NESARAGESARA question answered IMPORTANT but probably not what you expected

well you afternoon everybody it is Independence Day in the United States of America July 4th 2020 i'm cindy kaye courier and we've got storms and so you know I'm one of those people who love storms I love rain I love how the grass looks after it's rain and how the trees look I find thunder and lightning exciting in case you hadn't already guessed that but anyway a commenter named Kathy left a comment beneath my video of yesterday but I thought was might be a value to share with you and I don't have it to pull up right now I'm not on the internet right now I'm recording this but her question was when was a transition gonna start when was nasarah just sarah gonna start of course she said that she was excited about participating in the transition transitioning to natural law and I said to her it sounds to me like you're taking theories from other people and applying them to me because I don't use those terms necessary to Sarah and she said well the orders in the trial Ayers of creation versus u.s. corporation ordered the things that happen to be in nasarah and that is true they were ordered by Gary of California he was the justice who was sitting for that trial I was the prosecutor so um Gary Jordan and again I thank you Gary for your service that was awesome if you want to hear that trial it's linked beneath my videos I encourage you to do that that is one of the things that allows us to go after these people and like I said yesterday several people have been asking are your orders and rest warrants official and like I said yesterday office refers to corporations and the court of ages is not a corporation and I am NOT a corporation I stand in full liability and responsibility for all my actions corporations don't do with that court the whole purpose for structuring a business around a core and a government by the way and a banking system by the way around a corporate structure is so that no one person has to take the fall if the corporation does something wrong and causes harm the corporation takes the fall no individual if you think about that that's that's alarming because we need to be responsible for our own actions so this transition to natural law is a transition to full responsibility and liability for everything we do everything we say so I want to thank Kathy for that question because it probably is a question Alive you have in the way she asked it made me think she was viewing me as an Intel person someone who had updates for people and could tell you where we were and things and well you know my answer has always been whenever you guys have asked me that is I'm not an Intel person but but guess what I'm just as much of an Intel person as you are and you're just as much as an Intel person as I am why because as I said to Cathy this transition happens when we the people make it happen bottom line you've got to clean up your community your mayor's you've got to get a sheriff that aligns with natural law and this is related to it you know there's a lot of talk about unity and uniting and how important that is this allows us to unite around natural law natural law is not some you know some objective it's not a subjective theme a look of our word that won't go to me it's it's very concrete it's observable it's provable what happens is what's observed and that's the basis for the logline handbook instead you have these movements of people out there saying the bible is natural law which if you know how the bible was put together in in the year 300 something another by a group of bishops that constantine put together then you understand the the Bible that you use is from the Vatican even though it's different from the Catholic Bible and from our history you know that our laws were presumed to be based on the laws of Moses on the Ten Commandments hanging up in courthouses across the country still even though a lot of them have been forced to be taken down and here's what happens people who I call truthers get offended when okay we have to take the tenth merits down they must be against Christianity and maybe the people who wanted those taken down didn't explain thoroughly enough to you where the Ten Commandments came from and I know people commented beneath my video they came from God on the mountain Moses went up and God gave it to him in a light shine a bla bla bla bla bla I know the story but I've gone to four different seminaries looking for the truth about that looking for archaeological evidence and all I've been able to find is right where everybody can find it as I shared in my video two videos ago I think when I talked about the Code of Hammurabi the Old Testament is about two factions warring just like we still have today just like we have today we've got truthers we've got alternative media and mainstream media two factions worn we've got the deep state and then we've got but whatever state two factions warring you know we've got the Dragons and you know listen to that the other thing factions warring they're taking themselves down they are doing so knowingly by the way and as it turns out it's going to be a favor to you and to me because they're doing what we didn't have the knowledge to do or some of y'all didn't have the understanding to do if you want to be ruled by the Anunnaki Sumerian Anunnaki then go ahead and keep the Ten Commandments up if you want to remove yourself by the guidelines that Jesus Christ her you know you're all sure whatever you want to call that individual who was obscured in the Bible you know whose words were taken you know piecemeal together for worship services y'all don't seem to be as excited about following the words of Jesus Christ as you are about the 10 commandments why is that oh maybe because things that were deemed as wrong by Jesus you like doing remember when he turned over the tables the money changers tables you know usery's wrong you Zuri's charging interest for loans and jesus said hey don't ask for it back at all you you guys know this but what do you do you support usery by taking out loans and then you give loans and charge interest this whole banking system could have been avoided if y'all would have thought as much of Jesus teaching as you do the 10 commandments the minute you realize oh wow I'm engaged in one of the worst egregious crimes against humanity that exists in the world today as acknowledged by every religion across the world Ussery is a crime against humanity in odds are if you're listening to this there's a good chance you're engaged in that especially if you go to a church especially if your church has incorporated in is a 501 C 3 you see where we're going with this do you get it it's kind of hard to unify when you have people who just don't quite get it but as I was saying you're as much of an Intel person as I am but you can tell me how is your community doing with their neighborhood emergency preparedness plan there's a template beneath my video you can get it and implement that in your neighborhood right now without ever mentioning this if this is gonna cause division in your community start with the neighborhood emergency preparedness I have people asking me Oh when are we gonna get money before they've ever implemented that doesn't work that way you guys and I and I guess I haven't been obvious enough about that there's no money gonna be released until the people are safe and the people won't be safe until you make yourself that's safe you've got implement that stuff especially the order of events for communities transitioning to natural law you got to implement that stuff before you get money the money needs to come who's holding it up you you I know that may sound startling if you're 80 years old in your eighties like my parents you know I hesitate saying some of this stuff because I don't want to hurt people like my parents but your old Alief systems your old belief systems that you held that you've been told over and over and over and over yet all your life didn't work yours you're doing the opposite of what Jesus said to do now for those of you saying gee that was fake he was really Julius Caesar and Bob there was no Baba but I'm aware of all those theories okay but I'm talking to people who hold that belief system and there's a lot of you and we can unify if you would get a clue use your head use your common sense use your logic if you want to know how to do this you know if this offends you just go to the Sermon on the Mount there are the Gospels Matthew five six seven go there read them I memorized that when I was I think 13 years old because I recognized the importance of it okay I want to read a little bit out of Long Island handbook some of you said you like that statement number four of the statements of responsibility each human is by freewill a sovereign nation and self-governing you are self-governing whether you like it or not whether you vote or not whether you're a political person or not you are a nation in and of yourself because you're responsible for everything you do if you're of age inhabitants join with others by freewill choice to form governing frameworks see within this you get to form your own framework how you do things in your ecclesia in your neighborhood in your community we start over inhabitants join with others by freewill choice to form governing frameworks for human communities that align with collective and individual customs find people who have the same customs as you have you know no I'm an early riser I like being up before everybody so I'm not gonna look for other early risers cuz I kind of like being up at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning by myself but you know what I mean I continue human communities develop ethics customs and practices consistent with the rights and protections of all living systems in recognition and respect for diversity of values knowledge skills practices and standards of all world cultures in alignment with natural law now let me ask you guys something I know you need to go back and look at that probably to understand its statement number for all that saying is that everybody's free to do their thing it's a good idea to be with other people who appreciate your thing and your thing is all good as long as nobody's harmed by it and you get to live in a way that makes you feel good as long as you're honoring life protecting the living systems of Earth you do that pretty much everything else is good now you've got black lives matter out there and some of you are taking offensive black lives do matter brown lives matter and it's okay to say that they decided to say it first I know I know there's infiltration and the Chinese Maoist might be behind it all and blah blah blah blah I get that I get that but if you really wanted to make this good you could because let's suppose the Chinese MAOIs or whoever you think is driving this the deep state the the Jesuits are them you know the black Sun people suppose they're right suppose they're right and they can't tell you why they're doing what they're doing cuz you wouldn't understand such as statues being taken down statues that depict a propagandized version of history statues that are there to program your mind thoroughly now they're not telling you that's why they want them down but because Democrats support that Republicans conservatives are against it but do you really know what you're against do you really get what those statues mean if you're a ten commandments person is aren't those graven images aren't those graven images see y'all gotta square up here y'all gotta get congruent here those are graven images and yet you're all about the ten commandments you see my point there is a way to unify there is a way to unify with the people you despise they may not be as bad as you think I think I'm going to stop here because I think I've said a lot you mainly go back and listen to this two three four five times but it is important this is important all right that's gonna be it for now hope you have a good day and if it's storming where you are bring your umbrella if you're going somewhere okay that's all I have for now see you next time