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Today, we're here to shoot track MV of 'Make Your Day' and 'NonStop' The song 'Make Your Day' is a ballad Released by five of us after 'No Longer' It's an acoustic ballad that we never tried before It was great fun to record the song I seem to have developed some sort of new voice So it's meant a lot to me When I first heard the guide song Wow, this song is very emotional I kinda got that feeling All in all, our members said they liked it And this kind of ballad I personally didn't really sing that much First of all, the scene I shot is I look like I'm just spacing out I look quite exhausted Like sort of frustrating and discouraging - OK, cut - Cut TAEIL, that's good Okay, TAEIL You have a good emotional expression We'll start right away 'Make Your Day' is a song That can make you feel relieved when you're tired and depressed Actually about that part I think it's well expressed And when we were recording We had so much fun It was fun and it came out great We got satisfying results in many ways I'm HAECHAN from HAECHAN cam with viewer ratings of 37.5% Today, I brought MARK and JUNGWOO Hello, everyone - Hello - Hi How are you feeling today? - Good - Good Why have you come here? - I came here to do... - Yes Both 'NonStop' and 'Punch' We worked together with a composer KENZIE Since LIMITLESS It's been so long since we worked with KENZIE We definitely elevate each other We had such a great time while recording it The lyrics of 'Make Your Day' are About constantly practicing and trying And the process of getting tired in it 'Make Your Day' expressed about something real And 'NonStop' is about overcoming everything It also contains such a meaning that let's move forward So lastly, in the repackage title song 'Punch' MV We show everything we've put in a lot of hard work Should I run? All together Run Oh good, I like that pose Additional three track music videos are The stories are connected each other That's what makes the repackage album more special That's what I thought In order to do that We and our agency staff members have thought about it a lot To make the repackage album more meaningful and memorable We did our best to make a great album So when you watch the track music videos It feels very different So I want to share how to watch music videos After watching 'Make Your Day' And watch 'NonStop' And lastly, watch 'Punch' Ah, we are This is what we do here OK, cut OK, cut Anyways, the three music videos are They're totally different And the mood is so different, but They're connected each other I think it'd be more fun if you knew the meaning I think the songs might be a little supportive and comforting It contains such meanings I hope you'll listen when you're feeling low and tired Yes Thank you Wow, it's so cold Well done, thank you