⁶The First Attack of the Second Semester! Who is the star who came to the school attack? A refreshing and strong teen spoon Growth groups that provide dreams and hopes Today's Attack Star is NCT DREAM FOR THE NCT WORLD! Hello, this is NCT DREAM. We came to the school attack for the second time. Buy something very delicious ... Special place prepared for NCT DREAM Korean restaurant! Yes yes I haven't eaten since morning Eh, you guys hear something ?? Box open! thanks. (iPad) as a gift ~ Q: How do you feel about school attacks? (secret) Let me reply with an iPad Well We return to the school attack. But this time ... Are you confident now? The goal is that all students know about this attack Everybody cheering? Wow ~~~ From that costume? Let's try ~ I am surprised Oh everyone, I got another message. I prepare breakfast for NCT DREAM In fact, breakfast is very important in the morning But that is the most difficult (Breakfast) That's the most important thing, but the most difficult. Always time to go to school as soon as you open your eyes ... Wow ~ Admire the appearance of food Wow ~ like this? Appetizing Colorful Dishes To your favorite menu A feast that makes NCT DREAM go wild Full breakfast at the table Ah ~ I'm hungry, I want to eat quickly By the way, I think something is missing? What do we eat? can you give me chopsticks? Or under the table? Do we eat with hands? (Yes, I'm learning to be an Indonesian.) How many side dishes? Now, school mission Mission for NCT DREAM for growth (?)! Eat your breakfast and go to school ~ How to proceed: six individual exhibits Eat a bowl of rice. One side dish and one side dish should be tasted together. Correct What is this easy mission? However, only 4 people who ate quickly were taken to the school attack The penalty for two late meals Find your way to school Find the way to school? WTH? Yes? (please just jen wkwk) Is it true? aaahhhh Nana is funny Please order your way from 1 to 6 We ... pay attention to game 1 ~ 2,3 ... 4 ... 6 ??? 5 No? Number 5! Wait a minute! It appeared once What appeared in front of NCT DREAM? There's a spoon case, but no ... Runjun No. 1 That is The first spoon box with the lid not closed What is going on over there Want to know No.2! Predict by setting all the tips Very light Isn't that a toothpick? What? Spoon case number 3 was sent quickly to Haechan Shipping no. 4 I think it will be fine Now, No.5 is me, but there's nothing ... do you have someone Isn't that vinyl gloves? Have you felt a drop? Jaemin-ah I have a pleasant mission mission? : Make a spoon! Oh no? tool revealed! What is so heavy and thick? Oh ~ Ha ha ha (PLEASE THAT I'M NOT) No.1: dumbbell spoon! Ah ~ Sense ~ I worked hard Special Spoon for Runjun's Bulkup Is it possible to diet? 2, Ji Sung ~~ 1,2,3 Ah happy! Orthodontic chopsticks! Very fitting Let's go No. 3 ~ When I see it, I win I heard that sounds normal. 1,2,3 Ah ~ Oh? Spoon with a hole! The miso soup looks really good A spoon that was punctured ... Next, the CHENLE spoon box! Is this empty? Toothpick! Is that Jeno tool? Okay ~ Straw Spoon Too surprised to pass up still have a spoon !!! Oh, you mean this ... Also possible to eat soup ~ Only one person is left last This time I was, but nothing There was no sound, no matter how shaken What's in the spoon? What is that? Is that a toothpick? Slightly open I see ... Is that a toothpick? Immerse yourself in a lucky box. 1.2.3, open it No ~ Not real! Then you have to eat by hand? Dubious eyes What? Wait? What tools make JAEMIN's treatment urgent? JAEMIN won? 1m Chopsticks Made Specifically Can you eat this far? Let me try This situation is funny Really amazing ~ I will grow your finger strength. There must be a reason for the sign. Did you catch it here? What nonsense Are there any reasons displayed? Answer: There is a reason Is it true? answer! Take the marked portion and eat Relax at the start I don't need to use this You don't have to be strong ~ Relax and just lift This is good? What is that? Take one bite of rice, your hands are loose ~ Why do you look so poor? Wow ~ Very good What menu did Haechan first choose? Japanese Soybean Soup The soup is coming out of the hole But I'm not jealous ... Very tasty I can't get a spoon out of my mouth ... Haechan ... Do you have a hole in your chin? I can imagine Jaemin ... I would love to bring another meal. Wow ~ Long and stiff chopsticks Jeno laughed today All nerves meet at the tip of chopsticks You gave NCT DREAM some food ... What is this ... Finally appointed. Yes you can do it ... Oh ~ After being satisfied with rice, success! It's enough! But it's not over yet! There is no surrender to JAEMIN! Enter Not much left !!! Fall down Can you eat this inside today? How much can Jaemin eat? The mission starts now! Please enjoy the food. I will enjoy this food. Jaemin fights! Unexpected smooth breakfast delicious! Big bite Adaptation complete! work hard eating with sauce I think I saw you before. failure Jaemin fights alone ... Jaemin is in his hand ~ He might not go to school. try again! Can you stay away from Jeno? Countless challenges and finally reach your mouth! Enchanting Jeno help Very successful! Um ... so delicious! NCT DREAMS without words Why is it so hard to eat? This is very delicious Check the muscles Last minute speeding up Members leave one or two chairs Where are all of you It's over, Jaemin ~ You and I ... Runjun, Jaemin- confirmed! However ... Slowly me ... delicious... The easier ... 1 m chopsticks Bitter it's delicious? I do not feel it ... Can they go to school safely? Success team members to school! What the name of your school? Sadong Middle School! Today's attack school is located in Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do! We devote ourselves to goals under the lessons of passion and consideration! Develop creative talent with warm emotions Icheon Sadong Middle School We have arrived at school now Ah ~ you never know If you are caught, you can return to your accommodation ~ I'm trembling ~ Let's go! Let's go! Light, easy ... Members sneak into school Success team enters headquarters! I'm finally here. Come on Come on Oh! Student identity Nobody dropped out of school We (four people) only work today. At that time, the underdogs roamed in the middle of nowhere. If you drop us off in a remote place like this ... I can not find it! ~ They do not know the way, but walk Where should I go? Weird since morning ... My body and situation are all bent. Is this leg exercise? Ah! That's too difficult I think you can do arm exercises ... Physical vaginal discharge Only sighs come out I've had a hard day Did you call from Haechan? Don't accept it, don't accept it. Hachan, we go now! Did you come on foot? buy ice cream ~ Tteokbokki and Ice Americano ~ No way ~ choose menu Yes ~ No thanks ~ (phone tip) Still can't find a school I hung up! We can find it. We can do it. Please check the milestone carefully At that moment! Here it is ~ Finally school found! Found it, found it Whoever sees it, it's school! Shut up ~ Stand in front of the gate Search ~ search Move slowly Hurry ~ Long steps What is this? Find the back door! Move safely inside the building Suddenly music time? What? We come! Natural appearance Tough but doesn't lose the sweetness Are you caught? We do not ... We made it Ah! Are you not walking ?! I thought you were not walking! Feel free to get angry! Jisung, touch my body! The youngest member to check directly Ah! Hot! Two people suffer from hot weather It's around 15-20 minutes. Would have been nice (?) CHENLE ~ Looks fun ???? Then come out and walk again ~ No ~ So everyone gathered like this ~ Congratulations to all NCT DREAMS Everyone suffers ~ The second message has arrived. Attack Mission: Find the hidden attack light in the school and announce the school attack! How did you find this? light? Talking How many floors is this school? Please listen carefully Attack Mission: Find the hidden attack light in the school and announce the school attack! Find and combine all the keywords in the picture, and you will get the last place clue with Attack Light! 1. You must complete all missions in 30 minutes. 2. 3 members challenged! 3. Look at the photo and find where the keyword is hidden. 4. Instructions on how to find the light in the last place after returning to headquarters. 5. At headquarters, when all members press the joint attack light button, the attack starts Here ~ I don't understand that rule ~ Special lecture hours for teachers There is something hidden in the school Uh ~ I got a clue ~ Yes ~ This is a photo of the place. Place of birth of a bicycle? If you accept a place like this, Is this the picture shown? Broadcast Studio Radio room? Is this paint? Shining third grade exam ?? Usually third-grade students are upstairs! No. Is it below? Bulletin boards should be near class 3? Summary: Where is class 3? What's really important is if you get stuck like last time Sundae on stage ~ Really not? How do you come true like this? So you must be really nice ~ If we don't do well, everyone here loses work ~ I will leave you early (?) No, no But I really talk like that So I didn't even set the camera at the gym Then we will go rock, scissors, three people to go. No, no ... What happened was ... Watch game 1! 2 3, 3, 3 3 screaming at the same time Feeling instinctive, unpleasant By the way, we can't decide with this! Yes ~ Let's go to the three people who won with rock, paper, scissors. As a winner? Actually, I want to go ~ I want to go too ~ Me too ~ I will guide you ... Rock, paper, scissors ~ It's amazing ~ It's been decided ~ Wow ~ only prospective missions win ~ It's amazing ~ It's broken for several reasons I have to decide where 3 people have to go I want to go here ~ I am a station ~ Me, me, me, bicycle! Lose the guide! Rock Paper Scissors Yes, there is a problem Even if you go separately, you have to check how many radios you have. Let's open it. There are many ~ Jeno, No Jam Xeno ~ Why don't you see the scene you want ~ God help you without jam ~ No WATCH No jam + walkie talkie Wearing a radio Can i hear? I can hear you ~ Suddenly crowing Oh, everything people do is the same. Oh ~ friend ~~~ It doesn't matter if you are the youngest In your ear, Complete the radio Wow Wait, now ... What ... 15 minutes left? Still far, another mission? Leave a message of support to students in the third place last ~ I can leave We will start now. Let's go ~ This is headquarters, goodbye ~ Turn off local broadcasts ~ Come rest Male style ~! Cheer, can you hear me? Uh, I can hear you ~ Test hard in the hallway Meanwhile, at the head office ... Guys, the map is here ~ Send to the mission team Map of Sadong Middle School! Where are you now? More ~ I'm going to third grade now ... Third grade is the second floor! Three and a half years on the second floor, tell me where you are now! Does each go its own way? Restaurant ... broadcasting station. Thanks to the head office, only noise ... Restaurant ... ah ... uh ... uh ... What ghost movie? I am at the playground, where are you? Notify me quickly Jisung, the only thing I want to say is the parking lot, pool and basketball court. Take care of yourself ~ No. So there is no sign. No? There is no bicycle sign do not have? No ~ do not have? Please tell me ... I'm afraid. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah crazy I do not know how to use the radio. Keep holding it ~ Your hands harden while holding down the button Jisung, get your hands on the radio microphone button ~ broken. I think we messed up ... I can't talk because I don't release the button. Jisung, don't talk to me now. I keep talking to you now ~ I can't hear other people's voices For now, ... a total problem! For Gag Ash College ... The camera is hot ... (in hot weather ...) My brothers started to get hot together (Overimmersion) Hey, what are you doing in class? Sorry, this is important ~ Are there any sweet potatoes outside? Jisung! Lower the microphone ~~~~~~~~ At this time, press the microphone button ... Now, here it is ... Headmaster office Sneaking up. The hallways are thankfully lonely Go somewhere else ~ Glad to see you brother .. I'm in front of first grade What is it this time? Haechan advanced in front of the first class Right when someone comes out ... After the storm, I shocked my heart Shoelaces, why you? I was very surprised ... Chlor is talking to the camera director. So start Busy Scouting Operational Retreats On the other hand, Hae-chan, who entered the field outside ... Sunlight Even if you only know where the classroom is ... It's worth ... The map says it's first class. We support third grade exams. Why don't you cheer for students in grades 1 and 2? I know... What is that ~ Hint Photo of the Cradle-Bike spot! Jisung ~ Can you hear me? Can you hear Park Ji-sung? I can hear you, I can hear you ~ I found a bicycle ~ Butterfly appearance all of a sudden! Swipe back I don't know if you found it ~ Suddenly stopped What are you doing? I have to run I do not know ~ Isn't this a classroom? Class is right What are we doing? Sense into the building Wow ~ Amazing Uh ~ Haechan Lee ~ A strong attitude will not come Ah ... back to its place! This is the game mission ever. Intelligence left the building again Why this class ~ Difficulty is very difficult ~ What are we doing Jump! Inhale and exhale the intelligence sent to the central office Don't breathe ~! Confused Is your microphone on the nose? I did not let you go, one hand unlucky ... student! Do you want to be called a student? Still having a role I hear you, listen to me ~ Feel frustrated Wait ~ Sincere Colonel, Angel Dong Middle School (???) Error received ~ Can i hear? I am here Chlorar arrived at the broadcasting room Icheonsa-dong Middle School Just read it once. Oh! Found something! Well? Yes wrong I don't think it's here. I think it's there ... Meanwhile, the hall in front of the classroom Haechan's knee steps Haechan escaped from the hall. On the way back A short journey full of sensation My heart keeps beating This is the peaceful Nanaland in the world! That is called NCTzen. This is our season. By the way, are our siblings in this school? This is the problem So what we will learn today is ... Second floor Anger explodes into frustration Are you looking for a studio? I found me, I found everything Do you see that school here? hot? Is that heart? Is it hot? Who is sitting (Chinese) Love Heart? Is it hot, hot? No, school, school Okay ~ School school! The first word was discovered by Chlor I think I have to go back now. seriously The mission is still ongoing ... Guys, focus, it's time for students to rest Come back now what can i do? 5 more minutes? Tear It's time to rest ~ Just run! Chlorine is like an all-mineralized fire I am here, I found it, I found everything Regal Step Back to Headquarters Five? Found anything? Long jump in the middle? Even running so far It's done well Girl ~ Girl ??? This is frustrating, frustrating, I have to bow my head ~ Please ~ (don't take) Ah ~ What should I do? I have run for a dead end ... I opened the door as soon as possible. Wait, wait—? Find people! It was a great day! Hello, is this a dream home? Come come Oh my god ~ crane First Chlorer to Return to Headquarters Haiti will come back later failure I do not know where How was the situation at that time? Jisung, come quickly, I'm resting for a while Yes ~ Find students far away How to ... I have to leave after resting. Too many students Heart attack Can't you really get it? Do I have to go to rest? First come to headquarters ~ Should I go to rest? I spoke 5 minutes ago What do you hear? (Finishing) Jisung, please come to me ~ Is it true? Okay ~ Outside mission is the most difficult Really real How do you do this ... Pine? I have to get through the trees! green! Active use of protective colors ?? Embarrassing when you open the door Successfully build headquarters before taking a break! That is a burning passion Uh ~ Very difficult ~ Finished, my bell rang Hidden paper struck. Where is your intelligence? Intelligence is here. Why do you keep pressing the microphone button? I did not press it There is no radio I did not know it was depressed I keep breathing! Continue to breathe ~ Hah ~ Stop me ~~~ Did you find it? 8 minutes before resting Intelligence moves to the other side and finds a mission I found it. I finally found it. Contrast photo Where is it? Oh! found! uh room The second word is found by the mind "Utas" Student room This is the study room Science laboratory Various speculations I know where the science lab is No, school room! There is a language school The initial letter is important Those who can't find the important initial letters Find the initials, this time we go! So do your best! Attack Mission Change Change Now get ready to go ~ Now countdown! 3,2,1 Bell rings Haiting Timer is really accurate I don't have time for that ~ Come fast! Attack mission members start! RUNJIN ~ Answer me ~ to answer Reply to Runjun ~ Yes ~ Runjun, are you in third grade in another building? Go there! I know Geno, tell me ~ Oh ~ If you go to the fourth floor of another building, there is a language lab and a career advisory office. Go there well Jaemin eats in the lunch room! ~ Eat in the lunch room? I waited there My brother will tell you about the situation ~ Xeno-Jaemin, come with me ~ I arrived at the science lab on the third floor. Then go there No image you are looking for? I will go around the third floor Friends ~ I found it Good news is conveyed to other members! Did you find it? But I do not think so I think that's different ??? Runjun, staring closely at the dangerous location I found something similar in the picture to cheer you up. But the message is different Low Mode for Your More Trip Other members arrived on the 3rd floor on Runjun radio By the way, how do you go to class 3? The combination of dreams There is a class 3 bulletin board here. There is something we are looking for here. At this time! I found it now! Runun finally found the last keyword? Runjun's last letter "uh" The last place for the mission is "Language Class" Did you find the letters? Please be quiet ~ You must be quiet ... Shut up ... I can not talk ... The last mission was a surprise for students Cheerful messages are written carefully I hope this is a good memory for everyone ... I am right Come on back Haechan ~ Where is the language school? Go up to the fourth floor and turn left and there is a language school. That is a science laboratory No, this is a language school ~ Confusion Hmm ~ I arrived on the fourth floor. I found it ~ I found it? Uh ~ I found it ~! Do it now! Members arrive at the final "Language Class" mission I'm on ~ Wow ~ Read carefully What is your name in this box? What are you doing? Something fishy Let's look at too many bulletin boards! Boy 3 Dreamy starts to see suspicious boxes where are you attacking light! uh! was found I will be back ~ Serang Cahaya Find Success! I'm nervous. I have fun ~ come! Salty! Oh, no, Greenlight? Attack the light. how's that Students open the door and are in class! I almost got it, but it didn't All works until you find the light of attack! Congratulations Congratulations on the success of your mission. We have prepared prizes for you who have succeeded in all missions. Celebration gift ~ AC ??? We think that the best gift is cold noodles. (Hot) Ice cream I'm watermelon juice! We have chicken for lunch. Enjoy your meal! Chicken is ready for 1 person Love Jaemin! Seasoned Chicken! I will enjoy this food. Authentic Mukbang Starts Something like this Um ... Honey Chicken is the best! Only one foot! My feet are here! Among many stories with eyes Oily chicken too! Cheetah Cheemin tastes like tteokbokki Eat more delicious chicken together However That's the taste Ren Jun likes Hey, but soon we have to go see Attack ~ I will meet my fellow students! An experienced but tense attack I suddenly trembled ~~~ Are you nervous? (I do not?) Now press the joint attack light to announce the start of the attack Now let's be together! Ready for a full scale school attack! 1,2,3 Attack the light! Sirens ring throughout the school with light attacks School Attack to Attack Your Heart 2019 From now on. School attack! Fight! Start a school attack. Students are also ready to warm up! Authentic attack begins! NCT's DREAM is here Slanted! NCT's DREAM re-emerged last year is that fun? Because there are better stages in the future, Are you ready to enjoy to the end? Yes, good Let's continue to the next stage? Ah ah ah How you guys have fun In fact, even if we meet you briefly, Did you come here because you wanted to? Then we will give you the last song BOOM, I'll tell you. I really hope you enjoy your health So far, NCT DREAM. Hello everyone ~ SUB IND BY @JAECOFFEMINE @ABELIALYKA_