BAAAHUH.... I'm so tired! Words words words words words words words words words. Words words words. It isn't about the words; it's the thought that counts. Counts? What are you counting, math? Yes. Like math. I'm doing it in my head. Heh heh, you're doing it in your head. Gross! Why would you say that? I say that because if I didn't say "that", I wouldn't have a word for "that". Stop! You're disrespecting my words! No, you are. Words are the instruments you play to the song of your ideas. You're just playing covers. You gotta pick the ones that make your tongues dance. You're addicted to certain kinds of words. An addiction is the triumph of a certain kind of rhythm over life. An addiction is the tr- What about love bubbly? What about boonchaka and camelblast? Kerchanr! Lmaffnaber! RassmPOFF! Propyglavr! Hee hee! Ha ha ha HA ha! Is saying "more easily said than done" more easily said than done? So let's not mince wo-0-O-0-ords. Buickgirl1986 writes, "Why does everything have to have a reason? Why can't it just be?" Buickgirl1986, excellent point! That's why I'm gonna give you an NEN. As you know, the LOA is divided into four Gabbles: the FEG, the LDG, the GBG, and the SCG. Now, none of us, to my knowledge, have been assigned yet, and I think it has to do with the fact that so few of you have sent me pictures of your finishing stamps. I made one; here's mine. Oh, you don't know how to make one. You should have asked. It's tutorial time! You can make your finishing stamp out of rubber bands, an eraser, foam, or special material that you can get at a craft store. Here's how you do it: First you do this, and then you do this, and then you do this, and don't forget this, and then you do this, and then you do this, and then youddbdo this, and then you do this, and first you do that, and then blah blah... I hate video tutorials. I've added links to two word tutorials, below. One by me and one by Sportsracer gg. Now, remember, your finishing stamp is a representation of you. It can be no larger than one inch by one inch. And dooon't cut yourself. When you've finished your stamp, send a picture of it to [email protected] Then, we'll make arrangements to send you one of these. This is where you'll be collecting other stamps from other people. See? I'm adding mine! And when you've collected eight, no explanation necessary! Here's some of the stamps that have been submitted so far. And now, Lee Hall will animate one of your dreams. Happy Friday, and get going on those stamps. And I have this particular dream that I've had since I was a child. I can fly. But not like Superman, where I could just be graceful. I have to flap my wings as hard as I can - like a chicken. And I take off for a moment in the sky, and it's awesome. But in these dreams, it always ends the same way. I fly right into the electrical wires. It's kinda sad.