm glad that we could play these games all together JAEMIN: Next time, I want to go to an actual arcade place CHENLE: Yeah, I want to play basketball JAEMIN: Today, the members were very lovely JAEMIN: very cute JAEMIN: and truly charming RENJUN: Ends in a nice way JISUNG: Like all of a sudden [Shows him where the camera is] TEN: Out of the 4 games TEN: I liked the "I LOVE YOU Challenge" the most TEN: Because I don't tell the members that often TEN: how much I love them JISUNG: You never do TEN: But just now, it feels like TEN: I delivered it fully JISUNG: Despite doing my best, I never got to be 1st place CHENLE: You got last place JAEMIN: Me neither JISUNG: But didn't I do a lot? JISUNG: I had quite a prominent presence JISUNG: Frankly speaking, I let you win NCT: OKAY THANK YOU RENJUN: I never got to be 1st place RENJUN: but neither have I been last place RENJUN: My primary goal was not to be last place RENJUN: And next time, RENJUN: I want to have YA-ja time with the NCT 127 hyungs RENJUN: I want to do it properly TEN: Why? Do you have something you want to tell them? CHENLE: We can do it now JENO: We will tell 127 hyungs what you just said RENJUN: Yes RENJUN: We miss you NCT 127 hyungs RENJUN: Love you JAEMIN: I have something to tell JAEMIN: I want to tell the fans something CHENLE: I knew it JAEMIN: I want to play a game with our fans LUCAS: Okay, the end [Not THAT clap] [Not THAT 1,2,3]